Change the World

Mosquito Nets for Children in Africa

Harvest Kids Counting Change

The Little Change That Makes a Big Difference

We are making small “banks” which can be used to collect change from family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. This is a wonderful opportunity for children and young people to be involved and make a difference in building His Kingdom and help meet the needs of the hungry, thirsty, naked, estranged, sick, imprisoned, widows and orphans. Everyone needs to know that their contribution is significant and can make a difference. An equal blessing is to witness people coming together to meet these needs. A soccer, baseball or basketball team. Boy scouts, Cub scouts or Girl Scouts. Dance or karate club. School or class project. Church youth or children’s ministry. Family reunion or trip to the park. The guys or gals on break at the job. How about that change everyone puts in the ashtray of their car?

Please help us “Change the world!”

The Lord has revealed so many ways in which we can bless and meet the needs of people throughout the world that don’t take large amounts of money. Dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels and even pennies can purchase medicine, food and help with school fees for our brothers and sisters in central Africa.