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Miguel & Olivia Esquivel

Over-all Mexico Coordinator
San Luis Río Colorado 

Olivia was born in Jilotopec Estado de Mexico.
She has lived in San Luis, Mexico most of her life.
Olivia was called by the Holy Spirit
when she was just 12 years old and was baptized in 1989.

Olivia has 3 kids, Yvann, Javier and Itzel.
She has been working with Harvest Vision Ministries since a women's conference in February 2005.
Olivia married Miguel Esquivel in 2005
but they have been together since 1998.
Miguel was born in Los Reyes, Michoacan, Mexico.
Miguel and Olivia have been involved in various city-wide crusades, church leadership and church planting.
They and their children have worked closely with
many of the mission teams that travel from Washington
and have been an intimate part of the Harvest Vision family.
Miguel & Olivia moved to the mission home
and started coordinating the ministry in San Luis in August 2014.

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