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Africa – A harvest of souls, June 26, 2023

Only through the power of the Holy Spirit and the forgiveness of our sins through Jesus Christ can we come to the open arms of our Father in heaven. To Him be the glory.

We appreciate each of you that have joined us in prayer and offering financial support to our co-laborers who sacrificially give everything to everyone every day to reach those that are lost in these areas in central Africa.

It takes some time to get the testimonies, but we received theirs from May this morning.

With your partnership, they held 26 different outreaches and witnessed 1,642 that have come to faith and are now being taught to be true disciples in local church families. Even as each one of us is going through our own journey of faith seeking to overcome our own selfishness to reach the lost, broken-hearted and crushed in spirit in our local communities and country, we are blessed knowing that through our prayer and with a portion of our giving over 50 people each day received their inheritance and joined with us as the Body of Christ.

Sadly, besides being beaten and enduring times of rebel activity, little or no food, no medical care, persecution and ridicule two of our evangelists were beaten and one was killed and is now with His Father in heaven receiving that reward.


in the sight of the


is the death of

His faithful servants

Psalms 116:15 NIV

If you would like to make a donation,

You can also mail donations to

Harvest Vision Ministries

14799 Avon Allen Rd

Mount Vernon, WA, 98273

All donations are tax-deductible and help advance the gospel of

Jesus Christ and build His Kingdom.

We operate totally on a volunteer basis,

and no one receives any compensation

for the labor that is required to

oversee the ministry.

All monies go to our co-laborers

that are actively reaching

the lost and teaching new believers

to be true disciples in the

various harvest fields

He has called us to.

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