Africa – Prayers for the DRCongo harvest fields, Nov 9, 2021

  Urgent message from Pastor Augustine in the DRCongo

Hello servants of God.

Pray a lot for us.

I am on mission in a rebel area.

We have just finished the mission.

I’m home tomorrow, but there’s a war in the road.
Now, here’s what happens in the Congo in our territory.

People leave their homes to flee to Uganda because of the war that is still beginning.
We hope to God for the return tomorrow despite this situation that wants to destroy the gospel.

I am far from the city over 150km.
Look what’s going on in Congo now.

I’m on the way to go back to Goma by fleeing his attacks.
We have just walked 148 km.

We have left 65 km to escape this situation and arrive at a Goma.

God always hears the prayers of his servants.

I arrived at Goma.

Despite the pain and health that isn’t good.

Thanks for your prayers
Many of the pictures Augustine sent were to sensitive to share in this format.
It hurts to heart to see so much harm.
I will gladly discuss and share with you personally, if you are so moved.