Africa News

Africa news, March, 2020

     In February, our co-laborers in central Africa were in the field 102 days and coordinated 32 different crusades, seminars and outreaches. Along with the testimonies of deliverances and healings, 1,488 people came to faith in Jesus Christ.

This is amazing, but becomes more so when we account for the many people that are coming to salvation from their other outreaches without the equipment, going to hospitals, schools, market places and door to door. It is not unusual to find that after an outreach and we return to start a new church plant, these new believers had already been able to lead many more into the kingdom in that short time. One believer disciplining another. Thanks to our prayer and giving partners that help make all this possible. It is amazing to see that God has provided so many simple blessings into the lives of the coordinators and their families and they have trusted God to direct and provide everything they need for their lives and to reach the lost and hurting in their communities.
The Apostle Paul testified: “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through Jesus Christ who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:12-13)
Being witness to the poverty, drought, lack of education & medical help, no power or water or if there is water it is polluted, diseases from typhoid to malaria to HIV aids, famine, violence, persecution and the reality of death every day brought us to our knees and in prayer we sought after God’s direction about how we were to channel our resources. Always it came back to the gospel and the importance of teaching new believers to become true disciples of Jesus Christ in their daily lives. We have always had to make some painful decisions along the way, but God has been faithful. When people began to reflect the true love and compassion of Jesus Christ, they began to change communities. New believers began to open their hearts, homes and families to orphans and widows. They began to love their neighbors, even enemies, showing they wanted to help them with their children, teach them how to better farm or be healthier. And communities begin to help each other. Along the way, other ministries that have been called to help with basic needs have come and began to help these communities: schools, clean water, sanitation and other needs. Examples such as Step 30 and Benti out of Taiwan, who help provide and teach young women how to make sanitary napkins so they can continue their education or drill a well and provide classrooms for the schools. The King’s Storehouse out of Ferndale, WA and Houston, TX who are providing 100 water filters and 260 solar-powered audio bibles in 14 different languages and the funds from the Lyman Baptist church family to purchase a set of sound and video equipment for a new coordinator that we are taking to Africa next week.      

     We are looking forward to a wonderful time of fellowship at the coordinator’s conference in Kampala, Uganda that is scheduled the first part of March. George and Wayne from the USA will be joining with the Harvest Vision family from the different locations throughout central Africa. It continues to be a time of encouragement, refreshment, sharing, worship and prayer and we thank everyone that prays, blesses and helps support this anointed fellowship. We are taking the basic sound and video equipment for 4 new coordinators, 2 in the east and west of Uganda, 1 in the DRCongo and 1 in north Kenya/south Ethiopia. We are praying that God will provide the $150/monthly donation that is needed for each one of them so they can successfully make the equipment available to the 60-90 pastors and church families that may be in their regions.