Harvest Friends

Harvest Kids with the Harvest Friends Board

Once upon a time, the Harvest Kids were gathered together, and we were discussing friendship. When asked the question,

“Who is your favorite friend?”,

a few of the kids volunteered a family member or person they knew, but one of them asked

“Does your pet count?”

Immediately, a few of them shared they felt that their pet was there best friend. After we began to chat about that response, some of them shared that although they loved their pet, that it was kind of sad that it wasn’t a family member or another person. We agreed that it was special that God cared enough to bring their pet into their lives to give them love and comfort. The kids began to talk about how we could use our love for different pets that God has given us as a way of showing each other and even people we hadn’t met yet how special each one of them are and how we are all blessed by the same God with the same love He has for each person.

We made a board (thanks to Mike) and painted different animals on different tiles (thanks to Veronica) and they were attached to the board by velcro (thanks to Cathy). We are going to take impressions of each person’s pet paw, hoof or claw print and paint them onto two different tiles – one to be given to the pet’s owner and the other to be put of the Harvest Friends board. Each pet’s name and the owner of the pet will be painted on to the tiles. It will allow the kids the opportunity to invite their other family members, friends and neighbors to be included, especially people who are shut-in or have limited fellowship opportunities, to know that God and the Harvest Kids care about each one.

Harvest Friends Board

“And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

(Philippians 4:19)