August 2017

We are so blessed to share that the baptismal in the fellowship center and the roof over it have been completed. Many thanks to everyone that has joined with us in prayer and have financially supported to move this vision a step closer to its fulfillment. We are thankful that George will be visiting the first part of September to install the lighting. We are still in need of 10 folding tables to go along with the 80 chairs that have been purchased. They will cost $600.

Many of you know that although the ministry has been ongoing through the month, Olivia has spent a lot of time with her mother who was having difficult health issues. Her mother passed away on August 22nd and our prayers go out to her and the family as they go through this season of change.

July 2017

Please join us in prayer for Olivia’s mother who is facing some very difficult health issues and is scheduled for surgery on August 1st.  Miguel and Olivia have been working to over-see the completion of the baptismal in the new fellowship center and the work on installing a new roof should have been started by the time you read this newsletter. This month we passed out burritos to the homeless on the streets, the van has been used four times by two different church families for youth groups and the worship trailer is out this weekend. Even with the hotter weather during the summer months, true servants of the Lord are finding ways to share the love of Jesus with others through various outreaches, including those that help meet the basic needs of the people, including food, clothing and shelter. As an apostolic ministry, Miguel & Olivia work hard to use the gifts they have at their disposal to “prepare and equip all the saints to do their various works of service – so that we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ” (Eph 4:12-13). They are great teachers of the Word and are examples of being “bread-broken and wine poured-out” for the building of the kingdom. Whether it’s a listening ear, counseling, prayer or the need to borrow the van or the worship trailer, they are faithful to do their best to meet the need. We are looking forward to the completion of the fellowship center which will provide a place for much more ministry to the neighborhood and also be a place where different church families can come together for teaching, praying, worship and fellowship including the baptismal that will be available whenever it is needed.

June 2017

We so much appreciate everyone’s prayers and on-going support for Miguel and Olivia who over-see the ministry in San Luis. Obviously, as usual, it is little warmer in the desert than it is in the places many of our co-laborers for the ministry live but Miguel, Olivia and the rest of the Harvest Vision family continually find avenues to reach the lost and encourage believers in different local church families and believers that have been called to reach those in addiction and prison and others that have been called to minister in practical ways, such as feeding and clothing ministries. The sewing ministry is going, even as they find ways to provide better cooling in the small room that they work in. The van continues to be used by different groups for baptisms and outreaches and the worship trailer is always available. A fundraiser is planned to raise the finances to replace the generator on the trailer which is needed in many of the outlying areas where power is not available. It is a blessing to see the local believers taking ownership and responsibility to keep the worship trailer ready to be used whenever it is needed. We are looking forward to the completion of the fellowship center which will provide a place for much more ministry to the neighborhood and also be a place where different church families can come together for teaching, praying, worship and fellowship including a baptismal that will be available whenever it is needed. 

May 2017

We are so thankful for everyone’s prayers and support for the ongoing ministry in San Luis. The van is being used every weekend and the worship trailer has been used for outreach twice this month. Olivia has been sewing a lot, including making curtains with one of the women from Manantial de Vida for their church. Olivia is planning some changes in the sewing ministry room to accommodate an area for working on crafts and to have better cooling for the summer months. The Women’s Conference that Olivia has been helping Manantial with was a great success. Besides the women from their own congregation, about 45 other women attended, some of them were unsaved. It was a great time of unity and encouragement for everyone. Miguel is planning a fundraiser soon to raise the money needed to replace the generator in the worship trailer. We are so thankful for everyone that has walked into the vision for the fellowship center next to the mission home. This has always been the vision – to have a place where we can minister to those in our neighborhood and that would be available to draw people from other parts of the city, including cardboardcity in the outskirts and the ejidos (small villages outside the city) for prayer, praise, fellowship and other acts of worship as one body. To prepare and equip all the saints to do the varied ministries that are necessary to reach the lost and strengthen and teach them to be true disciples. The center has bathrooms, storage for tables & chairs, sound & video equipment, a kitchen to prepare meals and a baptismal that would be available to serve the body of Christ as the Holy Spirit leads. We were able to find someone that has the skills to finish the walls and the baptismal for the fellowship center for $450 and another person that will be able to build the supports & trusses and install the iron sheets on the roof for $4,800. Please join us in prayer and ask the Lord if this is a work that He would want you to help support financially.

April 2017

The team from the Spring Break Mexico trip had a busy week during their time here in San Luis. They visited Mission Jireh and had a worship service and volleyball game with them! They visited several local churches in the area as well as friends and neighbors. Although it was not everyone’s first trip, it was Isabella’s first. Cassie, Austin, Angie, Kaleb, Shane, Braelyn, Chelsea, and Mackenzie have all been on a trip in the past. They were able to go visit Brenda and her family, which is never short of a blessing for the team. They visited Christina in cardboard city and took her a bag of beans to help feed the 64+ kids she feeds on Sunday. She also teaches the children to read and write during the week. The team played football in the streets with all of the kids. During their time here in San Luis Shane was able to fix the white mission van that is used in Mexico. Isabella and Braelyn decided to get baptized in the canal by Olivia and Miguel. To be washed clean of the sins of this world. Throughout the week many visitors come to meet them and fellowship with them. The trip ended with a see ya later lunch with friends before they hopped in the van for the lovely drive back home to Washington with Olivia.

Throughout the month the van has been used by Pastor Fidel for Centro de Suenos Church, Pastor Moises to Tecate for Jesus el Nazareno and Pastor Jaime for Mission Jireh. We have visited cardboard city and passed out some bags of rice and beans. Oscar, Yareli, and Alvarito helped. April 30 is a kids day at Christina’s with Pastor Jaime. They will be using the mission van and music equipment for this fun day! April 30-May 1st is a prayer retreat at the mission home for Pastor Maria Jesus and some of the local women. Miguel and Adriana with Manantiel de Vida have been doing a breakfast feeding ministry on Saturdays feeding 21 kids and youth.


March 2017

Miguel & Olivia were excited to welcome Linda, Cassie and Mo from Washington for their visit. The ladies enjoyed sewing with the cloth that was donated to the sewing ministry in Mexico. Linda was blessed to cook pancakes for Brenda and Josephina along with some fruit delivering & visiting with them. There was lots of preparation for the 3 canning classes that Mo so filled with excitement was teaching. God placed this upon her heart and with all His glory it was completed. On day #1 they Prepared Salsa & Chillie Con Carne in the 1st class. During the second class, they prepared Mundo. The following morning to conclusion of the classes they finished off with Pollo Casoulet. That evening everyone attended Pastor Fidel’s church, where he prayed over Mo for healing of her continued battle with cancer. There was a drive to Cardboard City where over whelming hearts of helplessness were felt. Mo then felt the calling to remove the saplings on the citrus tree. Armed with a bread knife, box cutter & scissors she tackled the tree. What a sight to see. Unfortunately, after their departure, Olivia became sick and is just now starting to get better. Prayers are appreciated. Miguel had the surgery needed on his hand and the stitches have now been removed and it is possible he will be back to work the end of this month.

They helped coordinate a youth event at Centro de Suenos with Pr Fidel and the van continues to be loaned out to support local church families. We are still waiting estimates for the cost of finishing the roof and baptismal for the fellowship center. They are now waiting patiently for the Washington springbreak team that will be visiting the first week of April. Although, Olivia will not get her passport in time to join George & Linda on their trip to Africa, she will be coming back to Washington with the springbreak team April 10th to help with the Harvest Home while George and Linda are away.

February 2017

In order to better keep each of you informed about what is going on in the over-all ministry we are making an effort to be more conscientious to post blogs on a frequent basis to compliment the news that only goes out monthly. Please take a few moments occasionally to see what is going on throughout the month locally and in Mexico and Central Africa. We will also be updating our New & Exciting page to present our events in more fun & creative way.

