A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

USA – Blessing our co-laborers in Curlew & Chewelah, July 19, 2021

We are so thankful for our co-laborers in the Curlew/Republic communities and Chewelah/Colville communities in north Washington that are supporting local ministries that are working to reach the broken-hearted and crushed in spirit in these communities. 
Recently, the freezer that John and Lena use to store food quit working and we were blessed to provide a new one to keep the ministry going forward. John and Lena coordinate Harvest Vision Fellowship Curlew and Jarett and Brianna coordinate Harvest Vision Blue Creek in the Chewelah/Colville communities. 
Thanks to those that donated the food and clothes that we were able to take over to support local ministry leaders in those communities. Thanks to our co-laborers who loaned the truck and the trailer, helped load and for Noe dedicating the day to driving over. 
We left at 5am and drove to Newhalem before finding out the fires had closed the pass, so we had to divert to go through Wenatchee. That made the driving a total of 16 hours and allowed us only 2 hours to unload and visit with John and Lena. 
This was Noe’s first visit and we were able to see the farm and slaughterhouse that John and Lena will be over-seeing.
We also chatted with Jarett and were informed they will possibly get the loan approval this week to purchase the property to start their new coffee house ministry in downtown Colville.


USA – Harvest Kids at the kangaroo farm, July 15, 2021

What a wonderful training session for these young disciples.

Many of you are aware that we are working on building a petting zoo at the Garden of Eden family ministry in west Mount Vernon, so a visit to the kangaroo farm in Arlington was an opportunity to visit and also learn how the caretaker’s guide and teach visitors about the animals and allow them to interact safely with the animals.

These Harvest Kids will have that opportunity when the petting zoo is finished at the Garden of Eden.
It’s unlikely, we will have some of the animals that we met at the kangaroo farm, but the principles are the same when we are working with any of God’s creatures that He has blessed us with.
Most of all the kids got to build up their relationships with each other under the guidance of the loving adults that visited with us this afternoon.


USA – Harvest Kids cans, July 15, 2021

Many thanks to all those that donate aluminum cans to support the Harvest Kids and their mission to help meet the basic needs of vulnerable children in Africa.

Many of these children live in areas with no power, no clean water, no proper education (if any), no or limited medical help and poverty.

What a blessing to arrive at the recycling company with 280# of cans and be greeted by one of our faithful supporters, Leo, and he was so proud to show me that he was wearing his Harvest Vision Ministries t-shirt.

He has been one of the champions for the work these young people are doing to make a difference.

That $70 will be put into the hands of the Master (Jesus) to continue to love on these children, locally and in Africa.


USA – Help us spread the gospel, July 14, 2021

We are blessed to be co-laborers with our brothers and sisters in Christ that have chosen to dedicate their lives to the reaching of the lost in their communities in central Africa.

We now have two countries that we are working together with that have lifted restrictions and are now able to return to doing crusades and outreaches. Each of our coordinators have been given the sound and video equipment needed to work with existing church families to organize these outreaches.

Unfortunately, some of the equipment has failed and they are having to pay rent for those pieces of equipment. That money comes out of the little money they have for transporting the equipment, which limits the number of outreaches they can organize.

In the DRCongo, they need an amp/mixer ($500) and a bass speaker amp ($300). In Burundi, they need a generator ($1,500), 2 speakers ($400), amp/mixer ($200) and two microphones ($100).

This is equipment they can purchase in Africa.

Please pray that they will soon have the equipment needed.

If you or your friends can help with any one item or would like to send a donation to meet these needs it would be appreciated and help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to those that have not heard.


Prayer for all nations, July 17, 2021

We are calling everyone that would like to go on a fishing trip for souls
and camp out in the Presence of the Lord.
Come as you are. Pray as the Spirit leads you.

Prayer for all Nations

Saturday, July 17th from 6pm to July 17th at 6am


the Garden of Eden family ministry fellowship center

14799 Avon Allen Road

Mt. Vernon, Washington


USA – Harvest Kids and Garden of Eden, July 10, 2021

We can’t, nor do we want to, escape the fascination these Harvest Kids have for the Harvest Rabbits and all God’s creation. Many thanks to everyone that has donated items and time and have visited the ongoing garage and produce sale to help raise money for the Harvest Kids so they can build another primary school for vulnerable children in Africa. This morning the kids helped finish up setting up for the garage sale, then set up a refreshment table with iced water and cookies for people that stop by. They have always enjoyed doing that ministry at the I-5 rest areas in the past, so they created their own.


