A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

USA – How big is a Harvest Kid?, Dec 1, 2021

We are excited to share the good news that the Lord has directed us to expand the Harvest Kids ministry that has been the 2nd & 4th Saturday every month since July 2013 to every Saturday.

We know that the frequency made it very difficult for parents and guardians to adjust to with the craziness of all of our lives. If you have questions about the ministry, just know that these young people have had their relationship with Jesus either started or strengthened during their time of fellowship with each other. They have been steadfastly meeting the needs of vulnerable children in different countries of central Africa providing education, health and other basic needs, including building primary schools.

You are welcome to come on Dec 11th or Dec 25th, Saturdays from 10am-1pm at 9467 Pierce Lane, Sedro Woolley. You are welcome to stop by during the week, Tue-Fri, from 10am-4pm for information, check out the website www.harvestvisionministries.org or call 360-421-8811, 360-421-8812 or 360-982-8159.

Here is the question that we are often asked. What are the ages? Mostly young, but they also come in different sizes.

Our Harvest Vision Ministries coordinator in Mexico, Olivia, has been visiting with us to help us get ready for the Christmas parade in Sedro Woolley. She has also had the opportunity to meet with the woman that helps us by printing t-shirts and sweaters to meet our various ministry needs, including the Harvest Kids shirts. We are hoping that Olivia will be able to begin a similar business in Mexico to help meet the needs of the ministry there. Rene, who operates Rene’s World, out of her home and business in Birdsview allowed Olivia to print our two latest Harvest Kids shirts. We now have the biggest (4X) and smallest (youth extra small) we have every had with us and we are sure these are not the final limits.


USA – The will to prepare, Nov 30, 2021

The will to win is useless without the will to prepare.

We are blessed to witness the coming together of the Body of Christ here in our own community.

Jesus said when He is lifted up from the earth, all people will be drawn to Him.

We are thankful that local believers from many different church families, para-ministries and even many more that have separated themselves apart so they can be sure they are hearing the uncompromised word of God as given to us by Jesus Himself through the Holy Spirit.

We will be together representing

the birth, life, death and resurrection

of our Savior, Lord, King Jesus Christ

who chooses to call us His Friends

as we acknowledge His Name

in the Sedro Woolley Christmas parade,

Saturday, Dec 4th

in downtown Sedro Woolley.

Those that desire to honor God in this way are gathering at the Harvest Home, 9467 Pierce Lane in Sedro Woolley during the day. Fellowship, a cup of coffee, prayer, testimonies and allowing the Holy Spirit to show us our part. Need a costume? Olivia, our ministry coordinator in Mexico, has came with her gift of sewing to bless our community.

You are welcome!      


USA – Multitudes, Multitudes, Nov 28, 2021

We are like-minded Christians that are proud to be citizens of our community.

It is an honor to share with our community

the birth, life, death and resurrection of our Savior, Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

We are participating in the Sedro Woolley Christmas parade on Saturday, December 4th at 5pm.

We will be making some costumes, preparing the trailer for

Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus

and getting prepared throughout the week

at 9467 Pierce Lane in Sedro Woolley.  

If you would like to share your faith in this way, please contact us at 360-421-8811 or 360-421-8812.


Africa – The harvest fields of central Africa, Nov 26, 2021

It is a blessing to share that through our faithful co-laborers in Uganda, Kenya and Burundi they were able to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to 744 new souls in October.
Many are already baptized
and they are all being discipled
into local church families.
The harvest fields now have 744 more believers shining the light in their communities.
The violence in the DRCongo continues. Pr. Augustine and his team had to travel 195km (121 miles) from where they had gone for a mission. Along the way passing the bodies of many of the army that the rebels had killed.
The walk has damaged his feet and legs. We are grateful to be sending some money to him to get some medical help.
Pr. Simon, the coordinator  who ministers in north Kenya and south Ethiopia has asked us for prayer as these areas are being hit by drought and famine and many of the children, as well as their families, are suffering.
Pr. Martin, our director that lives in Kampala, Uganda was informed his 22-year-old niece in Kenya went to be the Lord. Because she has no immediate family to help, Martin had to travel to Kenya and will be there through the week to take care of arrangements and minister to the family.

Please join with us to celebrate

these new believers


to pray and


these faithful servants that face trials

every day to reach those that are


broken hearted


crushed in their spirits

in their communities and beyond.


