Africa – April Burundi Rapport, May 4, 2012

Dates Places

Crusade and Films

8-10th/04/2021 Nyabugete Crusade and Films 68 Saved
9-10th/04/2021 Nyamugari Crusade and Films 56 Saved
16-17th/04/2021 Bukeye Crusade and Films 71 Saved
16-17th/04/2021 Mutaho Crusade and Films 48 Saved
23-24th/04/2021 Kibogoye Crusade and Films 51 Saved
23-24th/04/2021 Nyakararo Crusade and Films 40 Saved
29-30th/04/2021 Kibungo Crusade and Films 39 Saved

                  373 Saved            59 baptized


On 17th April we were having a Youth Seminar, there were like 100 youths, we were teaching them how to go out and bring many souls to Jesus so that they can Harvest for Jesus, we started 8 Am to 3 pm and we had lunch together it was a great day, we are planning another youth seminar so that at the end of that seminar they can go out that day and preach the Gospel, we can plan to study till midi day and go out to preach like 2 hours, and come back eat lunch and give rapport that day.

Bible College in 4 places now we have in :

Musenyi : 20 pastors

Maramvya : 15 pastors

Cibitoke : 18 pastors

Kinama : 8 Pastors

Our Needs: – Equipments

  • New Generator

Thank you so much for your Prayers and support, continue to pray for us and be blessed

Pastor Habonimana Evariste

Bujumbura – Burundi