Community Transformation

        • By resurrecting the hope of community transformation by presenting evidence of actual communities transformed through the power of God.
        • By presenting the principles of community transformation.
        • United and humble Christians that come together to repent in fervent prayer to seek the righteousness of a loving God. (2 Chronicles 7:14)
        • The importance of targeted and informed intercessory prayer based on identifying demonic strongholds.
        • The responsibility of Christian leadership in over-seeing the dynamics of actual transformation.
        • The Christian principles that apply to meeting the basic needs of a community; political, educational, economical, social and health.
        • By facilitating the sharing of testimonies that support the methods that meet the spiritual and basic needs of communities.
        • By accessing and prioritizing the basic needs of those in communities and identifying resources (ministries, NGO’s, government programs, etc.) available to support community transformation.