Central America
El Salvador

We are thankful for the over-sight of Noe and Nancy Lara who live in Burlington, Washington and serve as the Harvest Vision Ministries liaisons to the ministry in Central America. Doubly grateful, that Noe was mentored as a young Christian by Pastor Sergio Lopez, who has agreed to serve, with his wife Gloria, as the coordinators for the ministry in El Salvador. 
Sergio and Gloria are supported by their family that they live with in San Salvador and which will be the base location for the ministry out of El Salvador. Noe, who is from El Salvador, has introduced Sergio to family contacts that live in different parts of the country and also to contacts from families that live in Skagit Valley in the USA.
Sergio will encourage and mentor these individuals to fellowship with other believers to become true disciples of Jesus Christ and find their calling in the Body of Christ so they can share the gospel with those in their families and communities. To reach (evangelize), to win (conversion), to train (taught the Word of God) and to send (Go and make disciples – teaching them to obey everything that Jesus has commanded). 
Sergio will be given information on contacts from the USA, Mexico and other countries in Central America that have family and friends that live in El Salvador so he can intercede for them. 
Nancy, is from Honduras, and we will be expanding to that country where we will be working to identify someone with a calling to help over-see the work in that country.