We have been blessed to receive donations from Liz in Yuma and are slowly bringing all the chairs purchased for the fellowship center to San Luis. We were able to help Oscar & Alma, who lost their 16 year old son in an accident the first part of January, with a fundraiser to help with some of their debts. In the neighborhood, we continue to help give rides to the children for schooland are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Linda, Cassie & Mo from Washington who are bringing sewing supplies & cloth and will be teaching us about canning foods. Miguel has been preaching at Centro de Suenos (Pr Fidel) and is helping organize a youth event there. Olivia is currently helping organize a women’s event with Adriana at Manantial de Agua Viva. On Saturday, January 28th, Pr Jaime & Ana and the Mision Jireh church family used the fellowship center for the second time as Mision Jireh youth hosted a multi-church family, city-wide youth event. They are now using the van to transport youth from San Luis to and from the church for fellowship events and will be using the worship trailer for an outreach to a local children’s feeding ministry. Mision Jireh will also be starting to use the sewing ministry in the future. Currently, Olivia is working diligently to get her Mexico passport so she can join George and Linda in Africa for the coordinator’s conference in April.

January 2017

We began the month of January with some lovely friends from WA, George and Linda! On the 1st of January they held a Marriage Covenant Ceremony at the Fellowship Center here in San Luis. They were joined by 12 couples who all renewed their marriage vows and made a new covenant to each other and Christ. Together they all hooked a lock engraved with their names on to the foot of the cross and were given the responsibility to throw away the key somewhere. They were also able to do some work on the fellowship center during the trip. Miguel is working on the kitchen area of the new fellowship center and we are waiting estimates for the completion of the baptismal and roof. We also praying for the $1,200 needed for chairs & tables. On Saturday, Jan 28th, the fellowship center will be used for the second time as Mision Jireh youth are hosting a multi-church family, city-wide youth event. Mision Jireh will also be starting to use the sewing ministry in the future. We are looking forward to Linda, Cassie and Mo visiting in March to bring more cloth for the sewing ministry and teach us about canning foods.

Currently, Olivia is working diligently to get her Mexico passport so she can join George and Linda in Africa for the coordinator’s conference in April. We are looking forward to the spring break team coming in March! If you are interested in going on a mission trip to Mexico make sure to contact Angela Fields at 360.853.5650 for more information.

December 2016

December has been a busy month in San Luis, Mexico! We were united with George Henson and Wayne Watne in early December. Together we got a ton of work done on the fellowship center! During their time in San Luis they were able to put sheetrock in the new bathrooms, levelled the ground and poured concrete, built storage shed for worship equipment, tables and chairs, installed motion lights, finished the framing, roofing and electrical for the storage room, finished the trim, finished the fence, and put up a new cross made out of bricks. They also got to spend time in fellowship with many brothers, sisters, and co laborers in San Luis including being able to attend Adolfo & Lucero’s wedding.

Gabe, Angie, Kaleb, Brooklyn, Joanna, Dale & Victor arrived in San Luis, Mexico on Thursday night with a van full of toys & sewing supplies. They have painted the storage sheds and prepared the bathrooms for painting at the new fellowship center next to the mission home. They are also caulking and putting a new weather-seal on the worship trailer during their trip. They have visited the Pentecostal church family with Pr. Ariel and will be visiting the Dream Center with Pr. Fidel and Jireh church family with Pr. Jamie before leaving on Thursday evening. They are visiting neighbors and ministry friends and will be going through cardboard city to deliver bags of beans and toys to people in that area of the city. This is Brooklyn, Joanna and Dale’s first visit so we are looking forward to their testimonies when they return. Please keep them in your prayers as they share the love of Jesus in Mexico and along the road on the way back to Washington

November 2016

Our lovely Olivia Estrada spent the first two weeks of November in Skagit County with our brothers and sisters there encouraging those supporting the work being done here in San Luis Mexico and around the world. The van has been being used for youth ministry on Saturdays. We have been moving and cleaning the storage room to transform it into a library for those who would like to come borrow books. We have a busy month coming up in December! Wayne Watne & George Henson will be coming to complete the fellowship center before the Christmas Mission team comes on the 21st. Following the mission team will be George and Linda for the Marriage Covenant Celebration on January 1st. We are excited to receive the homemade games worked on by the Harvest Kids in Skagit County. They will truly be a blessing to the children here in San Luis. We are also very excited to receive and distribute the hats and gloves collected for those here that need them this winter. Several families live in cardboard homes with no source of heat so these donations will be a great blessing to those in need. Thank you for your continuous support!

October 2016

Bruce, Rabecca and George were so thankful to have been chosen to visit with Miguel and Olivia and our brothers and sisters in Mexico at the beginning of October. With the prayers and support of our co-laborers in NW Washington and the help of some incredible local servants from San Luis, we completed the bathrooms and small kitchen that will support the new fellowship center being built beside the mission home. The ministry was finally able to purchase a truck from Walker Motor Works that George and Shane Manke drove down on October 23rd. This truck will be used by the Harvest Kids in Mexico. It will allow them to collect and recycle plastic to raise funds for projects in Africa. During their time in Mexico they completed the plans for finishing the fellowship center, detailed the new truck and Olivia’s car, weeded the front yard, patched the roof on the sewing ministry room, delivered sewing ministry supplies and purchased a battery for Miguel’s motor bike. George will be going to Mexico December 9-18 to work on the fellowship center. They also scheduled a marriage covenant celebration for January 1st. 

September 2016

The weather is cooling down in San Luis finally! Alma & Selema are going to start doing the sewing ministry soon. The van has been used and the trailer is scheduled to be used again in October.

Pastor Miguel Peralta, from a local church fellowship has been working on air conditioners in the shop at the mission home and has sent a couple men to classes to learn how to work on them as well.

Olivia has been helping several people that need rides, such as taking kids to school, helping take people to the doctor, whatever they need. They are still praying for the Lord to provide a truck even if it comes from the US.

Right now they are working on building the walls for the fellowship center before George, Bruce, and Rabecca arrive there tomorrow morning. During this trip they are hoping to get a lot of work done on the fellowship center. Olivia has been praying about beginning a library project in October. She has several books and is collecting several books from other people to have a selection for others to read.

Olivia will be visiting Skagit Valley in Washington in November to minister and support the fall banquet and fundraiser. 

August 2016

This last month has been very hot and as usual that makes it difficult for the people to do very much. There is less work and many times no way to keep cool, but Miguel, Olivia and the rest of God’s faithful continue to share the love of Jesus. The Mexican government has stopped the feeding programs that help fund various feeding outreaches, including our friends, Candido & Luz. That means they are no longer receiving financial assistance to help feed the families in cardboard city. Luz is still cooking what she can from the money that Harvest Vision sends her to feed some of the neighborhood children. Elizabeth, from Candidos, has been visiting Josefina and Brenda, our neighbors, and helping with bathing and cleaning. What wonderful examples of love and service. The family that has been staying in the harvest home, across the street from the mission home, is returning to cardboard city but will be getting land, electricity and water from the government. Olivia is working on finding a ministry that will help with building them a home. The sister of the woman that owns the home will be moving from south Mexico to live in the home in the near future.  

Although the worship trailer was scheduled for outreach, it was cancelled due to excessive heat. Pastor Miguel Peralta, from one of the local church families, will be using the garage for repairing air conditioners. We are hoping to get one of these to replace the small one in the sewing room, because it has been too hot during these last weeks to do that ministry. The Harvest Kids program has been temporarily stopped because the recycle center that took the plastic was destroyed by fire. Olivia is hoping to have a campout for the kids in the fall. We are hoping to receive an answer shortly on Pr. Anthony’s release from prison. Anthony has already found a replacement to pastor the church family in the prison when he is reunited with his family.  

Thanks to the prayers and support from Harvest Vision Ministries, we have purchased all the supplies to finish the walls of the fellowship center next to the mission home. They will begin working on it next week and it should be finished within two weeks. Praise God for providing for this project! We are working on planning the next phase of this project and will be getting an estimate shortly. Olivia will be visiting Skagit Valley in Washington in November to minister and support the fall banquet and fundraiser. 

