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Africa A visit to Mukono, March 13, 2020

Many years ago we made our first visit to Llagwe community in Mukono, Uganda where Pr. Jonathan lives. We were invited to host an outdoor crusade and Pr. Martin and I spent the night on the floor at his home in the jungle that he shared with his children and other orphans. The primary school that he had founded was a few miles away and provided primary education in the community and there were many other orphans that lived at the school. We witnessed his love for this community. We remember the roof going on the school building, the water tanks, teacher’s housing, toilets and Madilyn’s House with beds, mattresses and mosquito nets for the children. Today, through the help of Step 30 and Love Benti from Taiwan, we see a well, classrooms and community projects. Each child receiving the good news from their Father, who through the love of Jesus, says to them:

“This is My child, whom I love and am very proud of.”
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