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The World – Give everything and follow Me, June 26, 2023

Over 7 years ago, Linda and I were thanking God for being together in marriage for 40 years

Over 20 years earlier we made a commitment to dedicate our marriage, resources and time fully to serve Jesus for the building of His Kingdom.

He gave us a vision and we were able to renew our vows to each other and to Him in concert with other like-minded couples.

We came together

in Lyman, Washington,

in San Luis, Mexico


in Kampala, Uganda.

The couples in Uganda came from different countries in Africa to join together. After each couple renewed their vows to each other,

we each took a lock inscribed with our names with only one key,

and we locked it onto the foot of a wooden cross.

The later decision would be to keep the key or throw it away.

Linda and I chose to throw our key in

the Samish River in Skagit County,

an irrigation ditch in Mexico


in the Nile River in Africa.

The crosses, with the locks, are still standing in all those places.

They are not idols, but a representation of

His love for us


our choice to have

Him be our “first love”,

withholding nothing.

We are not capable of giving Him anything that He didn’t already give to us.

We are now in the 8th year since that glorious time and are enjoying the promised “new beginning”.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

Psalms 133:1

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