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The World- Can we worship God and still serve the devil, April 13, 2023

Someone recently posted this and the Holy Spirit prompted me to consider its implications in my own journey of faith. As believers, the Holy Spirit comforts, counsels and convicts us of the sin that compromises our relationship with God. Two of Satan’s greatest weapons are deception and distraction.

“Can we worship God and still serve the devil?

Many traditional healers like to say we worship the same God. But the real question is ‘do we serve the same God?’ The devil doesn’t need us to worship him all he needs is for us to serve him. We need to understand that we can worship God but yet serve the devil. How many of us worship God everyday but still serve the sinful desires of our flesh? It is what we serve that becomes our master. It is what we serve that governs us, not what we worship. Matthew 6:24 states that no one can serve two masters. What we serve produces fruit in our life and serving the devil produces the fruits of distraction, death and hindrance as he comes to steal, kill and destroy and he uses our own flesh to destroy us. The major question is, ‘How does the devil trick us into serving him?’ He tricks us by deceiving us. The sinful desires of our flesh are regarded as deceitful. The sinful desires of our flesh might seem pleasurable for they satisfy our flesh and slowly our spirit and body becomes dependent on the pleasures derived from satisfying the sinful desires of our flesh. Now because our mind and body is dependent on those pleasures we will be living to serve the sinful desires of our flesh so that we can gain pleasures derived from satisfying our flesh, We need to understand that serving our flesh is another way of serving the devil. We resist the devil by resisting our flesh. In order to serve God we have to put off our old self and have to have the desire for change. We must make every effort to live a righteous life and you can only live a righteous life through the help of the Holy Spirit nothing else. This is only acquired through receiving Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior.”

A.W. Tozer was born 126 years ago and served as a pastor, author and spiritual mentor until he went to be with the Lord 60 years ago. He wrote:

“A whole new generation of Christians has come up believing that it is possible to ‘accept’ Christ without forsaking the world.

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