A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

Africa – Times of rejoicing, March 11, 2021

We were blessed to receive testimonies of God’s faithfulness as our co-laborers in central Africa reached out to the
in the month of February.
Along with seminars, leader’s training and church dedications, they were scattered in their communities and witnessed 1,169 make their decision to repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their Savior. Prior to these various outreaches, they meet and encourage local believers in their community to make themselves available to disciple these new believers as they connect up with a local church fellowship and begin their journey to become true disciples of Jesus Christ. This is not accidental or casual discipleship; this is intentional discipleship to ensure these new believers are taught the uncompromised word of God and become mature in their faith and purpose.


USA – Harvest Home luncheon, March 6, 2021

Five Couples = 209 Years

Many thanks to Richard and Linda who spent a lot of time preparing food and set up for a small luncheon at the Harvest Home. We got to know each other and found out that only three people were actually born in Washington. Great testimonies, fellowship, and enjoyed an excellent meal. We were able to pray together for the members of our different families.

The five couples that attended have been married for a total of 209 years.  


USA – Salt & Light fellowship, March 5, 2021

We are excited that the work setting up the small fellowship center at the Garden of Eden family ministry in west Mt. Vernon at 14799 Avon Allen Rd. is almost all completed.
We are having fellowship on Sundays from 1-3 pm, break bread as a family from 3-4 pm, and then a second service from 4-6 pm. The first service is contemporary worship and the second is gospel hymns.
We are getting the outside area prepared for spring, including the sports and games, that can be done outside as the weather permits.
We are also collecting and distributing items that can be used to help the friends in our community that live on the streets.
At the present time, we have only a one-room facility.
  • We are requesting that everyone that has small children help us as we come together.
  • No running or throwing things.
  • Please help us make sure small children are not on the music platform or the sound booth.
  • We have food available for the potluck and when it is time to eat, we request that the parents help the kids get their plate and have a place to sit.
  • Immediately after the potluck, we clean up and begin the second service.
We are making every effort to meet everyone’s needs in the time we are together which requires everyone working together.
Thanks for your cooperation.


Africa – The joy of the Lord is our strength, March 5, 2021

We are thankful for the opportunity to stand with our co-laborers in the harvest fields of their communities. Pr. Augustine continues to reach people in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, and it is always a blessing to witness new believers that are given the opportunity and choose to make their confession public through baptism. 

Pr. Patrick, who founded and over-sees the Nalidi Grace Primary School in Nalidi in eastern Uganda, works hand and hand with teachers and others in the poor community to provide education and hope, along with the gospel message to hundreds of children in the community. Even though school is under restricted guidelines, they are still trusting God every day for the food needed to take care of the orphans that live at the school because they have no other home.


Africa – Advancing the Kingdom in Africa, March 4, 2021

Jesus said, “Open your eyes and look to the fields!”

Amen and praise God

We just received a few testimonies from our coordinators in central Africa during February.

Burundi, Pr. Evariste – We had 8 outreaches in different provinces and witnessed 433 accept Jesus and 80 have been baptized. We also started the bible colleges for pastors in the Cibitoke and Bujumbura provinces. (Burundi is one of the only locations that have allowed the use of the sound and video equipment for outreaches. One of their generators that has been repaired many times now needs to be replaced.)

North Uganda, Pr. David – We had door-to-door ministry in St. Mauriz and 103 new believers accepted Jesus. A three-day crusade in the same Laroo District witnessed another 62 new believers and local believers are now discipling them. We were also able to have a training seminar for over 200 pastors and leaders in another location.

East Uganda, Pr. Titus – We were able to have a leader’s seminar in Syanyonja. Door-to-door ministry in Kirinya brought 11 new believers and in Morukebu another 21. We were blessed to visit and minister the gospel to 135 students in a primary school in Buyinja and 70 of them accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and local believers are beginning to disciple them.

We pray divine protection over each new believer and the leaders and believers that will be teaching them how to become true disciples of Jesus Christ.


The World – The wonder of the womb, March 4, 2021

Satan cannot afford

for us to focus on life before birth because it is God’s time to be alone with us.

The first portion of our journey of life starts with a personal relationship alone with God in the womb = no separation = no sin. When the umbilical cord is cut and we begin to realize the cost of sin (separation), we must figure out how to take care of ourselves apart from God. Satan cannot afford for us to “enter again into my mother’s womb” as Nicodemus saw so clearly. For in the womb with God we never were concerned about what our skin color was or react to any pain that we felt. Even though we were “under water”, we were not afraid of drowning or where our next breath of air would come from. We did not worry about what we would eat, drink, wear, where we would go to the bathroom, what sex we were or what everyone else thought about us. Precious, intimate time in the presence of God. Is it any wonder, that Satan, wants us to focus our whole existence on life after birth? If there is any interest in when someone began their journey of life, even if they profess to be a Christian, it begins with: “So….when were you born?” or “so…. when is your birthday?” We started our journey of life in the world, just like Adam started his. In fellowship with God. When the Israelites finally crossed the dry riverbed of the Jordan River into the Promised Land and before the water began to flow again, the Lord had them go back and gather stones and make a pile on the side of the Promised Land. He commanded them that when their children began to take their eyes off of God, they should bring them back to those stones so they could remember where they came from. That is why we should reverence all life in the womb.



