A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

Africa – Eastern Uganda praise report, September 12, 2021

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Titus and his wife, Lorna, and their family

coordinate the work in the harvest fields of Namaingo, E Uganda.

These testimonies are so encouraging.

“We had this soul winning campaign on Saturday 9/11/2021 with legal permission from the local authorities. We began by intercession and thereafter general cleaning of Nsono trading centre in Buyinja subcounty Namayingo district. After that we went out for house to house evangelism and on the way evangelism while one preacher remained doing open air preaching because we had sound system. When we came back we had a get together lunch with the identified vulnerables within the parish. After that we gave out soap, clothes and shoes to some identified needy families in the parish. The area pastors helped us in identifying them. Then the youths went for a friendly football match with the area football team in the nearest primary school playground. As the game was on, the rest of the youths were doing one on one evangelism while distributing gospel literature. 21 people and over forty kids surrendered their lives to Christ.”


Africa – North Uganda praise report, September 6, 2021

David and his wife, Carolyn, and family coordinate the work in the harvest fields of north Uganda.

   “Praise God team this is the report from Northern Uganda for August.
We had home cell fellowship, family prayers, discipleship program, ministers training program, prayer and fasting with the community, cell teams and children fellowship, and in all that above programs 13 people gave their lives to Christ last month, 21 Ministers are being trained and 11 people are being discipled. All this is done by the grace of God
Thanks team from other countries for your prayers for Uganda as we also pray for you.

David Vito”



Africa – Burundi praise report, September 4, 2021

Many thanks to our USA co-laborers that pray and financially support our co-laborers in central Africa and the other locations we are blessed to be serving. We just received this report from our coordinator in Burundi, Africa. Praise God and give Him the glory!

Rapport August 2021

Praise the Lord, I am very happy that this month was very good, we were planning to reach in 15 communes and we did it. In those communes we reached 20 different places.

In this summer before the schools open again, we went in Evangelization with 210 youths from Bujumbura and other provinces and no one got sickness. We Praise the Lord for that.

We have got 2,654 souls got saved and 5,300 returned to the Lord.

We have prayed for sick people and they received the miracle.

Family that they were not together they accepted to return home and become one again.

They were 150 children that they had decided to stop school we encouraged them to return back and they accepted.

We have helped 30 students with school notebooks and 5 we paid for them school fees.

Continue to pray for Burundi on this September 13th they will go back to school. They are many students still now they don’t have uniforms and notebooks and they don’t know how they will get it. Please pray for them may our Lord make a way for them.

Thank you so much for your Prayers and support

Be blessed

Pastor Habonimana Evariste

Bujumbura- Burundi”


USA – Curlew mission with Olivia & Yvann, August 28, 2021

We were thankful to have Olivia and Yvann, who together with Olivia’s husband, Miguel, coordinate the ministry in Mexico, join us on our monthly mission to bring food and clothing to support the ministry in northeastern Washington.

It is a long day trip, but the weather was great and the scenery driving over the mountains shouts out to the creation that God has given to us.

John and Lena, who coordinate Harvest Vision Curlew Fellowship, greeted us along with the chickens, cats, dogs and deer and shared their vision to build a ministry home on their property. After unloading, we drove to the location of the farm that the ministry will  have oversight for and where John and Lena will be living.

While Lena gave Olivia a tour, John and Yvann began the process of catching two piglets that will be taken back to the petting zoo at the Garden of Eden family ministry in Mt. Vernon.

The ministry impacts the entire community around Curlew and Republic, and along with Jarett and Brianna, who coordinate the Harvest Vision Blue Creek ministry in the Chewelah and Colville communities, are bringing the body together to reach those that are “broken hearted and crushed in spirit”. We are praying about future mission trips that would bring people from western Washington and Mexico to support the ministries and get discipleship training from our co-laborers in these communities.