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USA – Advancing the gospel, Oct 3, 2021

We are so encouraged to witness that when Jesus commands His people,

His authority through the power of the Holy Spirit can not fail.

We are so thankful for our co-laborers around the world that have become that Church.

What a blessing to share the good news that the Harvest Doves primary school in Kayunga, Uganda is finished and that the gospel is advancing through our co-laborers in central Africa.

This includes small people groups such as the Pokot tribe in northern Kenya.

A new roof is being installed on the building a new church family in

Ciudad, Arce in El Salvador are using.

We have a team leaving October 10 to travel to Mexico to:

  1. take a 15 passenger van that will be used to loan to different church families that are outreaching to the community

  2. build a roof over a printing shop ministry that is starting

  3. help launch outreach into a new area that is just opening up in cardboard city

  4. and gathering pastors and leaders together for a reunion for the couples that renewed their vows as married couples and committed to stand together for the building of the kingdom five years ago.


we thank our co-laborers

right here in our own communities

that are walking in that same authority to

“seek and save the lost”

and to unselfishly love and help

those that are

“brokenhearted and crushed in spirit”

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