Mexico News January, 2019

   Many thanks to Pepe who stayed at the mission home and took care of the needs of the local ministry in San Luis, along with Yvann, while Miguel, Olivia and their daughter, Itzel, visited Michoacan in south Mexico in the middle of January. It was Itzel’s first visit to meet Miguel’s family. After their family visit, they were able to visit with Pr. Obed and Suri, who currently serve as the Harvest Vision sub-coordinators in Mchoacan. This is the third visit, but the first time they were able to spend time without other ongoing outreach activities going on. They were able to share more about the vision of the ministry and the role the coordinator plays in helping evangelize the surrounding communities by working with other local church families and leaders. They have a sound system, projector and generator to help reach the lost in these communities and they are able to encourage these church families as they teach the new believers to become true disciples. They are hoping to set up weekly communications meeting with Obed and Suri through Skype or Messenger. After returning to San Luis, they have set up the discipleship classes at the mission home on Sundays and the tambourine dance classes on Wednesdays in the fellowship center. We were able to send the money for new tires for the van which will allow it to be made available to other ministries again. Olivia will be taking a sewing machine and fabric to the women’s federal prison to support their sewing ministry. She will be visiting in Hermosillo, east of San Luis in February and will be taking another sewing machine and fabric to a Christian sister that will be starting a sewing ministry there. We are excited about the expansion of the ministry in San Luis and Michoacan and appreciate all your prayers and support.