Canaan Foundation


Pastor Jonathon & Janet Lubega

Pastor Jonathan and his wife, with the support of members of the church, are currently caring for their 5 children plus another 29 children at their home about 3 kilometers from the church and school. Finances are primarily through a small banana plantation, other crops and raising pigs at Jonathan’s home and some church tithes and offerings. The school provides a cup of porridge for the children being housed at Jonathan’s. The church is registered and has ~5 acres that accommodates the church and a registered school with 274 children and 10 teachers from primary 1-7.

Pr Martin, Director of HVM Africa

Pr Jonathan & Janet’s House

Children of living at Canaan Foundation

Canaan Foundation School Complex

Lulagwe Church Building

Lulagwe Church Fellowship

Canaan Foundation School family (girl’s & headmaster stay in blue part)

Students of Canaan Foundation