A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

Africa – April & May outreach reports, June 1, 2021

God does miracles so often if you’re not careful you will miss them.

We received the report this morning that our admin coordinator’s husband just got out of the hospital where he had been hospitalized with covid. She herself is pregnant 7 months and had covid but they are ok.

This morning she put out her request to all the coordinators to send in their April and May outreach reports, apologizing for not getting their April reports because their home had caught on fire.

The first responder to the request this morning was Augustin from Goma, DRCongo.

They just went through the volcano eruption and earthquake tremors that destroyed many parts of the city and he had sent his wife and 7 children to begin travel many miles to find safety with a relative. He chose to remain in Goma to help others and is back at their home.

“Gospel for the month of April 2021.
On April 21,2021 at the Mont Goma Institut.
Those the participated were 540 students.
The people who believed in Jesus were 26 students.
Five people were baptized.
Gospel for the month of May 2021.
In the Katindo District on 14 May 2021.
Those the participated were 210 persons.
The people who believed in Jesus were 12 persons.
Two people were baptized.”


USA – Let the little children come to Me, May 31, 2021

Text from Pr. Charles on May 31, 1 am (10 hours ahead of PST)

“We finished to buy all the bricks needed all the sand we paid some money to Engineer some iron bars to make the basement concrete stones even marram soil for the foundation cement. the money was over but the foundation was kicked off.”

Charles & Meriam, serve as the central Uganda coordinators in Kayunga. They help build church families, coordinate outreach crusades, oversee the Bible school and farming projects and are currently using their support for a gospel radio show that is now bringing many to salvation. Work was just completed on a new larger building to accommodate the growing fellowship, with the idea of using the smaller older structure for a children’s ministry. The Lord had already spoken to Charles to start a primary school for the children, so we purchased a property adjacent to the existing property for that purpose. With the shutdown and the poor opportunities offered at the government school, the priority of starting the school was shifted to start at the next term instead of waiting until the next year, The government and others had shown little or no concern for children, so some Muslim families decided the only ones that care about their children are the born-again Christians and had shared that with Pr. Charles. Pr. Charles approached the District Education Officer and received permission to make some improvements to the older building, including a proper toilet and the school could begin on the agreement the new building would be available by the end of the year. We were able to send money to help meet those requirements and textbooks were bought by the Harvest Kids from the USA. Eighty students, including 25 Christian and 35 Muslims are registered, teachers on staff, and school has started. We are excited about this door that God has opened for us. Unexpectedly, the District Education Officer, under some pressure, visited and has changed the agreement and is now demanding that construction begins within four weeks or they will shut down the school. The budget for the 2 classrooms and office for 45 students in each class is $13,590: building $4,110, roof $3,900, doors and windows $1,780 and plaster $3,800. We have received the $4,110 and are trusting God for the remainder.

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

(Matthew 19:14)

If you would like to make a donation, they can be made online at www.myegiving/hvm or the “electronic giving” on the home page of the www.harvestvisionministries.org website. You can also mail donations to Harvest Vision Ministries, PO Box 733, Sedro Woolley, WA, 98284. All donations are tax-deductible and help advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and build His Kingdom.



El Salvador – Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, May 25, 2021

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What a blessing to receive testimonies from our coordinator is traveling to different locations to evangelize and encourage believers to become true disciples and reach even others with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Door-to-door ministry, visiting believers in their homes with their families. Recently, Pr. Sergio has been traveling to a small community next to Santa Ana called Ciudad Arce and the fellowship is continuing to grow. Even with the trials and difficulties caused by restrictions imposed by the reaction to the pandemic, the gospel is forcefully in all the nations of the world.
Please come and join us.

Prayer for all Nations


Prayer for all Nations, Saturday, June 5th – 6 pm to June 6th – 6 am.

Garden of Eden fellowship center

14799 Avon Allen Road

Mt. Vernon, Washington


USA – Harvest Kids, May 22, 2021

It was a beautiful and sunny morning, and we were blessed to have Hailey and Clara come to Harvest Kids to sacrifice their time and energy to press into what God is teaching them and to show their appreciation by helping vulnerable children, the least of these, in central Africa. They crushed all the cans that had been donated since the last Harvest Kids and then put their coins, along with other change that had been donated, into the bullet so they can finish the work on the new primary school in Uganda that already has 35 Muslim children registered. We are so excited about the opportunity for these young people, and their parents, to become acquainted with the love that Jesus has for them. Our lesson for the morning was the story of the disciples sailing with Jesus across the lake, only to be caught in the midst of a great storm. Jesus was with them but was sleeping until the disciples were afraid enough to wake Jesus up and He immediately calmed the storm. The He asked the disciples, ‘Where is your faith?” It was great to have Clara help with the drawings on the whiteboard we were using for the lesson. Later, we went to the Garden of Eden to play on the playground and set up a row of squash and cucumbers. What a blessing for the kids to see the sweet corn popping up their heads. The corn will be picked and made available for donations that will help them finish the school in Africa. Later in the fall, they will get to make their first corn maze. We are hopeful that at the next Harvest Kids, everyone will get to meet the new litter of baby Harvest Rabbits that should be about two weeks old by then.
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