Ministry Needs

Ways You Can Help

     God has been enlarging our territory as we witness more people coming to salvation, existing church families strengthened and new church families starting in Washington USA, Mexico, Central America and in central Africa. We are blessed to have been born and to live in a country in which we have the freedom to practice our religion as well as the opportunity to prosper. Harvest Vision Ministries is blessed to be in partnership with men and women who suffer unbearable conditions to carry the good news of Jesus to desolate places and it is an honor to be able to support these men and women through this ministry. They need your help to meet these needs.

For information on how to donate go to Give to the Harvest.


$700/month for Skagit Valley ministry

This includes admin costs such as hosting websites, newsletters,etc. Ministry expenses associated with worship events, including equipment, transportation & maintenance; ministry expense associated with the fellowship center and various outreach ministries to the homeless, etc, including the Harvest Kids ministry to reach vulnerable children in Africa.


$300/month for Mexico & $400/month for Central America day-to-day outreach ministry

This support helps maintain the ministry complexes in San Luis, Mx and El Salvador and provides some of the support for the over-all ministry, including communication (internet & phone) & transportation. In Mexico, this includes utilities, taxes and costs and upkeep for the sewing, worship trailer, vehicle loaning, prison, rehab, clothing & feeding ministries and providing resources to local church leaders, especially in cardboard city.


$3,200/month for Africa day-to-day outreach ministry

This includes the utilities (electric, water, maintenance); office supplies; communications, including internet, website hosting & phones; pay for the administrative coordinator necessary to maintain the ministry office in Kampala, Uganda and maintenance and upkeep for the cars being used by the director and coordinator of the Bible schools. This also maintains 13 sets of sound & video equipment and provides support for the coordinators in Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, South Sudan and the DRCongo. This also includes a monthly support for Comfort Africa, a project to reach vulnerable children.


Mexico Evangelism:

San Luis – Roof support, curtain, foam, lower fans on the fellowship center – Need estimate


Africa Evangelism:

Generator & support equipment for sound & video for W Uganda (new coord in Kyegegwa) – $1,750 plus $150/mo support

Generator & support equipment for sound & video for E Uganda (new coord in Mbale) – $1,750 plus $150/mo support


Register Harvest Vision Ministries in Kenya – $1,200


Printer for Pr. Martin’s office in Kampala, Uganda – $100


Africa Sustainability:

Sustainability project for Simon, N Kenya, Motorbike – $1,200

Sustainability project David, N Uganda, Motorbike – $1,200

Sustainability project Kennedy, Central Uganda, retail business – $1,900

Sustainability project for Pr. Evariste & Adele in Burundi – $3,500

Harvest Kids

35 Mosquito nets for orphan boys at Nalidi Grace primary school – $385