Africa – DRCongo December testimonies – January 3, 2021

What a blessed day praising God and sharing testimonies of His faithfulness at the Salt & Light fellowship.

A double blessing because as we were praying and preparing for the fellowship, we received the testimonies from Pr. Augustine who coordinates Harvest Vision in the eastern DRCongo. Last week, his home was attacked by rebels with machetes and although they were all left unhurt, they stole most of their personal items. Their everyday lives are filled with violence, uncertainty, disease and persecution. This is his report:

“Gospel for the month of December 2020: On December 2, at the Mont Goma Institute 675 students participated in an outreach and 72 students received Jesus Christ. On December 16, the Mont Goma Institute had 640 students participate in another outreach and 28 students received Jesus Christ. On December 27 in the new temple, 120 people participated and 4 people received Jesus. We baptized 21 people this month.”