A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

Africa – North Uganda salvations, Dec 12, 2021

Blessings team
here is the report from Northern Uganda.

We had the following outreaches in November.
  • We had a door-to-door outreach in two places where 57 people gave their lives to Christ.
  • We also have a Minister training program where 39 ministers are being trained.
  • We also have a 02 home cell program launched to make the community access the presence of God even during the weekdays.
  • We also conducted a radio program where many people were born again and delivered, this is confirmed as they keep calling for testimony.

David Vito, Harvest Vision North Uganda coordinator


USA – Harvest Kids, Bingo & Sweet 16, Dec 11, 2021

Many thanks to the 8 adults that helped with the 17 children & youth that came to Harvest Kids. It was a little cool, but the rain stopped, and we were able to crush cans and then counted our change to help with our next project in Africa. We have the money needed to pay the $100/mo. to help with orphans in Uganda and are now working to purchase 40 desks for students at the Harvest Doves primary school in Kayunga, Uganda. Each desk is $28, and we have enough to purchase 2 desks. We are praying for some donors to help the kids finish their project. We were blessed to make a card for a 44-year woman that lives in a local assisted care facility. Her father got to visit with her last week for the first time in 2 years.

After lunch, we talked about Santa who is known to give presents and Jesus who gave Himself so we can always be in His presence. The kids opened up a gift, that was another gift and another until they opened up that last gift which is a replica of a 12-week-old child in the womb. Immediately, the kids said it was Jesus. Of course, when John the Baptist was in the womb of his mother, he recognized the baby Jesus while he was still in the womb of Mary. Dale read about the birth of Jesus in Luke 1:26-45. and was able to teach and respond to some questions and then we listened to “Mary Did You Know.”

Lots of fun playing golf and using the hot wheels racetrack. Our new kids added their names and birthdate on the board and put their handprints on the Harvest Kids wall. Lots of fun making polished rock necklaces before we loaded up to drive to the Garden of Eden family ministry in west Mt. Vernon where the kids hosted a community bingo game. 


Africa – Water in South Sudan, Dec 7, 2021

What if you were born in a place where there had never been a source of good clean water.

And then on December 8, 2021, a group of Christian believers from Taiwan visited your community and drilled a well for your community.

We are thankful for our ministry partners from the Love Benti ministry that just finished drilling their 3rd well for Gospel Harvest Juba in South Sudan. They are also helping with a property that will be used for a church structure as they continue their door-to-door ministry and home church ministry.

Pr. Martin, the director of Harvest Vision Africa, has finally been able to return to South Sudan after waiting for restrictions to finally be lifted. John Light registered Harvest South Sudan a number of years ago but went to be with the Lord a few years ago. Pr. Martin will be meeting with the pastors and leaders that are involved with Harvest Vision South Sudan to ensure the legal requirements for being a registered ministry are being met. The outreach ministry is severely limited because of the high expense of transportation required to move people and equipment. Gas is not expensive, but hiring the transport is. Martin would like us to help provide the funds to purchase a motorbike for them.

That cost is $1,100.

Pr. Charles that runs the Harvest Doves primary school in Kayunga, Uganda is finishing up the last of the work for the building that the Harvest Kids and their supporters built this last year. They are in need of a rainwater 6,000 liter storage tank for drinking water and 40 desks for the children. We are starting a project for the Harvest Kids (with helpers) to raise the $1,120 for the desks.

That is 40 desks at $28 USD each.

We still don’t have an estimate on the water tank.

The bible colleges in Uganda are all flourishing and some of them have been operating 4 days per week for 8 weeks straight. The pastors that have already been trained are now taking on the burden of teaching the new students. That gives Pr. Martin and Nelson the opportunity to start new bible schools in different parts of central Africa.

We just received the testimonies from the 8 outreaches in Burundi that Pr. Evariste and his team coordinated in November. Over 19 days, they ministered in many different provinces and witnessed 643 that accepted Jesus and are now being discipled by local believers that share the word of God and ensure they get involved in a local church family. We are looking forward to the November testimonies from our coordinators in the other countries that we are blessed to be in partnership with.


Africa – Burundi salvations, Dec 7, 2021

Can you give a HALLELUJAH?

We just received the testimonies of 8 outreaches that were held in Burundi in eight different provinces over 19 days in November.


We are thankful for the opportunity to pray for and financially support our coordinators in all these countries in central Africa that sacrifice daily to reach the lost in these different areas.

Everyone. Everything. Everyday.
Can you give a HALLELUJAH?