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USA – 15 years of the last 44 – December 13, 2020

On December 29th, Linda and I will be celebrating 44 years of marriage that God has given to us and the last 15 of that has been in partnership with our many co-laborers and family in central Africa. What an incredible journey that now includes many from different parts of the USA, different countries, and continents.

What a blessing to share that with the Harvest Kids yesterday, which has touched over 200 in our small community since the kids started helping vulnerable children in Africa 8 years ago. And now they are sending money to build another primary school for their brothers and sisters in Africa. Many in the family, whether in the USA or Africa, are not likely to experience a physical relationship with each other outside of heaven but the love they have been given by God is bigger than distance, language,or skin color. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, said: “What God has put together, let no man separate”. There is a global awareness of evil being felt around the world, but for everyone that is willing to look up they will see one large cross of Jesus Christ looming over this earth and bringing the eternal light of hope to all that believe, and they will hear the voice of our Father say: “These are My Kids – that I love and with whom I am well pleased”.

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