July 2016

This month we received the money sent from the US for the truck for harvest kids and the construction materials to finish the walls of the fellowship center. Thank you Jesus for providing! The construction materials to finish the worship center have gone up in price so we are waiting a few weeks for the price to go down to purchase them. We have not had any luck finding a truck yet but still praying the right one falls into our hands. The van has been in use all month, Praise God! Pastor Ariel was very grateful to have used the van for bible Summer School. Iglesia Apostolica de la Fe en Cristo Jesus went to their youth camp at Rumorosa and Manantial took the worship team to a small church in one of the ejidos. They were a great blessing and were blessed greatly. The sewing ministry has slowed down because of the heat. Most of the women have small children and don’t want to leave their houses. We made contact with a new pastor of Puerta del Cielo, they are using the van this weekend. We will be working on building up our relationship with her and her church family.

June 2016
Just completed our 169th trip to Mexico since 2009! We had two new team members join us from Bonney Lake. Nathan used his gift of preaching and 6 men came forward to accept Jesus in the men’s prison! Ethan shared a song at the Dream Center and Chelsey was able to pray for our see you later party. While in Mexico we had a prayer meeting, harvest kids, visited several families at their homes, and churches, met a new sister named Jessica Morales who will be donating clothing. We finished our week off with communion with pastor Fidel and his daughter Debra who is now in Mexico and starting a women’s ministry for women involved in Domestic Violence and Drugs. During the trip they visited Brenda and her new house is complete with Air Conditioning! They are going to be building her a kitchen in the fall. We are working on gathering the funds to purchase a truck for hauling plastic for the Harvest Kids ministry.  We currently have $1000 but need another $600-$800. We have received a donation from a couple sisters in Christ to finish the walls of the new fellowship center and are working on putting together the work crew to take a trip down in the next few months to complete that project.

 May 2016
What a blessing to have Rebecca Watne visit in May. Olivia finished fixing up the sewing ministry room and has been meeting with women on Monday's to teach and work together. Rebecca's passion and gifting in the area of sewing and her love for the ministry in Mexico were an encouragement to everyone, especially Miguel and Olivia. The trailer is being used to support local outreaches but is in need of a recoat on the roof and the van is still being loaned out to help local church families in their ministries. We are blessed that Pr Martin, the director of Harvest Vision in Africa, George, Shane, Dina and Gabby came and visited at the end of the month. Prior to coming to Mexico, they visited with Thor & Lynette and Katie's children in Yuma. After arriving in Mexico, the team visited with Josefina and Brenda and got to see the beautiful bathroom facility that Thor and the members of his Yuma church family have been building for Brenda and her family close to the mission home. Martin was able to share at the men's federal prison and we were blessed to witness 15 men accept Jesus or reaffirm their faith in Him. The Harvest Kids in Mexico raised $85 and the Harvest Kids in the USA donated the remainder to purchase bunkbeds for Pr Martin's children in Africa and Martin was able to thank them personally, as they visited three different church families during their whirlwind 3 day visit. The roof on the sewing room was damaged and thanks to our supporters in the USA, the shingles were removed and material purchased so that Miguel & Olivia's son, Javier, can make the repairs. So blessed to witness Miguel & Olivia's children helping with the over-allministry. We are praying for the balance of money needed to purchase a small truck to help support the over-all ministry and especially to haul the crushed plastic that the Harvest Kids gather to help vulnerable children in Africa. We are also praying for the finances to complete the last two walls of the new fellowship center being constructed next to the mission home that will help Miguel & Olivia as they reach out more into the community. As always, San Luis is waiting anxiously for the team that will be visiting June 18th, after the school in the USA is out for the summer.  

April 2016
What a blessing to be co-laborers with Miguel & Olivia who over-see the Harvest Vision ministry in San Luis, Mexico.

The springbreak team from Washington visited the first week of April. Nine of the 12 had never been on a mission trip and 5 of them were young. As usual the mission home was visited by family, neighbors and friends from different church families in the city, trips to the park to play and fellowship with people in the neighborhood, devotions in the mornings and roundtable discussions every night. The team went to Josefina and Brenda’s home for pancakes with them and to see the progress on their new home. They also presented Brenda's mother, Josefina, with a necklace made by a friend from the Navajo Indian Reservation.

The team visited with three different church families for worship and fellowship which included sharing testimonies, helping with worship, dancing and playing volleyball. Dean also was able to share a song he wrote in Spanish with Veronica's help and Shaneeze prayed in front of the church in Swahili, which is her first language, from Kenya where she was born.  AfterJen and Shane shared their testimonies at Candido's, Victor, who is 8 years old, went up to one of the  guys and hugged him. The guy started crying and said the hug was just what he needed and told Victor that he has healing hugs. It was a very powerful moment for them. The team was able to share and help with the sewing ministry that makes pillowcase shorts for vulnerable children in Africa and joined the Harvest Kids at the mission home for their lesson and the crushing of plastic for recycle to help the kids in Africa. The team brought little soap stones that came from Africa as a thank you gift for their hard work for the kids in Africa.

Olivia shared a story with Veronica about baptism and Veronica just knew she had to get baptized so the team ended up at the canal where Pr Fidel, Pr Miguel & Olivia and her son, Victor, helped baptize her. Of course, there's nothing like playing in the water in the canal to celebrate when you are in Mexico. The last night the team celebrated with a "see you later" hotdog party before driving back to Washington. These teams are very important in encouraging our co-laborers in the San Luis harvest fields and the prayers and support of everyone that came and those that helped support from the USA in greatly appreciated.

Since the team left, the van is scheduled to be used by a church family that will be taking a worship team to Tijuana and another that will be taking members to the El Golfo for baptisms. The worship trailer is currently supporting outreaches and the sewing ministry is meeting on Mondays and includes doing projects for children in Africa. The church family from Yuma that Thor & Lynette attend will be finishing the home for Josefina and Brenda the first part of May. What a blessing to have people working together to meet these needs in the name of Jesus. Miguel and Olivia are also involved in weekly gatherings on discipleship and leadership. The Harvest Kids are still meeting and sharing the love of Jesus with each other and recycling plastic to help meet the needs of vulnerable children in Africa. Please join us in prayer as we search for a trailer that will help them transport the plastic to the recyclers. They are truly an encouragement to everyone with their passion for Jesus, appreciation of God's Word, compassion for the hurting and lost and faith that through prayer and obedience God can give us peace that transcends understanding. A touch from the Master may only take a hug from Olivia and a plate of food prepared by chef Miguel.    

We would like to help them complete the next phase of the fellowship center next to the mission home which will expand the opportunities for the ministry: celebrations, teaching, worship, feeding ministry, Harvest Kids, etc . One of the walls is complete and we are in need of $1,200 to finish the other two walls. This could be an opportunity to do that extra car wash or a garage sale with all or a portion to support Miguel & Olivia.

March 2016
March 31 the U.S. Team of 6 children and 6 adults will be leaving for San Luis Mexico returning April 9th. We know that God has an amazing plan ahead for them as He will make it all known for his Glory.
A church from Yuma is building Josephina and Brenda a new home. Dance Worship had their 1st presentation at Manantial de Vida’s Anniversaryservice on March 13th. Had a 5am sunrise Resurrection Service on Easter Sunday at Josephina and Brenda’s. Every Monday the ladies gather together to sew in the ministry sewing room. They are making pillowcase dresses for Africa children. Every Friday is a Basic Discipleship gathering for new believers.  The worship trailer is still being used on a regular basis. The sound system had to be replaced.

