A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

Mexico – Colonia el Gruitta, Jan 22, 2022

We are thankful for our co-laborers in San Luis, Mexico
who started the ministry outreach to a new location in the outskirts of the city of San Luis.
Miguel and Olivia who coordinate
Harvest Vision Ministries in Mexico
have been working with a couple that purchased property in Colonia el Gruitta.
They have a vision to build a home and a home church fellowship in this area.
They have been visiting the few families that have already moved
into this part of the city and doing small outreaches to begin their fellowship.

Taking the love of Christ to the people of Grullita.

Llevando el amor de Cristo a la gente de la Grullita.


USA – Harvest Kids, Jan 22, 2022

Many thanks to everyone that donated the aluminum cans for the Harvest Kids to crush for recycling. If you have cans, please drop them off anytime at 9467 Pierce Lane. The money the kids raise with the cans is used to help orphans being helped by Comfort Africa in Uganda.
The kids also bring their change to fill up the Change the World jar and everyone is also invited to help them with that labor of love. The change they have collected in the last few weeks has been enough to purchase the fruit trees that will be planted at the Garden of Eden in Mt. Vernon and will someday provide donations to help vulnerable children in Africa.
The kids just finished buying desks for 120 students at the new primary school that they help build in Uganda. The school has an office and classrooms for grades 1-5.
Now, they need another property adjacent to the existing school for grades 6-7. That is the requirement of being a primary school.
The District Education Officer notified Pr. Charles last week that at least the 6th-grade classroom needs to be ready for the graduating 5th graders at the end of the term.
We now have a project to raise $2,000 for the property
and then we will pray the Lord will give us the funds to finish the first of the classrooms.
The kids are trusting God and would appreciate everyone’s support to help them.
We had an awesome day of praise and worship.
We are still trying to include some sign language in our songs.
The theme for the last few Harvest Kids gatherings has been
what it means to be the light of Jesus.
Tia was excited to share with the other kids
that she accepted Jesus into her heart at her home
with her mom and dad last Tuesday.
Our scripture for the day was
Matthew 5:14-17
where Jesus talked about the city on a hill not being hidden
and the lamp that is lit but not hidden under a bowl.
We were blessed to have Albert
come and share his gospel balloon ministry with everyone.
We are excited that he will be coming back to teach the kids
how to do the balloons themselves.
Afterward, we enjoyed coloring and playing basketball and bowling outside.
Mama Linda helped each of the kids make a candle for someone that they love.
This is a new project for us, but the kids enjoyed getting to pick their colors and fragrances.
The kids will be able to take their candles next week,
because of the time it takes for the candles to cure.
We are so grateful for the seven adults that came to encourage
and share the love of Jesus with these young disciples.


The World – The price of a soul, Jan 21, 2022

The price of a soul based on what was paid for it.
This last week we have testimonies of 8 children accepting Jesus,
flood victims getting food and help with rebuilding
and addicts finding hope in our local neighborhoods.
We also have the testimonies of the strengthening of the church family in
Cuidad Arce outside of Santa Ana in El Salvador
 Pastor Christopher
shared about the many people, including children, accepting Jesus
and now being discipled in local church families
in Nebbi in northwest Uganda.

As Christopher said in his text: 
“We are grateful
to God
for this opportunity,
and we give God the glory.”


Africa – Living water in the desert, Jan 18, 2022

We were so blessed to receive a short testimony and some photos from our coordinator,

Pr. Simon,

in northern Kenya.

Bringing the living water to those that are thirsty.

“Good evening.
We have droughts and famines in the land.
But we have church under a tree.
We need your prayers.”
Pr Simon