A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

USA – And God saw that it was good, Nov 10, 2021

A number of years ago, a local farmer and his daughter brought a couple of animals for the Harvest Kids to pet and make friends with.

During our time together, she commented that she thought that some day we should have a petting zoo available in our community.

Now, this year that has taken root at the Garden of Eden family ministry in Mt. Vernon and is sprouting up to fulfill the vision.


Africa – Prayers for the DRCongo harvest fields, Nov 9, 2021

  Urgent message from Pastor Augustine in the DRCongo

Hello servants of God.

Pray a lot for us.

I am on mission in a rebel area.

We have just finished the mission.

I’m home tomorrow, but there’s a war in the road.
Now, here’s what happens in the Congo in our territory.

People leave their homes to flee to Uganda because of the war that is still beginning.
We hope to God for the return tomorrow despite this situation that wants to destroy the gospel.

I am far from the city over 150km.
Look what’s going on in Congo now.

I’m on the way to go back to Goma by fleeing his attacks.
We have just walked 148 km.

We have left 65 km to escape this situation and arrive at a Goma.

God always hears the prayers of his servants.

I arrived at Goma.

Despite the pain and health that isn’t good.

Thanks for your prayers
Many of the pictures Augustine sent were to sensitive to share in this format.
It hurts to heart to see so much harm.
I will gladly discuss and share with you personally, if you are so moved.


USA – Once upon a time, Oct 28, 2021

Once upon a time (a few days ago), George, Dale and Linda were together in the Harvest Home preparing some food to give to those in need and some activities for the Harvest Kids that we are blessed to serve when they come the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. 

Linda had invited one of our friends to stop by
to pick up some vanilla we had bought for her
from Mexico.
Then it happened.
Obviously, this wasn’t a visit by a stranger,
but the outcome of this scripture was fulfilled.
She brought her precious 7-year-old daughter with her.
We (Dale and I) are not sure what they talked about because for the hour and a half we were swept into a wonderful time of petting the rabbit, picking dandelions in the neighbor’s yard to feed the rabbit, drawing on the white board, making balloon animals and just spending the time with this angel.
Maybe we can appreciate in a deeper way what Jesus
was trying to communicate to His disciples when
and what Isaiah meant when he said:


Africa – Reaching souls in the DRCongo, Nov 1, 2021

Received from Pastor Augustine from the DRCongo


“I glorify the Lord for protecting us

for this long missionary journey of

150km (93 miles) traveled in the vehicle

with a road full of bandits.

We have a God

that protects us so that

His work goes forward.

We arrived at Kanyabayonga

far from the Goma city

passing a night of difficulty

because the vehicle was broken.”


The World – Do I or do I not?, Oct 23, 2021

Each person must be sure that their response is based on the way in which the Holy Spirit is giving them discernment. It is good to seek the Godly counsel of others, but ultimately the Lord whispers to each one individually. The question for each of us as believers is: “Can we be faithful to a whisper that no one else hears?”

365 times in God’s Word the Lord commands us to not be afraid. Once for each day of the year – every year.

But when Jesus sent out the disciples after giving them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness. He gave them specific instructions that are found in Matthew 10.

Please read all of chapter 10, because Jesus carefully describes the current times, we find ourselves in as believers.

Forever is our prayers,

In Love and Service to our Savior, Lord, King and Friend, Jesus Christ of Nazareth,

Your servants and His friends,

George & Linda



Africa – Expanding the kingdom in central Uganda, Oct 21, 2021


We just received this testimony from Kennedy who coordinates ministry in central Uganda.

Enjoy and be encouraged.

“We managed to get another place in Kaliro where we can gather on Sunday and I got a home where I will be conducting midweek bible study services. Since it’s on the shores of Lake Kyoga, we named it LAKE KYOGA HARVEST CHURCH FELLOWSHIP – KALIRO. Rain disturbed us a lot and we had a low turn out. We are hoping this Sunday it doesn’t rain during prayer time. It rained so much and we began later and it was very cold. Since it’s an open place by the road side and in a bit noisy centre on week days, we will be gathering there on Sunday only and on week days we will be gathering in homes for bible study. But we need the church to grow in that centre so we will be doing Sunday services there. The dressing of the new converts was so poor, many were almost walking naked mostly the kids and women. So I started gathering clothes in Kampala. And I got some clothes and took them.

    Other people went to different churches because they stay far from here so we got them churches not so near but closer to their homes than this one. We will be gathering during evangelism time. And I have been receiving more that I am planning to take soon. I have almost 5 sacks at home at Kasangati. We have received almost 8 sacks of clothes by now. The challenge is that we are receiving good clothes but no shoes. I was praying about the poor dressing of most new converts and the Holy Spirit led me to just begin gathering used clothes and shoes in Kampala. I will be travelling back tomorrow and return on Monday. I am realizing traveling with the sacks of clothes makes the journey more expensive yet our budget is small, but we believe God will provide as he provided the clothes.”
Please pray for our co-laborers in these different communities in
Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and the DRCongo.


USA – Harvest Vision Blue Creek , Oct 10, 2021


Thanks to Jarett and Brianna Taylor and their family and friends who are sharing the love of Jesus in their community in Arden, Chewelah and Colville in eastern Washington.

Jarett is the brother of John Seaman who founded and over-sees Harvest Vision Fellowship Curlew located farther west and north by the Canadian border. Jarett and John will continue to encourage one another as they expand the ministry into their local communities seeking and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with those that are broken hearted and crushed in spirit.

We are looking forward to each one of you getting to know the vision that has inspired Jarett, Brianna and their family.

This includes building a coffee shop ministry, called “Stompin Groundz”, in downtown Colville which will become their ministry base.

We are looking forward to many more testimonies of changed lives in these communities as they put substance to their faith by making every effort to do what Jesus commanded of all of His disciples:

“If anyone would come after Me,

he must deny himself and

take up his cross daily and follow Me.”


USA – Advancing the gospel, Oct 3, 2021

We are so encouraged to witness that when Jesus commands His people,
His authority through the power of the Holy Spirit can not fail. 

We are so thankful for our co-laborers around the world that have become that Church.

What a blessing to share the good news that the Harvest Doves primary school in Kayunga, Uganda is finished and that the gospel is advancing through our co-laborers in central Africa. 
This includes small people groups such as the Pokot tribe in northern Kenya. 
A new roof is being installed on the building a new church family in
Ciudad, Arce in El Salvador are using.
We have a team leaving October 10 to travel to Mexico to:
  • take a 15 passenger van that will be used to loan to different church families that are outreaching to the community
  • build a roof over a printing shop ministry that is starting
  • help launch outreach into a new area that is just opening up in cardboard city
  • and gathering pastors and leaders together for a reunion for the couples that renewed their vows as married couples and committed to stand together for the building of the kingdom five years ago.
we thank our co-laborers
right here in our own communities
that are walking in that same authority to
“seek and save the lost”
 and to unselfishly love and help
those that are
“brokenhearted and crushed in spirit”