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Mexico – Christmas in Colonia el Gruitta, December 25, 2022

A few years ago, Miguel & Olivia were blessed to begin a relationship with Luis and Norma who were also helping one of the church families that we are involved with in San Luis. They have since became more than friends and have become our co-laborers in the ministry. They have been an encouragement and an active part of the ongoing ministry to the city and the outlying ejidos (villages). We were also blessed to perform there wedding at the fellowship center at the mission home. They purchased a property in a newly opened area of cardboard city on the outskirts, Colonia el Gruitta, and began meeting others in the area with a vision to start a church fellowship. They will be getting help from the Mission for Mexico ministry out of Oregon who will build a structure on the property but will not be putting in the electrical. That is a blessing, as we know the Lord will provide the electrical later. Miguel and Luis are currently working to build a septic for a bano (outhouse) for the property. They also, in partnership with another church family, did a Christmas outreach. We appreciate everyone’s prayers as we continue to provide financial support to encourage them in their efforts to reach the lost and bring unity to the Body of Christ.

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