We provide equipment and financial support for Harvest Vision Africa that has coordinators in Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan and the eastern DRCongo that make sound and video equipment available to different church families and denominations for evangelism. The Africa outreach schedule list over 3,207 outreaches that have witnessed over 356,403‬ people come to salvation and that are now being disciples in church families in their community. The ministry supports existing church families and help them to start new church families. We also have church families that have been planted as part of Harvest Vision Ministries Africa. We help provide Biblical teaching for pastors and leaders and whenever possible we help these leaders with sustainability projects that help them meet their practical needs while they serve the Lord in their various ministries. We are also involved, whenever possible, in helping with projects that these leaders have started to help meet the practical needs of their communities including health, education and economically. Africa news is available.