FellowSHIP Ministries

Fellowship Ministries was started several years ago when I started contemplating what to do with the gifts and talents God has given me. The word of God says that some have been given one talent, some two and others five. It also says that He gave the ability to use those talents. I went on a fishing trip with Jesus and ask Him how I could use the talents He has given me. I stayed up all night in my camper and prayed, then I opened up the top of my camper and was able to see God‘s creation – the stars. Then I heard His creation the Hoh River flowing by and most importantly I heard Him say, “Use the talents you’ve gotten to teach children about Me.” 

Grandpa Bud Kannenburg 

“The man who helped my salmon plug collection for 30 years”
Not long after that I met a man, Ted Zawicki, who was 103 years old and still fishing. One day I was blessed to be able to go fishing with Ted which happened to be the last day Ted ever fished on this earth. It was on that day Fellowship Ministries was started.
Fellowship Ministries is based on Matthew 4:19 where Jesus said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men”. The foundation of the ministry is based on mentorship, relationship, stewardship and the discipleship that I am able to pass along to the next generation just like Ted had passed on to my generation. You see my talents are many. I was born into a commercial fishing family, have fished my entire life and have collected antique fishing tackle since the age of 14. I worked in the aqua culture industry raising salmon and am now a professional biologist with the Department of Fish and wildlife in Washington State. My personal goal is to have 10,000 children catch their first fish. Through the outreach over these many years, I am sure I am close to that number. God only knows, but each and every year, each and every fishing season, each and every opportunity, I try to take one more. My Lord Jesus preached from a boat, and it is where I can share the word of God with children and their parents and their families and their friends

Olivia came from Mexico

Madi caught her first fish

A Crabby Day

May the Lord richly bless you as you consider taking a kid fishing and share the love of Jesus with him or her. Give them a fishing pole, a couple of hooks and sinkers, a dozen worms and
give them Jesus because He can change their lives for eternity

Isaac came from Africa

How can you help?
If you have a box of old fishing gear, donate it to a kid or send it to me and I will. Fix a few reels or find somebody who can and put them on a fishing rod for a kid. Find a boat and motor that needs a little work and get a few kids to help you fix it or buy a tank of gas for somebody who already has that boat working and encourage them to take a couple kids out. Cast your net wide, become a fisher of men, “For the harvest is ripe and the children are plenty.”
Come follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men.
Matthew 4:19