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Africa – Advancing the Kingdom in Africa, March 4, 2021

Jesus said, “Open your eyes and look to the fields!”

Amen and praise God

We just received a few testimonies from our coordinators in central Africa during February.

Burundi, Pr. Evariste – We had 8 outreaches in different provinces and witnessed 433 accept Jesus and 80 have been baptized. We also started the bible colleges for pastors in the Cibitoke and Bujumbura provinces. (Burundi is one of the only locations that have allowed the use of the sound and video equipment for outreaches. One of their generators that has been repaired many times now needs to be replaced.)

North Uganda, Pr. David – We had door-to-door ministry in St. Mauriz and 103 new believers accepted Jesus. A three-day crusade in the same Laroo District witnessed another 62 new believers and local believers are now discipling them. We were also able to have a training seminar for over 200 pastors and leaders in another location.

East Uganda, Pr. Titus – We were able to have a leader’s seminar in Syanyonja. Door-to-door ministry in Kirinya brought 11 new believers and in Morukebu another 21. We were blessed to visit and minister the gospel to 135 students in a primary school in Buyinja and 70 of them accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and local believers are beginning to disciple them.

We pray divine protection over each new believer and the leaders and believers that will be teaching them how to become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

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