A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

USA – Now is the time, September 26, 2021

It is difficult for many Christians to sacrifice to “go and make disciples of all nations”, when there is so much going on locally in our own communities and nations, but thanks be to God for those that remember what Jesus declared before He commanded us to go.
“All authority in heaven and on earth have been given to Me. Therefore go”.
Two days ago, the churches were opened in Uganda and our co-laborers are looking forward to increasing the spreading of the gospel in their communities as well as those that are spreading the gospel in Mexico, Central America and here in the USA.
“Our faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we can not see.”
God’s Word commands us to
The Lord has asked us to step out in faith and trust God for prayer warriors and people of faith that will help us get the finances needed to encourage our workers in Mexico and El Salvador, as well as Africa.

We are leaving for San Luis, Mexico on October 10 to bring a new van for the ministry and to build a new room for a printing business to help reach the community and help finance the needs of the ongoing ministry.

We will also be bringing pastors and leaders together as couples to renew their wedding vows and recommit themselves to work together as the Body of Christ and help with the launching of a church fellowship in a new part of cardboard city.

We are also sending funding for a new roof for a fellowship that was started in a small town in El Salvador during the pandemic.
The estimated costs of the printing shop is about $5,000 and the roof $2,000.

To central Africa we are also sending funding to support the 10 coordinators in 5 countries.

Please prayerfully consider helping support and encourage these co-laborers in their harvest fields, knowing that they are always praying for us here. The Master that has commissioned us for this work will multiply whatever you are led to give.


USA – Harvest Kids, September 25, 2021

We thank God for the beautiful day that the Lord provided for these three young warriors to gather for Harvest Kids. Many thanks to everyone that has donated aluminum cans for these young disciples to crush so that the money can be used to help vulnerable, less fortunate children in other parts of the world.
Everyone was welcomed with a beautiful photo of a basket of beautiful flowers with two small birds fluttering around that proclaimed:

We shared the love of Jesus and taught the young people to write His name and to spell it out with American Sign Language. We listened to children singing, “This Little Light of Mine”, “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and learned the hand motions to “Jesus Loves Me”.

We blew up and painted balloons, crushed most of the cans and counted $27 from the “Change the World” that the kids used to collect their change and use to help orphans in Africa.

We played with Rocket, Bear and Panda (the Harvest Kids cats) and fed dandelions to Dove, the rabbit. We talked about Jesus and what He did on the cross to save us and give us eternal life. We talked about what faith is and how it applies to our not being able to “see” Jesus.

We celebrated the children around the world that have birthdays in September with a special dessert of fresh strawberries from the Garden of Eden and Nutella.  

After our regular Harvest Kids fellowship we stopped to visit Veronica and Laly at their new home. The kids got to meet their roosters and chickens and Victor’s new kitten, “Bubbles”.

Laly, along with Madilyn and Hailey, have referred to themselves as the “Harvest Kids Consultants” since the beginning.

Later we visited the Garden of Eden playground, sand pit and all the animals that are in the petting zoo. Along with the dogs and cats, there is a squirrel, rabbits, pigs, chickens and Nigerian dwarf goats. Soon they will be joined by other goats and an alpaca.

We were also blessed to hang a “Harvest Kids” welcome sign on the gate leading into the garden.

It is difficult for many Christians to sacrifice to “go and make disciples of all nations”, when there is so much going on locally in our own communities and nations, but thanks be to God for those that remember what Jesus declared before He commanded us to go.

We pray that we will witness more Christian moms and dads rising to that call and we would be blessed to see them join with these small but powerful warriors.


The World – The paper was too thin, Sept 20, 2021

A young lady in distant Australia through some unusual accident had lost both her lower limbs and her arms to the shoulders. As she lay helpless, the light of Jesus shone into her soul. She desired that in some manner she might be a blessing to others. She conceived the extraordinary plan of having her father make for her shoulder a pad that would carry a fountain pen. By the painful process of moving her body she learned to write. She then started to write letters about Christ to the prisoners in the national penitentiary. Months passed by, but no word was received concerning her letters. She began to grow discouraged but finally a letter from the warden came, asking if it would be possible to use heavier paper in writing her letters, for when they were passed from hand to hand among the fifteen hundred prisoners, the thinner paper wore out too soon. The result of this service to the Master was that during the years of her life by this means alone hundreds of prisoners were brought to Christ.
It is not how much we do, but how faithful we are in accomplishing what we are able to do,
that brings the reward of the Christian’s service.

(Excerpts from “Answered prayers and soul-winning incidents – published in 1940)


USA – Many parts, but one body, September 19, 2021

  • A young girl that shares her new-found friends, even though they are a kitten and two piglets that God provided, with her friend.
  • Sharing the joy that many young people (and adults) have found by supporting Harvest Kids and donating aluminum cans to help vulnerable children in other countries.
  •  Helping load a sand blaster that brother Reggie purchased to help Harvest Vision Ministries continue their work to prepare and equip the saints for works of service.
  • The God that prompted His Body to donate chickens to the petting zoo and to Veronica and Laly at their new home.
  • Our brothers that came and helped put up wire for the raspberry vines.
  • A small group of gifted worshipers that gather at the Harvest Home to praise the Lord.

When all the work that true disciples are accomplishing through their unselfish sacrifice to reach the lost, broken-hearted and crushed in spirit are added together – in even our little Skagit Valley – it quickly overwhelms anything that Satan and his followers do.

“Open your eyes and look to the fields and come in. There are truly more for us than against us.”

It would be impossible for anyone to write down all the acts of random kindness that are being done in the name of Jesus Christ in Skagit Valley, especially the county, the state, the nation or the entire world.

The last verse of the gospel pretty much nails it:

Jesus said when He comes again, it will be like the days of Noah.

The Lord saved those that were in the ark.

Acts of Random Kindness.