Mexico News July 2018

We are blessed to receive testimonies from Miguel and Olivia on a regular basis about all the relationships that they are connected with and how they are interwoven to ensure the love of Jesus is shed abroad in the hearts of everyone throughout their community. Whether it is the strengthening of local church families or outreach to prison, rehabs, the streets or cardboard city, they find a way to encourage the body to expand their territory that others may be reached. Olivia is currently with the Mision Jireh church family that took a road trip (3 days travel down and back) to encourage our  sub-coordinators, Pr. Obed & Suri, in Michoacan in south Mexico. Pr. Jaime and his wife, Ana, have labored for months with their church family to raise the funds and transportation for this journey of faith and we are expecting to hear testimonies about how it has strengthened them as a body and how believers and unbelievers alike were impacted during their mission. Many thanks to the King’s Storehouse ministry from Ferndale, WA, that donated Spanish solar-powered audio bibles that Pr. Obed and Suri will be able to use for outreach.