February 2016
We are blessed to have the sewing ministry actively being used to bring the Body of Christ together. This helps strengthen relationships between the women and to reach new people with the gospel as they use their God-given gifts and passion for sewing. We are happy to hear that our very good friend, Pr. Miguel Peralta, is supporting the church family in the men's federal prison on Tuesdays. This also presents us with the opportunity to have the men that are involved in our mission trips from the USA one more day to be involved in taking the message there when they are in Mexico. We are also standing with the current pastor inside the prison and his family as they are working toward his release. Olivia is still working with the Harvest Kids outreach in Mexico as these young people are introduced to the gospel , taught the Word of God and demonstrate His compassion by helping meet the needs of vulnerable children in Africa as they gather their plastic bottles to smash and recycle. We are still in need of a means of transporting them to the recycle place, either a truck or trailer. Olivia will also be working to translate letters that the kids will be writing to the penpal friends in Africa. Our dear sisters, Josefina and her daughter, Brenda, have been blessed with a new cement floor for their home close to the mission home and plans are being made with friends from Yuma to build them a bathroom and home. Olivia is helping with a fundraiser to pay the years of back taxes that they owe on their property. The first presentation of the "tambourine ministry" is planned March 13th and a discipleship program has been started on Fridays. The worship traileris being used for outreaches and we are praying for the finances to continue building the walls for the fellowship center that is being built next to the mission home.

January 2016
"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland." Isaiah 43:18-19
Ted, Kris and Rabecca arrived back in Washington from San Luis, Mx on January 3rd after spending a successful time encouraging our co-laborers that over-see the ministry and others that we partner with in the community. We are so thankful for Miguel and Olivia who over-see the work of Harvest Vision. The mission home is an active place with pastors, leaders and others stopping by on a regular basis for sharing, praying and coordinating resources to help reach the lost and connect them with a local church fellowship that can disciple them. The worship trailer continues to be used on a regular basis and is scheduled for the last Saturday of each month and at other locations when requested. At the present time, they are helping with plans for a women's prayer trip to the hills in the desert, helping with two bible studies (one on spiritual gifts and another on the foundation of Christianity), tambourine practice every Saturday morning and the Harvest Kids, that are collecting plastic for recycle so they can help meet the needs of vulnerable children in Africa. We are still praying for the $1,200 needed to complete the exterior walls of the new fellowship center that has been started and are working to renovate the sewing room to restart that ministry. We are starting to plan a springbreak mission trip the first week of April when the local schools are out. If you are interested please contact Angie Fields, 360-853-5650

December 2015
We are delighted to rejoice in the Lord always and it was a delight for us to send our teams out to San Luis Mexico during this Christmas Season. Some have wondered how we could go at Christmas time. We can only say our greatest joy is the gift of giving and being about the Father’s business and joining our co-laborers at any season, is always a Joy. So we thank you for your support financially and prayerfully and thank you for your encouragement as you are just as much a part of the blessing. Our Fundraiser on December 6th was just a prelude of the amazing blessings God was beginning to unfold. Our first team was preparing to leave on December 17th, Right up until the very last minute the Lord gather his people together knitting the team perfectly. Kids ranging from ages 10 years old to adults, God knew exactly who needed to join him. Rabecca Williams was the first to go on December 15th to help Olivia and Miguel get things ready for the Mission team to arrive.  We sent the team off with prayer and excited as God was up to something good. Well the team only made it a few miles when the van started having some mechanical issues. What started out as a little disappointment turned into a great AHA moment of encouragement and prayer with the Lord, God always knows what he is doing. This delay brought the team back home to spend the night, so the van could get fixed early the next morning to ensure we could get back on the road again and we are thankful for the Mechanic that made that happen. After 30 hours of driving the team made it to San Luis Mexico. Right away there was much to do and each one was ready to serve. Harvest Kids Mexico continues to meet in two local churches. The kids are happily collecting plastic to recycle to buy beds for children in Africa. Rabecca has delivered the Pen pal letters from Africa to all the kids. Miguel had an outreach at with the trailer they use to do ministry. They performed a skit about the birth of Jesus. This led to a visit with a local church family at their home in Card board city. The boys on the team, Austin, Caleb, Matthew, David, Andrew and Gabe enjoyed time at the park doing sports ministry and they were able to meet and bless many people by handing out candy and bags of rice and beans.  During their visit Angie, Cassie, Lisa, Amber were sure to prepare a special lunch to take to our friend Brenda and delivered all the gifts that Molly and Andy sent. The team attended church at the Dream Center where the kids were able to share their testimonies and Gabe preached. Christmas Eve the team shared a Christmas dinner with Olivia and Miguel’s family and with Sophia and her children. On Christmas morning they went to Candidos and Gabe shared an encouraging word with the men who are struggling with addiction. The team had their traditional “See you later Party” with all our friends enjoying music and yummy hotdogs. The team was headed back on the road to Washington after the party on Christmas day. Which was the very same day that Kris and Ted (who was our second team) left Washington for San Luis to minister and encourage and be with Olivia and Miguel for the New Year.  Kris and Ted have been busy since they arrived. They have been cleaning and organizing the garage and have visited the prison to share the gospel and the love of Christ. They will continue to follow the Lord and we are looking forward to their update. Ted, Kris and Rabecca will be home on January 3rd.

November 2015
Through the Month of November we have been continually encouraged and we are seeing the fruits of all your prayers, labor and support. There are many wonderful things happening in San Luis Mexico and we are seeing the outpouring of Gods provision and his love. We are thankful for the progress on the fellowship center next to the mission home. Last month we reported the walls were going up and the work still continues. 15 years ago the Lord shared the vision of this fellowship center being open doors to gathering with others to praise and pray and share the Love of Jesus.  And that love overflows in so many other ways as Juan Manuel and Olivia filled with compassion to go outreach to the men’s and women’s prisons, visiting and sharing the gospel.  Olivia is sharing the gift of music as she has 8 girls coming for music lessons and learning to play the tambourine for Jesus! I bet if we would just close our eyes that even right where we are, we can hear that melodious ringing of those tambourines these little girls are playing for Jesus. The Worship Trailer is not stopping either it is being sent out on many outreaches throughout the community. Come let us worship… Two new mattress were purchased for the mission home in San Luis and now we have a total of 16 beds. We are getting ready to send two mission teams to San Luis over Christmas and into the New Year.  

Lynette, Thor, Malaika, Jordon and three of their friends made a visit to Brenda’s house to take measurements and estimate the cost of building her a bathroom for her to have one in her home instead of one outside. We are waiting to hear back for an approval. Olivia was giving Lilibet rides to her Doctors appoints 2 times a week for the past 2 months during her pregnancy. We are so happy that Olivia received such a blessing by being with Lilibet for the birth of her baby on November 15th.

The Harvest Kids continue to meet in two of the local churches in San Luis and have been working all together gathering up plastic for recycle. They are working hard collecting all they can so they can turn around and give a blessing to the children of our Director of Harvest Vision Africa in Kampala Uganda by purchasing two bunkbeds for them. The Harvest Kids have written out their pen pal letters to the kids in Africa. Rabecca and Cami have delivered them and returned home back from Africa with all the new pen pals in hand. We are excited to see these friendships encouraged as these kids connect with a special bond, through the heart and love of Jesus. The mission team that will be leaving at Christmas for San Luis, will be bringing the letters to the kids. What a delightful gift and what wonderful smiles that will appear on their faces.  

October 2015
The worship trailer and van continue to be used by different church leaders and families to do evangelistic outreaches throughout the city and the neighboring farming communities and to strengthen existing church families. The outreach to the men's federal prison is ongoing and Olivia is currently getting connected to the women's prison so she can help support the Christian women that are currently ministering in the prison and get more women involved. She is still waiting to finish painting the sewing ministry room and is talking to a woman who has the gift of sewing that can help teach other women. The Harvest Kids that meet in two of the local churches are still meeting and working to gather plastic to recycle and purchase two bunkbeds for the children of the director of Harvest Vision Africa in Kampala, Uganda. The kids are also looking forward to responses from their penpal letters they wrote for Africa. They are still in need of a truck or trailer to transport them to the recycle. We have completed the first wall (of three) for the new fellowship center next to the mission home. Having a fellowship center to fellowship with praise, breaking bread, prayer and sharing the love of Jesus was a part of the vision we were given 15 years ago when the ministry was started in San Luis. "The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." 2 Peter 3:9

Linda and Lisa drove to New Mexico to spend a couple of days with Cecelia, who we met years ago when she was on a mission trip to San Luis, and we’ve kept in touch with over the years. She has visited Mexico a couple of times and has visited in Washington. She made some beautiful Navajo jewelry for the Harvest Home. They also visited Joan Mason in Phoenix, Arizona. She had lived in Sedro Woolley, where she helped a lot with Harvest Kids and collecting aluminum cans, but moved to Phoenix about a year ago. Afterwards, they drove to San Luis to visit with Miguel and Olivia. They visited with Luz and Candido, Brenda and Josephina, Danyah, and had a birthday party for Linda at the mission home with these and more of the ladies and their children. They visited in Yuma with Lynette, Malaika and Jordan. Lynette is the mother of Katie, who worked with us both in Mexico and Africa. Malaika and Jordan are Katie’s children who now live with Lynette and her husband since the death of Katie in Africa about a year ago. They also visited with Liz, (a friend of Lisa’s who moved to Yuma) and who has helped with donations for the sewing ministry in San Luis. Linda & Lisa were blessed to be with these women who kept the faith through all the trials that have come their way…addictions, deaths, cancer, heart attacks, miscarriages, etc.

