Africa – April harvest fields, May 3, 2021

We just received these testimonies with photos and wanted to share them just the way we receive them. Thanks to each of you that pray and provide the equipment and support for our co-laborers in central Africa. 

**On 16-17/04/2021 we had a mission at Layibi center which was attended by about 250 people where 37 people gave their lives to Jesus.
On 24th/04/2021 we had a mission in Bar-dege which was attended by about 150 people where 16 people gave their lives to Christ.
Glory to God for the gift of Salvation.
In these outreaches, we saw the miracles and deliverance.
David & Caroline Vito (N. Uganda)

**16-18/04/2021 we have had mission in Mamba center which was attended by over 400 people and 77 people gave their lives to Jesus.
22-25/4/2021 we had mission in Erussi where we had a seminar and crusade and about 500 was in attendance and 31 gave their lives to Jesus.
We give God the glory for the perfect work of God.
Greetings to all our dear missionaries.
Christopher & Sharon (NW Uganda)

**Gospel for the month of April 2021.
On April 21, 2021 at the Mont Goma institute.
Those the participated were 540 students.
The people who believed in Jesus were 26 students.
Five people were baptized.
Augustine & Rachel (E. DRCongo)

**Making our Orphans to learn even agriculture skills. They started a tomato garden on the school Land.
This is done for vegetables, and for small income to access some necessary daily human needs.
“Thank you for putting substance to the vision. You are teaching these children to BE the church IN the community God has given to them. May God to continue to bless you and your family, the teachers, the staff, the students and the community. In Jesus Name, Amen” {Our words sent after receiving the photos & testimony – The Harvest Kids visited here in June 2013 and helped purchase property adjacent to the school to provide food and teach the kids farming} 
Hallelujah  Mzee ,for you, compassion heart to Nalidi Orphanage. Along time but we see your legacy. Amen.

Patrick & Stella, Nalidi Grace Orphan School (E. Uganda)