Mexico News, August, 2019

  The hot days of summer are still influencing much of the outreach ministry that can be done during the day in the cooler months, but the evenings are still packed with opportunity. The white van is being used every Friday to do outreaches in parks throughout the city by the Centro de Suenos church family. Miguel and Olivia continue to help them with different family, men’s, women’s, youth and children’s ministry. The time slot for our participation at the men’s and women’s federal prison has been moved to Saturday afternoons and both groups go in during the same time period. There have been changes in the over-sight of the church use building because the administration has taken over control of it and this has allowed “politics” to influence the buildings use so we are praying that the church family inside will maintain it’s unity and not stray from their purpose to be the Body of Christ. Olivia will be restarting the tambourine ministry when the weather get’s cooler and they can do their practices in the fellowship center. Continue to pray for the city because the drug war continues to be bringing violence in the city and there have been shooting between rival gangs on a regular basis. Please pray that God will intervene, and the warring will stop and peace return to the city.