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USA & Africa – HV Blue Creek & Harvest Doves PTA, Jan 28, 2022

What an awesome day.

We were sent the testimonies and photos of the first PTA

meeting for the students at the Harvest Doves primary school in Kayunga, Uganda.

This last week they registered 107 of the students

from Primary 1-5, leaving space for 33 more.

This was the note we received from Pr. Charles, founder of the new school.

“Praise Jesus today we had parents meeting

and we had selected the PTA (parents Teacher’s Association).

The attendance of parents was fifty-five.

We had Muslims, Catholics, and many others.”

Also, many thanks to those that donated food and clothes

and helped load the van that

George and Pr. Lee

took over to support

Harvest Vision Blue Creek in Chewelah and Colville in eastern Washington.

George and Pr. Lee

were met by Jarett, who coordinates the ministry,

and his friend, Tex,

who has been helping them build the “Stompin Grounz” coffee shop ministry in Colville.

They are tentatively planning on opening in March.

The coffee shop will be the prayer center and the hub

where believers will come together and partner

together in every aspect of ministry to reach

the lost scattered throughout the local communities.

We had a blessed time of encouragement, sharing and praying

before we drove back to Washington.

Lots of kingdom sharing.

Roundtrip 840 miles, 15 ½ hours.

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