September 2015
So thankful for Miguel & Olivia who coordinate the ministry in San Luis. They are becoming more available to more church families and leaders in the community and we are excited that the recently restored worship trailer is already booked for outreaches the entire month of October. They have been working hard to prepare the Harvest Home that is across the street from the mission home for sale and we are pleased that one of the couples that we are involved with in cardboard city have a mother in Washington and she has made a down payment on the home. We are excited about how this will bless the neighborhood and also generate finances to help support the ministry locally and in central Africa. Olivia has a new plan for repainting the sewing ministry room, but obviously Miguel has to do a little sheetrock repair before the new facelift and the ministry is started again. We are continuing to get an estimate for building the walls for a new fellowship center next to the mission home and are hoping to start the construction soon. The Harvest Kids are still meeting at two different church families to teach the children the love of Jesus and give them the opportunity to help vulnerable children in Africa by collecting and recycling plastic. We are in need of a truck or trailer to help support the over-all ministry and also take the plastic to the recycle facility. Olivia will be helping some of the children write penpal letters to children in Africa that will be taken there the end of October. We are so excited to witness these children deepen their relationship with their brothers and sisters that live over 10,000 miles away. Juan Manuel & Arturo are visiting the church in the federal prison twice a month and are encouraged with the love of
Christ these brothers demonstrate to the other men that are in the prison. George visited San Luis in the middle of the month and was blessed to share at different church families, visit neighbors and be blessed by spending time with different pastors and leaders. George also attended the funeral of a dear friend, Pastor Santiago Lastra, a fundraiser to help pay the medical costs for our friend, Mayelita and visited Bathsaida, the wife of the pastor in the prison and her family. George was able to sign over the over-sight of the vehicles and cell phones to Olivia and to install new smoke detectors in the mission home. Thanks to those that support HVM, we were able to purchase 100 lbs of beans & 100 lbs of rice to help our friends Candido and Luz that are providing meals for 120 children and adults during the week. George & Olivia also visited with Katie Pelgrine’s parents, Thor & Lynette, and her two children, Malaika and Jordan, in Yuma. Katie was involved with HVM in Mexico before starting her ministry in Africa. She went to be with the Lord while in Africa and the children are now being cared for by her parents. Thor & Lynette sent money for us to purchase needed supplies & food for our neighbors in San Luis, Josefina and her daughter, Brenda, who is confined to a wheelchair. We are so blessed because Lynette will be bringing some women from her church family in Yuma to visit and meet Josefina and Brenda the first of October. George also purchased anti-biotics that will be taken to help the coordinators of the ministry in Central Africa. We are so thankful that the love of Jesus is being shared and people are getting saved and disciple through these different acts of love and service. Miguel and Olivia’s love for Jesus, the family of God and for all those that are lost is so evident in their worship, prayer and service to others.            

August 2015
We are so thankful that Miguel and Olivia were able to finish the painting on the Harvest Home across the street from the mission home. The mother of some of our friends in San Luis lives in Washington and is tentatively going to purchase the home for her son and his family to live in until she retires and then she will be joining them. It is a blessing to see the home meeting a family's need and a double blessing knowing that it will help us financially meet other needs in the over-all ministry. They also have been repairing prior damage to the walls in the sewing ministry room and after they are painted they will start the sewing ministry again. We are so blessed to have wonderful servants that are working with local church families to encourage them and help them to reach the lost in their particular areas of the city or in the ejidos (villages) on the outskirts. Please continue to pray for the ongoing ministries to the federal prison, rehabs and feeding and clothing ministries that are reaching the people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and making an effort to meet the basic needs of those that are struggling. 

July 2015
Obviously, Miguel and Yvann missed Olivia and Itzel the first part of July because they were visiting in Washington, and we so much appreciate their willingness to share them with us. A team of 9 people from Sedro Woolley, Seattle, Oregon, and Canada; plus Olivia and Itzel arrived in Mexico on July 10th. The group called themselves The Crusaders from the start of the trip. The first day they arrived was Harvest Kids. Angie and Ted have recently been to Africa so Angie was able to share testimonies of her time over there and give the kids and adults more encouragement to continue helping others they have never met before. The team made posho (water, flour and beans) for everyone to try which was a meal Angie and Ted had in one of the villages in Africa. The rest of the day consisted of lots of fellowship and ministry at the park. The next morning they visited Bethel Church where they picked up cans and Olivia and Angie gave a Harvest Kids Presentation to the church. This church is already collecting recyclables and interested in starting Harvest Kids there also! Later that day they went to Manantial de Vida’s property to help clean up the garbage. The members of the church used to sell cactus to raise money to build a new church building but now they are using the money to feed people in need. Alva Ruth came by the next day to visit the team. They cooked pancakes for Brenda and prayed for a man driving by who just stopped for prayer. They went to the border to make phone calls to their loved ones then went to the park for a very hot soccer game in the park. The next day Lucero’s mom, Mayela come for a visit. The team helped clean up the Harvest Home to be painted and hopefully sold soon. That night the crusaders visited Fidel’s church and what a powerful night it was! Aryana and Emma sang the song “Oceans”, Kaleb got to play the drums, Marcus gave his first sermon and Criselda said her first prayer to the Lord and accepted him in her heart. God is oh so amazing!! The next day they took money to a prison pastor’s wife and took a tour of a Cardboard City. While in Cardboard City, Jaiden, Aryana and Alena got baptized in the Canal! That night they went to Manantial de Vida Church service. The next day, Olivia wanted to bless Veronica so she went to get some fabric for her. Lucero’s sister, Mayelita came to visit the team and that evening they went to Candidos church. The last and final day in Mexico ended with a service at the mission home and lots of fellowship at the see you later hot dog party and the Manantial worship team blessed everyone with the gifts God gave them. Thank you to everyone who helped get this team to Mexico. Thank you to those who helped financially and for those who prayed for this team. For 6 of the 9 people on the trip, it was their first time there. This trip was especially put together by God for his Glory. Thank you Jesus for what you did in the lives of everyone effected by this trip. Miguel and Olivia are working to finish painting the interior of the harvest home so it can be sold or rented to help provide funding for the over-all ministry.

June 2015
George spent a week in June visiting with Miguel & Olivia in San Luis. George attended the men's federal prison with Juan Manuel and two brothers that are supporting the church family inside the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month. The harvest home is having minor repairs done to the interior and will be ready to paint when Olivia returns from her visit to Washington with the July WA team. We are hoping to sell the home soon so this money can be used to start building a worship center next to the mission home and to use the remainder of the money to support evangelistic ministry in Central Africa. Miguel has repaired the generator on the worship trailer and the equipment is been replaced or repaired and is scheduled to be used for evangelistic outreaches this month.  Olivia has some women that are starting to use the sewing ministry and she is hoping to send photos of some of their projects to supporters in WA in the near future. Olivia is now working with the Harvest Kids at the Manatiel de Vida church family every other Saturday. The children with their adult supporters, crush plastic for recycle to get money to help the vulnerable children in Africa. What a humbling experience to witness them being willing to give all their extra. Maybe it should bring a clearer understanding of what Jesus meant when He said, "to enter the kingdom of heaven, we must be like this child". Olivia and her daughter, Itzel, will be traveling to Washington the end of June to visit and minister.

