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USA – A peaceful dwelling place, May 1, 2021

We would hope this is the ultimate plan for each of us during our journey of faith in this world.

So, if that is our goal, why do many people choose not to seek counsel from those that give testimony to how that was accomplished. It could be that when they discover that is only accomplished when we seek what God wants for our home and family instead of Him giving us what we are convinced we “need”, the price becomes more than what we want to pay.

If Timothy and Titus had only received counsel from other Timothy’s and Titus’s, we wouldn’t have his letters from Paul to help us in our journey of faith. Some of the disciples, spent all of their time in the counsel of another fisherman, but that would not have got them to Pentecost. Most of us seek good counsel for our medical problems and car problems but choose to get our counsel on the most important assets in life, our relationship with God and others, with people that are struggling with those same issues. How much are we willing to give for the Isaiah 32 promise to become our reality?

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