A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

Mexico – Christmas in Colonia el Gruitta, December 25, 2022

   A few years ago, Miguel & Olivia were blessed to begin a relationship with Luis and Norma who were also helping one of the church families that we are involved with in San Luis. They have since became more than friends and have become our co-laborers in the ministry. They have been an encouragement and an active part of the ongoing ministry to the city and the outlying ejidos (villages). We were also blessed to perform there wedding at the fellowship center at the mission home. They purchased a property in a newly opened area of cardboard city on the outskirts, Colonia el Gruitta, and began meeting others in the area with a vision to start a church fellowship. They will be getting help from the Mission for Mexico ministry out of Oregon who will build a structure on the property but will not be putting in the electrical. That is a blessing, as we know the Lord will provide the electrical later. Miguel and Luis are currently working to build a septic for a bano (outhouse) for the property. They also, in partnership with another church family, did a Christmas outreach. We appreciate everyone’s prayers as we continue to provide financial support to encourage them in their efforts to reach the lost and bring unity to the Body of Christ.  





USA – There is only one promise that really matters, Oct 25, 2022

We are blessed to receive testimonies of people being saved through the sharing of the gospel by our co-laborers in central Africa. This morning we received this message from Augustine who lives with his family in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and who chooses, along with his family, to put sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ as the most important thing in their lives.

Augustine –
“Good morning pastor.”

George –

“Good morning.

How is the DRCongo and the family?

We are praying for you all and that many people will open their hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Augustine –

“We are still in a critical situation of war with us.

The rebels have begun to wage war again which makes a difficult life.

If God does not help us our children risk dying with starvation.

Food has become very expensive.”

It is this reality that is the foundation for the peace they have

because they focus on what is praiseworthy and excellent

which is the promise of eternal life with God in the new heaven and the new earth.

   That reality is in conjunction with the fact that

DRCongo is considered to be the richest country in the world

with natural resources estimated to be worth over 24 trillion US dollars.

With 60 million of the 96 million people

in the DRCongo living on less than

$2.15 US per day.

Last weekend, believers that attend the church in the Muslim ghetto in Kampala,

came together for overnight prayer then went through the neighborhood,

door to door, and over 240 people accepted Christ.

They had no money, food, or medicine to help them – only the promise of the gospel.

Why are these people’s salvation more important than the other circumstances,

including sickness and death, that they face every day?

Last year when the government shut down all transportation,

there was no food brought into the city.

Although the believers helped as many as they could,

they watched as children died in their mother’s arms

and parents died in the arms of their children from starvation,

they weren’t able to prevent, and God allowed it.

God’s gift of self-will to all humankind allows evil to exist to serve its own purpose.

It is the price that

God’s unconditional love

was willing to pay for us to have

the freedom and responsibility to make our own choice.


Africa – Saturday’s harvest, Oct 22, 2022

Friday morning,
we contacted
Pr. Martin,
the director of Harvest Vision in central Africa,
only to find out they had
just gathered
150 evangelists
at the Kibuli church
in the Muslim ghetto
of Kampala
for overnight prayer.
They are 10 hours ahead of us, so it was their Friday night.
We were able to contact him later on their Saturday a little after noon for an update.
Because of the inflation and requirements for larger outdoor gatherings,
they had decided to come together every 1-2 months in Kampala
(over 4 million people)
and do massive door-to-door and street ministry.
The 150
went out door to door
that morning
gathered back
at the church building
with many of the
people that had accepted
Jesus that morning.

They had prepared a small meal for them.

Martin informed us

that they were breaking up into groups

to go out to the busy streets to begin street ministry

with the 11 portable loud speakers they had purchased for that purpose.

We are still waiting for the testimonies of their Saturday afternoon journey of faith.  


USA – Harvest Kids, Oct 22, 2022

It has been a long time since we actually had
Harvest Kids
on a rainy day
but we did have a time of
no rain
to crush the cans that had been donated
We shared with the Harvest Kids
the miracle of provision
that has helped s fulfill the goal of
getting the roof finished on the 6th & 7th-grade classrooms
the kids have been working on the last two months.
We had just wired $1,700 to start the work
and Pr. Martin was able to find some donations
that had been sent for another project
and was led to use it for the completion of the roof.
Praise God, we now have $634 toward the $5,088 needed for the doors and windows.
We were blessed with some wonderful praise and worship songs,
including learning to sign “Our God is an Awesome God”.
We were also privileged to watch some videos about the orphaned and vulnerable children we are helping in central Africa.
Hailey and Clara brought the 5 little bunnies that are now living at their home and shared about how they took care of them and some of the others shared about their pets including how they take care of them.
Hailey and Clara also had to answer a few questions:
  • Do you know how many hairs (or feathers) your pet has?
  • Do you stay awake all night watching your pet?
  • When you are at school can you see your pet?

Afterward, we shared and talked about these verses from the bible:

But even more than that God wants you to be with Him forever!

It is so special to pray with these young disciples.


Always some games to play,

the piano to play a tune on

and a short trip

in the rain to

say Hi to our friends

that live in

the Garden of Eden

petting zoo.

And of course, we aren’t done until the last raspberry that was picked is gone!