The day was spent crushing cans and counting the change they have donated. They then added the money that has been made so far on the garage and produce sale and have $2,641 which is close for their goal to raise the money needed for the roof ($3,900). The project so far has included: $2,760 for property for the new school; $3,050 to refurbish the old church building to be used as a temporary school so they could start this June with 80 children, 35 of them from Muslim families. The government allowed this on condition the new facility is completed by the end of the year; $800 for textbooks for the teachers and students and $4,110 needed for the building. After the money for the roof is raised and sent to Africa, they will continue to raise the $1,780 for doors and windows and the $3,800 for plaster and paint. The kids would appreciate any donations to help them finish this school.


After lunch, we enjoyed playing the M&M game which gives everyone, including adults, an opportunity to share something about themselves so everyone can better get to know each other. Afterwards, we painted posters that will be hung at the Garden of Eden family ministry location in west Mt. Vernon. Some of the kids journeyed out to the Garden of Eden to meet with some other families and children to play and worship the Lord after the regular Harvest Kids fellowship. It is a blessing to share the love of Jesus and help them to become true disciples by teaching them to be “givers” instead of “takers”, becoming “selfless” instead of “selfish”. They truly have the joy of the Lord in their lives.



Africa – Salvations and enlarging the territory, July 8, 2021

Every day we are in contact with our co-laborers in central Africa that continue to share the gospel with those in their communities, even with the restrictions imposed on them by various lockdowns.

These lockdowns isolate the people in the large communities from food and even the limited, if any, medical care they might have had prior.

We just received the June testimonies from Pr. Evariste in Burundi where they have no lockdowns, and they were able to coordinate seven two-day outreaches in different communities and witness 678 people accept Jesus that are now being discipled by local believers into new or existing church families. They are in need of help to replace one of the generators and some of the mics and speakers.

We have also sent $15,000, which is about half the money needed to purchase land for a farming project that will eventually provide enough income to cover the ongoing costs of keeping all the existing coordinators in Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Burundi and the DRCongo active in ministry.

That will release the financial support coming from the USA to be used to equip more coordinators in the various regions and to move into the surrounding countries.


USA – Harvest Kids, June 26, 2021

It was a scorching day, but the kids that got here early helped us set up for the ongoing garage sale that will help the Harvest Kids reach their goal of $9,000 to finish the primary school for vulnerable children in Africa. We recycled 300# of aluminum cans and got another $75 and the kids added some change to the bullet they are trying to fill to help with the school.
Obviously, we had to set up a pen so the kids could play with the 5 baby rabbits. We now know there are 3 girls and 2 boys, so the kids voted on their earlier choices. We now have Bandit & Cloud (boys) and Sprinkle, Daisy and Tiny (girls). At the end of the morning, two of the girl rabbits went to their new home in Bayview.
Our lesson had the girls make a list of all the different things that they “love”, such as hobbies, pets, family, clothes, etc. Afterwards, they were challenged to compare these to a list of (1) Perfect love; (2) Would be hard to live without; (3) Not that important. We were surprised that they so quickly convinced themselves most were not that important.
Afterwards, we read the scripture of God’s perfect love described in John 3:16 and 1 John 3:16-18.
At the end of our fellowship, they were presented with a crudely wrapped box with an envelope on top. It said:
To Jesus, from Dad and inside was a hammer and 3 nails.
We were blessed that none of them even questioned anything
but knew the lesson was reminding us
of the great love that the
Father has for everyone
because His Son, Jesus,
died once and for all for our sin.
Then they all got their own letter with a picture of a hammer and 3 nails:
I need you to build a bridge.
Here are all the tools you will need.
See you soon. Love, Dad


USA – Harvest Vision Curlew and Chewelah, June 28, 2021

Linda & I were blessed to get up at 4am, while it was still somewhat cool, to load up for Linda’s first trip to visit with our new Harvest Vision coordinators in the Chewelah and Colville communities in eastern Washington. Through the day we saw temperatures above 110, but the spirit of joy and fellowship with John & Lena in Curlew and with Jarett & Brianna and their family was more than enough to keep us on task.


We appreciate everyone that supports the ministry that John and Lena do in the communities of Republic, Curlew and the surrounding areas. We were able to bring food and clothes donated in Skagit County. They distribute these to local ministries that serve those that are in need.

