Great Commission

  • By preaching the gospel with Christians that have a renewed passion to reach the lost.
  • By supporting local church families and the training of leaders to ensure obedience to God’s Word providing the assurance of biblical discipleship for new believers. 
  • By communicating information on the evangelistic and teaching methods that the Holy Spirit is teaching us to reach different groups of people.
  • By working through Harvest Vision Mexico, Harvest Vision Central America and in central Africa through Harvest Vision Africa –
    1. By assisting in coordinating with different churches and ministries to involve local leaders to plan strategic, small outreaches to outlying communities in which they provide the majority of resources needed ensuring ownership and accountability,
    2. By providing sound and video equipment to outreaches, providing for transportation cost and the technical support, when needed. 


    3. By coordinating outreaches to minimize the distance and cost when moving equipment and support from one location to the next.