May 2015
Even though the temperatures are starting to get a little hot and many things slow down, it is a blessing to hear testimony that the gospel continues to be advanced by forceful ( but humble) servants of the Lord. We are so thankful that Thor & Lynette, our brother and sister of Christ that live in Yuma, are so willing to serve. They are the parents of our precious sister, Katie, that passed away while serving the Lord in Uganda, and have taken on the responsibility of raising her two beautiful kids, Malaika & Justice. Not only that, they allowed us to ship the new sound equipment for the worship trailer in Mexico to their home, where it was picked up and is now being used to prepare the trailer for more outreach. They also approached their church family and they have agreed to help mentor and meet some of the needs of our friends, Josefina and Brenda, that live a short distance from the mission home in San Luis. Brenda is confined to a wheelchair and her mother, Josefina, does all that she can to meet the needs of her daughter. Olivia is working to get the sewing ministry more available to the women in the local community and is working with the federal prison to ensure we can stand with the church family there by participating in two meeting a month and helping meet some of the needs of those that are incarcerated.  Another great blessing is that the Harvest Kids outreach at Candido & Luz’s church family are still meeting the 2nd and 4th Saturday and are currently working to raise money to buy beds for the children of the director of Harvest Vision Africa. A second church family, Manantial de Vida, started a Harvest Kids outreach program recycling plastic on May 30th. George will be visiting to help with arrangements to sell the Harvest Home in June and then Olivia and her daughter, Itzel will be visiting Washington from June 30 until the summer team goes to San Luis on July 9th.  

Mexico news April 2015
   We have been blessed to have friends from Washington in Mexico for almost the entire month of April. Lisa Davis came the end of March and was joined by a team of 11 from Washington. When the team left, Lisa and Jennifer Supler stayed until the end of the month when they were joined by George and Lisa's husband, Kelly. The first team brought towels the Harvest Kids Mexico had raised the money to purchase and prayed over them and the name tags of each orphan girl in Africa that would be getting them. At the last Harvest Kids in April, the kids had raised enough money for the purchase of 5 mosquito nets for Pr Billy and his family in E. Uganda. HKids meet at the home of Candido & Luz in cardboard city at the edge of San Luis, Mx. They provide meals for about 150 children before and after school. The government reduced the funding help they were giving them so they now take some of the kids in the evenings to clean local grocery stores in exchange for the food they would throw out. Everyone helps. At the present time, Olivia is working with 4 other church families that want to involve their children in Harvest Kids. It is so encouraging to see such young kids doing great work for God and other kids in need.
   The team also presented a human drama at different church families, dedicated Madilyn's daughter, Dahliah, and baptized two of the team members (Eric & Kaleb) at the Gulfo south of San Luis. What a blessing it was to see these two brothers and this mother and daughter publicly confess and commit their lives to Jesus Christ. The team also purchased anti-biotics, that along with the towels, were sent with Ted and Angie to Africa on April 23rd. A precious sister, Liz Smith, from Yuma, donated more supplies for the sewing ministry. Olivia is beginning to have women from different church families come and Connie will continue to lead sewing groups on Tuesday and Thursday. Miguel & Olivia are working to prepare the Harvest Home across from the mission home for sale or rent. This money will be used to help pay for a fellowship center next to the mission home and the on-going support of our co-laborers in Central Africa. We also purchased new sound equipment for the worship trailer that is being repaired to begin to support local church families doing outreach in San Luis and the outlying villages.
    We also visited Pr Anthony, in the men's federal prison in San Luis. It has been a difficult month for the church family in the prison. God allowed the construction of a church building in the prison 14 years ago that the Christian church family has been using for up to three services a day, seven days a week until 2 months ago. Now the administration has taken control of the building and is allowing all groups from every faith to use the building with no services of any kind on Sundays. The church family now is able to use the building 2 hours each day for 5 days. We thank God that He has given Pr Anthony grace and wisdom for the transition. Olivia is getting 3 coordinators to represent Harvest Vision visiting the prison the 2nd Monday of each month. Please join us in prayer for the church family and it's mission inside the walls and for the families outside and for the victims of any crimes these men have committed. Pray for Pr Anthony's release before the end of the year and that God would prepare the new shepherd to take Anthony's place.
   As usual, it was a blessing to visit many different church families and the homes of our neighbors.We are always encouraged to be with Josefina and her daughter, Brenda, who is paralyzed. The team was able to furnish them with diapers and also a CD player so Brenda who loves to sing and listen to worship music can be blessed. We met Brenda 15 years ago on our first mission to Mexico. She loves to pray for everyone that she comes to know and her mother, Josefina, has sacrificed her life to care for Brenda. They requested to watch Katie's video. Before Katie ever left for Africa the first time, she was already on Brenda's prayer list. Tomorrow Ted and Angie leave for their first trip to Africa and they leave America already covered by Brenda's prayers. As have George, Linda, Kylee, Madilyn, Hailey and almost everyone that has been called to Africa. Where would any of us really be without the prayers of the saints?

Mexico news March 2015
Olivia and the Harvest Vision Mexico team have been faithfully making the mission home and ministry open to those in the Christian community in San Luis. We are blessed that the mission home is being used to provide accommodations for visiting missionaries from other parts of Mexico as well as the van and worship trailer being made available to help with outreaches in the local community. We are still making an effort to sell the Harvest Home so we can use that money to build a fellowship center next to the mission home and provide needed funds to help the ministry in Central Africa. Lisa Davis traveled to Mexico in mid-March to visit, help Olivia and the over-all ministry and prepare for the team from Washington that arrived on March 27th. The team was able to purchase the 41 towels that the Harvest Kids in Mexico have been working so hard to pay for and bring them to their bi-monthly Harvest Kids ministry on Saturday morning. The team had also brought cloth tags with the names of the 41 orphan girls in E. Uganda, Africa, and the children and their youth and adult helpers all were able to pray over them. These towels will be taken to Africa the end of April. The Harvest Kids will now be raising money to buy mosquito nets for Pr Billy & Teddy and their children that coordinate the ministry in E. Uganda. 

Mexico news Feb 2015
Rebecca Watne finished up her first trip to San Luis on Feb 3rd. She was able to spend lot’s of time with Olivia, visit our neighbors, attend church services and the weekly Harvest Kids. She spent a lot of time helping many of the women that come and participate in the sewing ministry. Her gift and passion for sewing touched many lives during her visit. Just a short time after her return, Rabecca Williams traveled to San Luis and spent two weeks. She painted two “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” pictures that she gave to Olivia for the mission home and another for Mayela and her family. During one of their visits to our neighbors, Brenda & Josefina, they got information needed to purchase a mattress for Brenda, who is confined to a wheelchair. She also visited the Harvest Kids and was blessed watching the love of Jesus that these adults and youth have for these children and the love of Jesus that these children have in turn for the children in Africa. They are collecting and crushing plastic bottles to recycle to purchase towels for orphans in a school in Uganda. They also attended a service in the Baja California ejido (village); visited with Katie Pelgrine’s mother, Lynette and Katie’s kids, Malaika and Jordan in Yuma and cleaned up the sewing ministry room at the mission home. Lisa Davis’ friend, Liz from Yuma, has a lot of donations for the sewing room so extra space was needed. Rabecca was also able to spend lot’s of time with the youth during her visit.
This is the remainder of Rabecca’s blog:
“We came back that afternoon and cleaned the mission home and prepare for a group to come and stay with us from Tijuana that Pastor Miguel invited here. There was also a group in Mexico from that staying at a hotel that was from California. For many of the people on that team, it was their first time here and it was so amazing to see hear a little of their testimonies of their time here. That night we went to the service at Manantial de Vida. Yvann and I stayed the night at Mayela’s home. Saturday morning Olivia was at the mission home with the group from Tijuana and the group went with Pastor Miguel to pray for their property for a new church building. There was a service for married couples that night so Lucero and I helped with the kids. Sunday was an amazing service for everyone to attend. With powerful worship, words for different people from God, seeing people worship God with everything they have – the Holy Spirit was definitely there and it was so beautiful. The services on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a man from the California group, names Big Tom, demonstrated different feats of strength. I personally have never seen him before, but he used to have a TV show and he travels the world to show people the feats of strength. He ripped a phone book in half, he bent an iron rod, rolled a frying pan into the shape of a burrito, and broke 7 bricks in half with us forearm. The message he used with the phone book is that anything bad you have ever done, any mistake you have done, they were all written in that book and he was ripping it apart to show that God doesn’t remember those things. He forgives you no matter what, when you repent. There was so many breakthroughs for people this weekend. Thank you Lord. After the service on Sunday, many people came to the mission home for food and fellowship! The group from Tijuana got everything together and they were on their way back home. As this trip comes to an end, it’s never easy to say “see you later” but I have amazing memories that will last my whole life. And even if I never come back here, I’ll be forever thankful for God for sending me here and to all the people who have showed me unconditional love to me. Thank you again to those who have read this and I pray you all have a blessed day!” 