 John & Lena also work with a Christian man in Republic that has recently installed showers in his laundromat and set up a ministry station that will provide Christian fellowship for those that often struggle just to meet their own needs every day. Their vision is to build some housing on the property they have north of Curlew where they have been the last few years.

We also visited the 22 ½ acre farm and slaughterhouse that they will be helping oversee in the future. They will actually be living in an apartment on the property and setting up the attached home to be Bread & Breakfast for renting to hunters, even as the actual slaughterhouse will reopen to butcher domestic and wild game for the community.

John will start working as a hunting and fishing guide in the fall. They also are preparing to set up the barn as a home church fellowship. We are encouraged to see the opportunities to reach out with the gospel and help each new believer begin to use their own gifts and calling to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


After we left Curlew, we drove to Chewelah and met with Jarett & Brianna and dropped off boxes of food for their ministry. They are both working but preparing to purchase a commercial lot in downtown Colville to build a Christian coffee house for bringing the Body of Christ together to help share the love of Jesus to those that are broken hearted and crushed in spirit in their community. We are looking forward to the fullness of the vision that God has given to them.


USA – Help for Uganda, June 21, 2021

We have been in constant prayer for the people in Uganda who were put on a 42-day lockdown over two weeks ago. Two days ago the lockdown was extended to a full lockdown except for agriculture. The schools are shut down and all the children are back in their homes. The situation in the capital city of Kampala with a population of over 3 million is critical. Some of the people that were able to leave the city went back to their villages. Obviously, the situation outside of the few larger cities are not as critical as far as food, but they are unable to get help with other issues, including medical needs. No work and now, no transportation for the people. In the city, for those that have any money, they can walk to a store and purchase and then have it transported to their home using a motorbike (boda boda), but they are not allowed to transport people. Presently, Pr. Martin walks 8 ½ kilometers to the store to purchase food, when he has money. Not a problem for most of the people, because they do not have money because no one has been able to work.

Many people have a sickness with a lung issue, even though the “covid” results are negative and the hospitals are full. Mandela Stadium is being used as a medical facility but the government has told the people there is a lack of oxygen. Pr. Martin said that they have put microphones on the outside of the church building at the Kibuli church in the ghetto slum to speak words of encouragement to the people. Please join us in prayer. Pr. Martin is trying to purchase some staples, like beans, so they can be rationed to the people. Please join with us to pray for the people.



USA – Harvest Kids, June 12, 2021

We are thankful for a beautiful day for our Harvest Kids to come together. Thanks for all the cans that have been donated and for change that was added to the kid’s collection to help finish the primary school they are working to complete in central Africa. $9,000 is an ambitious goal so we are praying for some of the big Harvest Kids to make a few donations to help these young people accomplish their goal. Obviously, the kids were looking forward today to meet the baby Harvest Rabbits that were born a few weeks ago. Everyone volunteered potential names and because we don’t know which are boys and which are girls it took a little longer, but they got it done! After the new kids put their handprints on the wall and had lunch, Lynn from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship shared a wonderful lesson, starting off with the kids singing the names of all the books of the Bible. Her message was on salvation, and she shared a true story about a young Muslim boy that had hurt his foot and came to a medical clinic that was operated by some wonderful Christian people that took care of his foot and introduced him to the gospel using the wordless book. After he was healed and went back to his village, he used the book to share Jesus with the other children in his village. We finished the morning making crafts using the colors of the wordless book: black representing our sin, red the blood of Jesus, white the forgiveness of our sin, green the Holy Spirit that helps us grow and gold representing our eternal relationship with Jesus promised to all that believe. Now we anxiously wait for the baby rabbits to be weaned and sent to their new adopted home.



USA – Harvest Vision Blue Creek, June 11, 2021

Thanks to our local co-laborers who donated food for the ministry that Jarett and Brianna Taylor and their family and friends are doing in their community in Arden, Chewelah and Colville in eastern Washington.
Jarett is the brother of John Seaman who founded and over-sees Harvest Vision Fellowship Curlew located farther west and north by the Canadian border. Jarett and John will continue to encourage one another as they expand the ministry into their local communities seeking and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with those that are broken-hearted and crushed in spirit. We are looking forward to each one of you getting to know the vision that has inspired Jarett, Brianna and their family.
We will be posting their profile and information about their ministry, ‘Harvest Vision Blue Creek’, on the www.harvestvisionministries.org website as soon as it is available. We thank you for their encouragement as they put substance to their faith by making every effort to do what Jesus commanded of all of His disciples:
“If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.”