A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

The World – Saving souls, August 3, 2022


Blessings team,

we had two missions in July,
*The first one was done
under Liberation Embassy City Church
under the leadership of Pr. Francis Oyet
on the 27th which was attended by about
100 people
where 15 people
got saved
and several testimonies of healing and deliverance

*And again on 29th -31st
we had a mission in
Gweng Diya
under Voice of salvation and Healing Church
which was attended by about
700 people
and 213 gave their lives to Christ
with several testimonies of
Healing and deliverance for the
glory of God.

Thanks. Pr. David.”
From Burundi,

Pr. Evariste shared

the testimony from the 50 believers

that visited 8 different locations for crusades in July

where they witnessed

1,097 new believers

come to faith in Christ Jesus

and are now being discipled by other believers

into a church family

so they can be taught to become true disciples

to bring the good news to those in

their families and communities.

Noe & Nancy Lara


who lives in Burlington, WA

and serves as the

Central American liaison

is visiting

Pr. Sergio

and a new church plant

that has been started in

Ciudad Arce,

outside of

Santa Ana in El Salvador.

He will then be visiting

family in Honduras

before he returns to the USA.

Sergio & Gloria of El Salvador

Sergio & Gloria of El Salvador

Here in NW Washington,
we are praying for all the sharing that different
church families and para-ministries are doing to reach
the lost, broken-hearted, and crushed in spirit
during this time of uncertainty in
our nation, state, and local communities.
Many people are seeking peace about what they should be
doing economically, health-wise, and especially
families who are concerned about the safety and education
of their children as the start of the school year
begins next month.
We are praying and looking forward to the
“Awake and Live”
community outreach that is planned for
Sunday, August 21,
1-6 pm
at the
Riverfront Park, 1001 River Rd. in Sedro Woolley.
We are hoping that many believers will invite their unsaved
family members, friends, and co-workers.
There will be fellowship, food, games for the kids, music,
and then the presentation of the gospel by local pastors
and the opportunity to accept Jesus and
find peace.
There will also be believers available to
with others for healing and deliverance
and to begin their fellowship with other Christians
in our community.


Africa – Reaching, winning, training and sending, July 31, 2022

We are so blessed to have
“such a cloud of witnesses”
(Hebrews 12:1)
to partner with…
…and be blessed
with their testimonies of
God’s faithfulness as they choose
to forsake everything for the reaching
of the “brokenhearted and crushed in spirit”
(Psalm 34:18)…
…and to
“seek and save the lost”
(Luke 19:10)
in their communities and other areas of
central Africa.
All the coordinators in these countries are encouraging and training pastors, leaders, and believers to share their faith and then continue to follow up by teaching them by example to obey what Jesus has commanded us.
Simply – Love God and love others.
Their faithfulness in sharing gave 1,539 people the opportunity to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and receive through the forgiveness of sin their rightful inheritance in the kingdom. 
 Even now as we are at the end of July, we are receiving testimonies every day of salvations, healings, and deliverance,
including many that have been under the spell of witchcraft and others that were of the Muslim faith.
They are enduring incredible trials and sufferings,
but God’s grace continues to supply their every need.
The droughts have devastated many areas and there are food shortages throughout all these areas of Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Burundi, and the DRCongo.
The enemy continues to ravish them with violence, including burning homes and murdering countless civilians in the eastern DRCongo and attacks on leaders and other believers everywhere.

God has allowed them to face and go through life-threatening accidents
which have slowed them for a moment,
but they are just as
quickly restored back into
the winning of souls.
Over and over,
we see the faithfulness of God
in the lives of each of
those that choose to deny
themselves daily,
pick up their cross
and follow Jesus so that
He might finish the Father’s business
(Luke 9:23)


USA – Last Harvest Kids at the Harvest Home, July 30, 2022

   What a blessing it was to drive up to the
Harvest Home for Harvest Kids
with Madilyn, Hailey, and Clara from Granite Falls.
Everyone else was running a little late so it gave me time to remind them that it was nine years ago this month that we returned from Africa after meeting the kids that would be living in Madilyn’s House when it was completed.
By the time we got back to the
Harvest Home in Sedro Woolley the children had already decided
they were going to start collecting aluminum cans
and help other orphans and vulnerable children in Africa.

What a blessing to look at the handprints of over

200 adults, youth, and children that have had the opportunity to participate

in making a difference in the lives of these children and families in Africa.

Clara wasn’t even born at the time


now they have brought her into this incredible unselfish way of living.

Because Mama Linda hasn’t had time to pick the blueberries in the garden,
they started picking while we started crushing cans.
The blueberries were taken to the Garden of Eden family ministry in west Mt. Vernon
where the garage sale is to taking donations to continue the work in Africa.
All the money from the
produce, berries, vegetables and hazelnuts
goes to helping complete the primary school the kids are building in Africa.
After lunch
and celebrating the July birthdays,
we shared the reminder that this was
the last Harvest Kids at the Harvest Home
in Sedro Woolley
before transitioning to the
Garden of Eden.
Ruby took a turn at using the puppets to entertain the kids,
which gave them all the confidence to try them.
Lots of fun!
We counted $110 that had been donated this last week for the
Harvest Doves school
They only have $822 to go before they have completed the $5,800
needed for the new classrooms.
Praise God!
had them get their bibles
and they read and discussed
that Jesus gave to us in
Matthew 5:1-16.


USA – Harvest Vision garage sale, July 29, 2022

We are blessed with many friends that have come to fellowship

at the garage and produce sale at the

Garden of Eden family ministry

at 14799 Avon Allen Rd in west Mt. Vernon, Washington.

Thanks to everyone that has donated items,

helped set up,

and to those that have worked in the garden to grow the produce that is available.

All donations go to support the local outreach

and to support local native missionaries in Mexico, El Salvador,

and different countries in central Africa.

All the proceeds from the hazelnuts, vegetables, strawberries,

and later sweet corn support the Harvest Kids

as they are finishing building another primary school

for orphans and vulnerable children in Africa.

Through August, the garage and produce sale

will be Thursday-Saturday.

We have new items that are donated every week.

You are welcome to bring the kids so they can play on the playground

and visit the pets in the petting zoo.

You can also plan ahead to get produce on days we are not having the garage sale.

We really want to share the love of Jesus with everyone that comes

and join you in prayer for any of your needs.