The World – Sound The Charge! February 27, 2021

In the army of the Lord, we need more men with the spirit of the little flag boy of the Civil War. During one of the raging battles, while bullets were flying everywhere and men were falling by the hundreds, the little lad forgot everything but to keep the flag before the army. In his haste, he forgot the army. Finally, he heard a shrill call saying, “Bring that flag back here!” He turned to see the army retreating and the commander beckoning for him to retreat with them. The lad cried out, “Bring the army up to the flag, sir!” This one sentence stirred the soul of the commander until he ordered the men to advance against the enemy. It is said that out of the seeming defeat a great victory was won.

This reminds one of the little drummer boy who was with Napoleon in one of the battles. It seemed that the army of France could not overcome; thousands were falling. Napoleon said, “Lad, can you beat a retreat?” The boy replied, “Sir, I have never learned to beat a retreat, but can beat a charge that will stir the last remains of the patriotism of the army.” The Emperor cried, “Beat a charge then, lad.” And that charge beaten from the drum was the means of the victory being won that day.

That is the spirit we must have in the work of the Lord – that we shall never know how to retreat in the face of the enemy of the kingdom of Heaven, but that we shall be able to beat a charge that will cause others to take courage and fight on until the last foe is conquered. This is the spirit of God’s heroes.

(Excerpts from “Answered prayers and soul-winning incidents – published in 1940)


USA – Harvest Kids – February 27, 2021

What a beautiful day the Lord blessed us with today for Harvest Kids.


Thanks to everyone that allowed their kids to come and be a blessing to God, each other, vulnerable children in other parts of the world and to the adults that came and helped. A special thanks to our guest and sister in Christ, Kelsey Kamloops, who recently returned from her training and mission with Youth with a Mission. Her commitment, passion and testimony to want to share the good news of Jesus throughout the world was an encouragement to everyone.

The kids crushed the cans that had been donated and then filled the artillery shell they are using to collect money for building another primary school in Africa. Another 7” and only 11” to go.

Our new Harvest Kids put their handprints on the wall and put their birthdays on the birthday board. It is always a blessing to sing Happy Birthday to everyone in the world that celebrates their birthday during the month – leaving no one out!

We enjoyed a typical Africa lunch, rice, pineapple, mango eaten Africa style, sitting on the floor and then Mama Linda slipped in a juicy cupcake for the birthday celebration.

Our message woven throughout the day was on how special our friends are and how the friendship we can have with Jesus is so much more special.

We played the parachute games and then a special game using M&M’s to help us get to know each other better.

Our afternoon was spent at the local skating rink, then we drove to the Garden of Eden family ministry in Mt. Vernon in time to catch brother Fred putting the last of the shavings on the blueberry bushes in the garden.

The kids helped Cheryl fill up some bags with items that will be given to our friends that live on the streets in our community.

What a blessing to witness these young disciples learn that it is better to give than receive.   


USA – Salt and Light – February 21, 2021

Thanks for everyone’s response in donating items to put bags together for our brothers and sisters that live on the streets during these cold and wet days.

The ministry is ongoing and items, including jackets, shoes, socks, stocking caps and blankets are needed. Drop off locations are:

Harvest Home
9467 Pierce Lane
Sedro Woolley
Tue-Fri, 10am-4pm


Salt and Light Family Fellowship14799 Avon Allen RdMt. VernonSundays, 1-6pm

If you want to be a part of visiting and praying for our friends in our community that are without permanent housing and would like this to be a part of your ministry or would like to have someone go with you, please give us a call.


We are also thankful to have the information on how anyone that would like to join the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the unborn in our community can get involved, please contact us.

The heart of the Father as He allows us to be the hands and feet of Jesus. One soul at a time.

360-421-8811 or 8812.



USA – Salt and Light – February 20, 2021

We are excited about the Salt and Light fellowship that is meeting Sunday in west Mt. Vernon at 14799 Avon Allen Road. We will be chatting about reaching out to our brothers and sisters that live on the streets and encouraging everyone to bring items that would be helpful to them during this cold weather: jackets, coats, stocking caps, socks and shoes. We will also be discussing the ongoing 40 Days for Life prayer vigil that seeks God’s intervention into the lives of men and women that have been blessed to be bringing a child into the world and for all of us that should be on that journey hand in hand with them. We meet from 1-3pm, with contemporary worship, then the word, sharing testimonies and prayer. From 3-4pm, we break bread (potluck) together as a family. The kids will be putting together bags for our friends on the street during this time. From 4-6pm, we have the second service but with gospel hymns. The potluck gives both groups the opportunity to fellowship with one another. We would love to fellowship with you. For information call 360-421-8811 or 8812.       


Africa – A cloud of witnesses – February 18, 2021


What a blessing that even in the face of trials and difficulties beyond what many of us may ever face, our co-laborers choose to put presenting the gospel to those in their community their highest calling. Whether it is teaching bible schools in Archer’s Point and Maralal in north Kenya, reaching out door to door in different villages in eastern Uganda or baptizing new believers in the DRCongo.


USA – If anyone sees a brother in need – February 15, 2021

We are collecting items that may be needed when we go and visit and pray for the homeless in our community. Especially needed are jackets, sweaters, hoodies, blankets, gloves, shoes & socks. We are also making up bags of small items such handwarmers, snacks and other personal items.


You can drop items off at the

Harvest Home

9467 Pierce Lane in Sedro Woolley

or at the

Salt & Light fellowship

(that meets on Sunday)

14799 Avon Allen Rd in west Mt. Vernon
(between noon-6pm)


Please contact 360-421-8811 or 360-421-8812 if you would like more information about reaching out to the homeless in our community.