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USA – And a little child will lead them, Dec 7, 2021

Are you ready for some quiet time in the presence of the Lord?

The Harvest Kids

would like to invite you

to a wonderful time of

fun and enjoyment


the Garden of Eden fellowship center


west Mt. Vernon

on Saturday afternoon

from 2-4pm

They are hosting a bingo game and are inviting everyone to come.

Over the last year, they have opened up their hearts to serve our community

by doing this outreach.

These young people are learning

to be true disciples by learning

it is better to give than receive

and we are grateful that they

collect their change and crush aluminum cans

to help vulnerable children in central Africa.

We are praying some will honor them by attending and encouraging them.

The Garden of Eden is located at 14799 Avon Allen Rd.

For information call 360-421-8811, 360-421-8812 or 360-982-8159.

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