Harvest Kids are young people that are doing fundraisers, such as recycling aluminum cans, collecting change through Change the World and car washes to meet the basic needs of vulnerable children in Central Africa. Essential items to daily life such as mosquito nets, beds, school supplies, and other basic needs.

It has been a privilege for the kids to learn about how the people live in Africa and to be taught about some of the problems that they have that may be different than our living conditions in the USA. Malaria is the number 1 cause of death in Africa and most of the over 600,000 deaths a year are children. The Harvest Kids have now purchased treated mosquito nets for all the children that sleep on the floor of two different schools in Uganda and the families and orphans that live with two different pastors.

In the first four months of crushing cans and counting their change, they purchased 152 nets. 

The kids raise money for all kinds of school supplies and other items that can be helpful to the schools. Pencils, erasers, pens, sharpeners and notebooks for the students and teaching posters, flash cards and training aids for the teachers. Obviously, encouraging handmade art work to put in the classrooms and the dorms of those that live at the schools and how special it is to have a home-made pillowcase dress for the young women!

Please check out the "Completed Projects" page for more information on the mosquito nets, bunk beds, school supplies and other projects the Harvest Kids are supporting.


What a fun and creative way to introduce your child and their friends to Harvest Vision Ministries.

The coloring book has information on the USA, Mexico and Africa, including maps, flags and pictures for them to color with the names in English, Spanish and Swahili.

You can see more needs of vulnerable children and check the progress of the projects
by visiting the How to Help page.

For information about Harvest Kids, including the availability of tee-shirts and coloring books:
Contact George Henson (English) 360 421-8811 or Veronica Cortez (Spanish) 425 244-2525
or email at the link below

To support this and the on-going work in Africa, go to our secure online donation site, E-giving.