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Mexico – Guerrero south Mexico update, Jan 27, 2023

God bless all of you who pray for and help financially support our co-laborers around the world. Pastor Obed and Zuri send their love and gratitude for supporting their ministry in Guerrero in south Mexico. They are still working with the church family in Guayameo and the 2 mission church families in the mountains in Tuba and Huizataro. Besides their weekly service and prayer meeting, they are still having the music school open to believers and non-believers. They have experienced a slow growing, but 9 more people have been added to the congregation of 10 persons. One of these men has been very serious about his spiritual growth and is very active in the Lord’s work as he is learning more about his Saviour. His name is Jose. Please keep him in prayer as well as the need for funds to have the vans that are used for personal use and for the ministry fixed.

Obed has been working with a couple that is praying about whether they are called to commit themselves to help with the needs of the two mission church families. Obed and Zuri are also working with the women of Guayameo who are getting together and distributing food for needy families, sick and elderly people while taking an encouraging evangelical word to them. Part of the congregation is also working visiting their circle of influence sharing the word of God with them as they are learning about spiritual gifts and how to recognize them and put them to work for the Body of Christ. Fourteen people have accepted Jesus Christ between September and December. We are also thankful that they sent a photo of their home church family, their music school, the women’s ministry, Jose committing to the ministry and an updated photo of Pastor Obed & Zury and their children.

Olivia, who helps coordinate all the Mexico ministry and along with her husband, Miguel, over-see the ministry in San Luis across the border from Yuma, Arizona had a tumor in her abdomen which was recently found to be non-cancerous and is

waiting for a date for the surgery.

Praise God.

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