Mexico news Jan 2015
 We are so thankful for our co-laborers involved in the ministry in San Luis. The mission home has been a place of fellowship for many people in the community including a place of prayer, Bible studies, worship and accommodating visiting pastors and teams from other parts of Mexico that have come to San Luis to do ministry. During this month, nurses used the mission home as a place to provide medical screening for women in the neighborhood and people still come by for some bread or to borrow the van for a church outreach or event. George, Rabecca and Lisa also visited the middle part of the month and were able to participate in a Celebration of Life for our beloved Katie Pelgrine and her unborn child that passed away in Africa the end of December. Katie spent her beginning year with Harvest Vision Ministries serving at the mission home in San Luis before going to Africa. They were also able to visit with Katie’s mother and step-dad and see Katie’s two children, Malaika and Jordan, that were brought from Africa to Yuma on their trip back to Washington. Harvest Kids is being hosted at Candido and Luz’s property and is supported by others in the community, including Robert, who lives in San Luis and does children’s ministry. 32 children and 12 adults gathered to share the love of Jesus and to crush the plastic they had collected to recycle to help the vulnerable children in Africa. Olivia will be helping coordinate Harvest Kids, including establishing other groups as the Holy Spirit leads. The month was filled with daily devotions, salvations, work in the sewing ministry and visits to local church families. We also provided funding for doors and windows for the neighbors, Chindo & Rosario, and the material to repair the roof on Juan Jaime’s church. Thanks to everyone helping, the harvest home across the street from the mission home was cleaned and appraised to sale. The monies from the house will be used to clear the title on the remaining property, help with a children’s ministry structure at Juan Jaime’s, begin work on a fellowship center next to the mission home and the balance will be used to purchase property for the Kibuli Harvest Vision Fellowship in the muslim slum area in Kampala, Uganda. At the present time, our beloved sister, Rebecca Watne, is visiting and helping with the sewing and over-all ministry in San Luis. 

Mexico news Nov 2014
The month has been a time of adjusting with Miguel and Olivia getting more comfortable in their call to over-see the ministry in Mexico. The work with the Harvest Kids is starting to get more defined and we are so thankful for Brandon Larios and his family that is supporting the work of this ministry. Candido and Luz and their church family are also important in making participation in the Harvest Kids outreach for vulnerable children in Africa available to the church families in their sphere of influence. We are happy that Miguel Tapia has returned from his “bicycle” ministry and that many lives were touched through his obedience and we look forward to getting to see more fruit from this work. Thanks to Jesse Tapia who has been helping with our support of the church family in the men’s federal prison and we are excited that we are able to help bring the gospel message and disciple new believers through their pastor and the church family inside the prison. Linda will be visiting the first part of December to share and help with any issues that have surfaced because of the changes in the leadership there and to help prepare the team that will be visiting Mexico from Washington over the Christmas holidays. 

Mexico news Oct 2014
Lisa Davies joined with George, Kylee, Madilyn and Hailey to make the visit to Mexico. It was a week of great fellowship as our co-laborers are starting to establish themselves in their different callings and giftings. Although Kylee hasn’t been in Mexico for over two years, this week brought us together with friends that have been involved with the ministry since August 2000 and Kylee was able to stir up great memories that encouraged everyone. Everyday was filled with fellowship, sharing our food together, reading God’s Word, prayer, lot’s of coffee and testimonies. We visited and ministered with two local church families and made a trip to Algodones to purchase anti-biotics for Africa. Miguel & Olivia are over-seeing the over-all ministry and making the mission home available to local fellowship and visiting teams from the USA and Mexico. Alex, Julie and the family are staying at the Harvest Home on the week-ends and are starting to make repairs to the worship trailer so it will be available to local church families for outreaches. They have started the children’s feeding ministry at their Pan de Vida church on Saturday’s. Their oldest son, Brandon, is over-seeing the Harvest Kids ministry to give children the opportunity to help vulnerable children in Central Africa and was anxiously awaiting for Madilyn and Hailey to arrive and encourage the kids as the “founders” of the outreach. The Harvest Kids rotate their meeting between Candido’s and Pan de Vida. They now have a map of Africa, have been able to see a mosquito net and put their handprints on a large cactus canvas to represent their commitment to continue to pray, learn and gather cans and plastic to recycle to meet these needs in Africa. They have raised enough money to purchase towels for orphans that go to a school in Uganda that will be taken over in mid November. Many of these children live in cardboard houses and are making sacrifices of even some of the food they would be eating to help meet this need. Oscar is cleaning up the garage area to accommodate the mechanic and construction ministries and Juan Jaime will begin working on cars for local Christian leaders. All of these men will join in helping minister to the men in the federal prison and the women will be starting to help in the women’s prison. Connie was happy to receive donations of cloth for the sewing ministry and has already measured to determine how many dresses they can make for the children in Africa. She is also starting a second sewing ministry closer to the edge of the city. A new fellowship area is being planned adjacent to the mission home to accommodate more fellowship with outside bathrooms and kitchen as well as a covered area for worship, movies, meals, local feeding ministry and even includes a baptismal. Please pray for these workers as they continue to work together to reach out to the lost and hurting in the community.  

Mexico news, September, 2014
It has been a long hot summer for our friends in San Luis, Mexico with temperatures still above 105 degrees on most days. Olivia is planning to start a bible school at the mission home and will be taking a team of five youth to an upcoming youth conference. The pastor of the church sponsoring the outreach wants to know more about the ministry opportunities available through Harvest Vision. She is also planning an overnight youth “campout” at the mission home with her friend, Annabelle, in mid October. Connie is still working with the sewing ministry and will be excited to see the photos of the young girls in Africa that received the hand-made dresses that were made in Mexico and sent to Africa with Linda. Alex & Julie have been in California most of the last month because of family situations, but have seized that time to actively be involved in local youth ministry with the Pan de Vida church family in San Bernadino. They will hopefully be traveling back to San Luis to start the feeding ministry with their church family, resume the work with Harvest Kids Mexico and start work on renovating the worship trailer for outreaches. Miguel Tapia and his partner, Juanito, have started their evangelistic bicycle mission sharing the love of Jesus. They had to make some equipment repairs in Puerto Pensaco and are now on their way farther south to Caborca. 