USA – Santa Claus is coming to town, Nov 26, 2021

Yes, it is time for Christmas,
and we are blessed
to be in a community that celebrates Christmas.
The song that many
people sing is
“Santa Claus is
coming to town”
Sedro Woolley is having a Christmas parade on Saturday, December 4th at 5pm in downtown. Yes, Santa will make his appearance and the Christmas tree will be lighted.
But this parade will also include Jesus,
who created us all
and founded this town.

He doesn’t just come for a one-day drive by and the Light He brings will never go out. All life is about choices and as parents and as a community, we are influencing our children on where best to put their faith and hope. As best we can, we are going to tell the story of Jesus. His simple but glorious birth, His life, His death and His resurrection. There is nothing wrong with the spirit of giving and even of receiving that everyone enjoys at this time of the year. Let us remember that it is God who gave us life and only by the gift of forgiveness through Jesus Christ that we have assurance of an eternal life with Him.


USA – We only want to look at one meal, Nov 26, 2021

The trouble for many of us in America is that we only want to look at one meal.


USA – The days of Noah, Nov 25, 2021

We only have to look at the things that are happening to know that Jesus is coming soon.


goats in the pasture

Two coordinators

(Titus & Lorna)

Namiango, southeastern Uganda

Two Jesus

Jesus crucified & Jesus resurrected
waiting for the start of
the Sedro Woolley Christmas parade

Two cats

(Rocket & Panda)

being friends in the

Harvest Vision office

Two Harvest Kids

visiting the petting zoo

Two dogs

(Inra & Sage)

playing in

the Garden of Eden parking lot

Two wisemen

waiting for the start of the

Sedro Woolley Christmas parade

Two alpacas

(Nova & Marble)

becoming friends at

the Garden of Eden petting zoo

Two coordinators

(Christopher & Sharon)

in Nebbi, northwest Uganda

Two servants of the Lord

crushing cans

for the Harvest Kids

at the Harvest Home

Two Harvest Kids


two chocolate-dipped cones

Two Harvest Kids


two rabbits

at the petting zoo at

the Garden of Eden

Two preachers

with two young women

accepting Jesus

in Africa.


USA – The reason for the season, Nov 19, 2021

We are thankful that Sedro Woolley will be having the Christmas parade this year.
The parade is on Saturday, December 4th at 5pm
is always a joyous occasion for our community.  
We have a group of like-minded Christians that are proud to be citizens
in our communities in Skagit Valley
that will be in the parade.
It is an honor to share with everyone
the reason for the season
by presenting the birth,
Jesus Christ.


USA – Making disciples of all nations, Nov 18, 2021

We are so thankful to live in a nation which provides us with the opportunity to extend our prayers and financial support to those that are in the harvest fields across the globe.

Harvest Vision is in partnership with leaders that God has called to support evangelism and teaching in different regions and countries in central Africa and these leaders ensure that our gifts are used for the expanding of the kingdom.

We were just made aware of some significant needs for some medical help for the coordinator of the ministry in the eastern DRCongo, the replacement of a mixer used for outreaches in Burundi and some clothing needed for the widow of our first coordinator in South Sudan. We will be trying to send these funds in this next week.

We are also trusting God for the resources to send the quarterly support for all the coordinators the end of the year. We are praying that the Lord will prompt the hearts of our Christian brothers and sisters here in the USA to join with us by becoming a monthly partner.

Any donation would be helpful and is needed to encourage and support our brothers and sisters there, as well as in Mexico and El Salvador.



USA – The abundant life, Nov 23, 2021

We pray
that each one of you will live
the full and abundant life
that Jesus has
promised to us.
We have been blessed to be grafted into this Body,
in which Jesus said
all His authority in heaven and on earth would be manifested.
We have been blessed
with the news of those coming to salvation in
north Uganda
We are looking forward to sharing
the birth,
of Jesus
at the Sedro Woolley Christmas parade on December 4th 
We are blessed
to have just received thanks from
the children at the
Harvest Doves primary school.
This school was started at the end of the summer
with the help of the Harvest Kids and others who donate.
We give thanks
for those
that provided,
helped load
and deliver food
to ministries in Ferry County
We give thanks to
Pr. Martin in Africa
that shared the teaching
to pastors and leaders at the bible schools
in Namaingo and Nansanga
in eastern Uganda
We give thanks to
those who supported the Harvest Kids that came together today
Praising Miguel and Olivia
for sharing the photos of the new roof they are building
for the new printing business in Mexico
that will help fund the future expanding of
God’s kingdom
We are blessed by those
that fellowship together
make our lives so abundantly filled.
Today is the day of salvation