A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

El Salvador – Pr. Sergio & Gloria Lopez, new coordinators – February 25, 2020

     We are very excited to introduce you to Pr. Sergio and Gloria Lopez, our Harvest Vision Ministries coordinators in El Salvador. Sergio is a long time friend of our brother, Noe Lara and his wife, Nancy, who will be our Harvest Vision Ministries liaisons to El Salvador and other countries in Central America. Noe, who is from El Salvador, and Nancy, who is from Honduras, live in Burlington, Washington in the USA.
     Sergio was born November 3, 1950 in Ciudad Arce de Liberta in San Salvador. His parents were nominal believers but he was raised with some Christian influence. He met his wife, Gloria, and they were married in 1985 shortly after he became a Christian in 1984. They have five children and a strong faith-filled family. He served in the church and felt called to pastoral ministry in 2000 and currently pastors a small church family in Colonia Miramonte in San Salvador. They fellowship together at a local park and in their homes. Sergio and Gloria share a home with nine family members that all work together to raise their children, operate a small family business and share the expenses and work of maintaining their home.
     Noe visited Sergio in the latter part of 2019 to introduce him to the vision of coordinating relationships between people in the USA, Mexico and other countries that have families and friends that are scattered throughout El Salvador. He will be helping prepare and equip God’s people to work together for evangelism, pastoral training, discipleship and church planting (Ephesians 4:11-16).
     George and Noe were joined by Miguel and Olivia Estrada, the Harvest Vision Ministries coordinators for Mexico to confirm Pr. Sergio and Gloria’s calling on February 25, 2020.


USA – Harvest Kids, February 22, 2020

     Thanks to everyone that helped with our regular Harvest Kids fellowship the end of February. After crushing cans, the kids counted their change and had enough money to buy the last 6 mosquito nets for the orphan girls at the Nalidi Grace Orphan school in eastern Uganda. A real miracle for these children and Pr. Patrick and the staff at the school to know that God sees what they are doing and how important each child is. The kids will now start collecting money for the boys that live at the school. The kids ended up with a special treat for the February birthdays after lunch. Many thanks to Dale’s brother, Jason, who shared a message to the children about David and Solomon and the importance of listening to God and doing what He says and not to listen to others that would lead you astray. Jason used a video about Buzzby, the misbehaving bee, to help illustrate the lesson. What a privilege and responsibility to be entrusted with teaching God’s children.       


USA – We CAN make a difference – February 12, 2020

 Thanks to the many people that are donating aluminum cans to provide the money the Harvest Kids need to help vulnerable children in central Africa. This includes our co-laborers that run the expresso stand in Granite Falls, Walker Motor Works car dealership in Marysville and the different recovery houses in Skagit Valley that collect cans. The Harvest Kids use their “Change the World” donations (their own pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters) to do a variety of projects, such as building schools for kids or buying mosquito nets for vulnerable children in Africa,  but the “recycle can” money is used to pay monthly support for Komfort Africa, which is a ministry helping orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda, and to pay the teachers that work at the primary school in the DRCongo that provides education for the children from the Wambuti pygmy tribe. Thanks to the kids and adults who help to crush and bag these cans and to Zee’s Brothers Recycling in Lynden that buy the aluminum cans. Thanks to our faithful servant, Cheryl, who hooks up her horse trailer and delivers the cans. We just recycled 540 pounds of crushed cans and received $135 that will be used to help the kids fulfill their monthly commitment to help their less fortunate young brothers and sisters in Africa.

     If you would like to donate aluminum cans, they can be dropped off at the Harvest Home, 9467 Pierce Lane, Sedro Woolley anytime. If no one is there, they can be put inside or beside the container at the front door. If you would like to donate your change (or folding money) for the Change the World, it can be dropped off at the Harvest Home, Tue-Fri, 10am-4pm. If you would like to set up a collection can at your work or another location, please contact Dale at 360-982-8159.