Mexico news August 2014
The 14 people from Mexico that visited in Washington traveled back to Mexico on August 8thwith George and some other friends who stayed for a week. It was a great week of fellowship, including devotions and roundtable discussions every night. A special fiesta was held for the team by Lucero’s family as a way of expressing their thanks for having taken her on the visit to Washington. The team visited Candido and his family, Brenda, attended a service at Centro de Suenos (Dream Center) with Pastor Fidel and got to visit different parts of cardboard city. Brandon Larios spent the entire week presenting the Harvest Kids ministry to friends in Arizona and Mexico and many of them were moved to start collecting plastic and aluminum cans and to save their little change to help meet the needs of vulnerable children in Africa. We were also blessed to receive 25 dresses made by Connie and the sewing ministry and another 25 dresses and children’s books from Alex and Julie for the children in Africa. During the week, the team cleaned up and organized the mission home for Miguel and Olivia to move into as they will start coordinating the ministry out of the home. The team replaced the kitchen sink, painted some of the rooms, built a wall and installed a door for another bedroom and cleaned up the yard. The team also provided resources to change the name on the property titles and to repair three of the sewing machines. The middle of the week included a hot dog feed at the mission home with a pastor and family that were visiting from Tijuana, our Mexico co-laborers and neighbors from around the mission home. The evening was filled with praises to the Lord, the sharing of God’s Word, testimonies and prayer. Alex, Julie and their family are staying part-time at the Harvest Home to help over-see the worship trailer, the Harvest Kids ministry and the children’s ministry and other work at the Pan de Vida (Bread of Life) church family at the edge of the city. Plans are ongoing on how we will organize the garage and shop to meet the needs of the community that we have been directed to help with. Rabecca Williams stayed in Mexico for the rest of August to help with the transition. 

Mexico news July 2014
“Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, Go south to the road – the desert road.” Obviously that angel stays pretty busy with that message. Miguel, our coordinator in Mexico, has received such a summons and has been preparing to go on a “bicycle mission” to southern Mexico and Central America and will tentatively be leaving the first of September. A brother will be traveling with him and they are at an average of 50km per day as they prepare. We will be transitioning the leadership of the ministry in Mexico after the team that is visiting in Washington returns on August 10th. We will be keeping in touch with Miguel during his journey and we all join in prayer that many will be saved.

Mexico news June 2014
   After the women’s retreat in San Luis, Rabecca Williams stayed in Mexico until June 17 in the mission home with Miguel and his family. She was able to visit the women’s rehab, help clean up Alex and Julie Larios’ church and Pastor Fidel’s church and visit and fellowship with many of our co-laborers in Mexico. One of the most important things that Rabecca enjoyed was the time that she got to spend with God and getting the true desire to read his Word. This trip was really about building closer relationships with the people there and of course Jesus. A verse God gave her while in Mexico was Proverbs 16:9, “In their hearts humans plan their course but the Lord establishes their steps.” She’s been really enjoying getting to know who He is even more and is excited for Him to speak to her and use her in many ways. We are looking forward to some of our co-laborers that live in San Luis coming to visit in the Skagit Valley the last part of July and first week of August. Mexico news May 2014
The weather has shifted to being hot (100-108), so as usual everyone starts preparing for the hotter temperatures. The sewing ministry is going strong and the ministry in the federal prison has been seeing some new believers coming to the faith. Unfortunately, during the latter part of the month, our very good friends, Candido and Luz, lost their 2 year old son to the excessive heat. As God would have already planned, Linda picked up Angie, Rabecca and Patricia in Phoenix and they drove to San Luis for the women’s retreat that involved a few of the key Christian women and leaders, including Luz, and they arrived the week after the death of their child. The women spent the weekend ministering to each other and especially Candido & Luz’s family. Rabecca stayed in Mexico and will prepare for the team from Washington that will be in Mexico from June 20-29.

Mexico news April 2014
    What a wonderful testimony of these young people that work on projects to help vulnerable children in Africa then choose to spend their springbreak from school the first week of April reaching out to those less fortunate in Mexico. Five adults and five children made the trip, 1,525 miles each way, building relationships that were further strengthened by living together and sharing devotions every morning and their experiences each evening at roundtable in the mission home where they stayed. Miguel, the Mexico coordinator and his family, were providing shelter for a single mother and her two children in the mission home where they live and another 3 adults were staying across the street in the Harvest Home. What a blessing that one of the men staying at the Harvest Home has the skill and has almost finished the tile in the living room. After getting acquainted and visiting on Saturday, what better way to start the Sunday morning than two of the young people talking to Miguel and George at the garage and one of them accepting Jesus. That was before we had the privilege of visiting with Miguel & Olivia at the new church family, Nueva Esperanze (New Hope) that they recently started at their property on the outskirts of the city. A visit with our friends, Candido and Luz, ended up with the opportunity to give a Spanish Action Bible to their daughter who helps teach children with the church family that has started meeting under a cover on their property and which the team visited with later in the week. George, Miguel & Andrew attended the church in the men’s federalprison and later members of the team brought groceries for the pastor’s family that live in the city and have had no food. The team brought trophies and sports equipment for the 12th annual tournament that is sponsored by the church in the prison and after two weeks of competition is finished with the awarding of trophies during a crusade. The team also visited a women’s rehab, the Centro de Suenos (Dream Center) church family and with neighbors. Connie, the sewing ministry coordinator, gave Cassie a wonderful handmade quilt, helped cook and ministered to the team – all the while taking care of the women that come two times a week to learn sewing and receive the Word. The week also included, a park outreach with the Harvest Kids doing rap (scripture) and later at the last night outreach at the mission home before leaving. Numerous soccer matches in the street out front, the park down the street and lizard hunting. The team installed new smoke detectors, repaired vehicles, the fence and the swamp cooler, cleaned up the property, purchased two mattresses for the beds in the mission home and hosted a “120 hot dog feed” with worship and words of encouragement on the last evening in Mexico.
    Unfortunately during the trip, we received notice that our application for registering the ministry in Mexico City was denied because we failed to meet the deadline to submit some paperwork that was required so we will work with another lawyer and re-apply. The sports tournament in the prison was a great success and the administration said it was the best one since we started 12 years ago. There were no altercations or incidents during the time the men joined teams and played against each other in basketball, softball, soccer and volleyball and the winning teams received beautiful trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place during a special service the last Sunday of the month that the church inside the prison sponsored and Miguel presented the gospel message.
   Everyone is encouraged about the women’s team coming from Washington to join with the wives of some of the local pastors for a retreat in May and a group of 15 from four different families in Mexico that will be visiting in Washington the end of July.

Mexico news Feb & March 2014
    We are encouraged and blessed to share that the coordinator of Harvest Vision Mexico, Miguel, has improved after these last two months of trusting the Lord to help him get his high blood pressure under control. We are thankful that he is better now. Miguel’s family stays at the mission home where different missionaries stay during visits to San Luis and has also been a home for a couple that has been putting their marriage back together after a struggle with addiction. Miguel and the ministry co-laborers continue to share at the local prison, rehabs, feeding ministries and with different local church families, as well as outreach to the community through the sewing ministry. Although the worship trailer hasn’t been used as much by local pastors as it has in the past, Miguel is taking it out to do ministry around the outskirts of the city and to the small ejidos (villages). We are still hoping to hear from Mexico City on our petition to register the ministry. Miguel has also been working to install tile in the Harvest Home resource center across the street from the mission home and are looking forward to the springbreak team from Washington state that will be coming for mission the first week of April.

Mexico news Jan 2014
    God is moving with such power in San Luis, Mexico right now.  And as our coordinator Miguel Tapia puts it: “I’m on a winning streak...or are we in the final days? The time is running out!” Truer words have never been spoken, as we share this testimony of 48 (recorded) precious sons and daughters coming into the family of God in the month of January, by receiving His free gift of salvation!  This harvest was not taken up in an altar call during a church service, but in the rehabs, prison and on the streets of San Luis. Against all odds and extreme persecution from every side, Miguel has stayed the course and has been in his “field” of work every week for as long as we’ve known him.  It has not been easy for him, but he has stayed faithful to his first love, Jesus Christ, and now he is reaping all the seeds God has sown through him!  One young man and 10 young women accepted Jesus in the rehabs, a couple accepted Jesus during at an outreach with the worship trailer, and 33 men accepted Jesus at the prison.  On January 27th, 32 men accepted Jesus in the prison as Miguel ministered with an Evangelist from Cuba, Joaquin Mejia.  He credits this move of the Spirit to God himself, and to you all who have been praying!  He asks that each of you continue to pray...this is your victory too!