A Word from Pastor (Papa) George

USA – Harvest Kids, Feb 12, 2022

  We were blessed with another beautiful day to come together as the Harvest Kids.
A quick greeting with
the Harvest Kids rabbit
and then the morning greeting
to all the cans our friends
had donated throughout the week.
After they were crushed,
the kids counted the money
that had been donated to
finish their goal of $2,000
to purchase the property needed
to expand the primary school in Africa.
Mission accomplished
and they even have
as seed money
toward the building of the new 6th and 7th-grade classrooms.
What a blessing for the families in this community 11,000 miles away.    
After singing some songs,
Dale shared the creation story with everyone.
It is a blessing to be teaching
these young people
God’s Word
how it is God’s gift to us as His creation.
After lunch, we had a fun time bobbing for apples,
then had three of our new friends put their birthdays
on the birthday board and their handprints on the wall.
The kids enjoyed the sunshine playing basketball,
walking on the balance beam,
and stacking cups.
Later Dale helped them make “badges”
for themselves and anyone special for
Valentine’s Day.
As always, there is time to color and play with the Jenga blocks. 

We are looking forward to next Saturday

and how the Holy Spirit is going to draw us even closer to each other,

and to Jesus, our Savior,

and our Father in heaven.

“These kids CAN and do make a difference!”        


USA – Tending the garden, Feb 11, 2022

We have been
to plant trees in the new orchard
to compliment the other trees on the property
at the
Garden of Eden
west Mt. Vernon.
Two kinds of
  • apples
  • pears
  • plums
  • peaches
We are also preparing the
garden rows for the spring planting.
Thanks to everyone that helps with this ministry,
and we are looking forward to a
great harvest
of vegetables and fruit during the summer and fall.
All for his glory


USA –The aren’t lost, they are missed by their Father, Feb 8, 2022

A visitor at the hospice of St. Bernard in the high Alps tells of one of the noble rescuing dogs coming in one noontime holding its head and tail to the ground and slinking away to a dark corner of his kennel, as if ashamed to look anyone in the face.
The monk explained to the visitor that the dog had been unable that day to rescue anyone from the snow, though he had searched diligently for someone that might be lost in the mountains and was therefore ashamed to return from his search.

We are wondering how it will be with us when we all reach the end of our life.
Will we be afraid or ashamed to face our Master because we have failed to rescue
some lost traveler in the snows of the mountains of sin,
from the sun-bleached paths of the deserts of iniquity,
some mariner lost on the raging sea to time.?


Africa – Burundi 2022, Feb 9, 2022

Rapport January 2022

We thank God that we still are alive.
We started the new year well
in our family and ministry
in general in Burundi.
We Praise the Lord

On 8th/01/2022
we had a Pastor’s meeting from different provinces like
  • Cibitoke
  • Makamba
  • Rumonge
  • Bubanza
  • Bujumbura Rural
  • Bujumbura Mairie.
We looked at the works we did in this past year.
We did well in general
We Praise the Lord.
We set up a plan for this year.

Please continue to pray for us and support us in this new year.

We continue to say thank to Harvest Vision
for the support and prayers that you pray for us.
Thank you so much.
Be blessed

Pr Habonimana Evariste
Bujumbura – Burundi