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Africa – January salvations – February 12, 2020

Yesterday, David, our coordinator for north Uganda, sent us a couple of photos of some of the door to door ministry that is ongoing everywhere these faithful servants go. We were blessed to see that David had coordinated 3 outreaches in January and witnessed 29 + 58 + 109 = 196 new believers that came into the kingdom when he was using the sound and video equipment during these crusades. The coordinators organized 28 outreaches in January using the equipment and 2,410 souls were saved at these crusades. This is amazing, but becomes more so when we account for the many people that are coming to salvation from their other outreaches without the equipment, going to hospitals, schools, market places and door to door. It is not unusual to find that after an outreach and we return to start a new church plant, these new believers had already been able to lead many more into the kingdom in that short time. One on one. Thanks to our prayer and giving partners that help make all this possible. It is a blessing beyond measure to know that the Father and all the angels in heaven were rejoicing with an average of one sinner coming to repentance every 20 minutes through the efforts of these coordinators with their sound and video equipment during the month of January.~

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