We so much appreciate everyone’s prayers and on-going support for Miguel and Olivia who over-see the ministry in San Luis. Obviously, as usual, it is little warmer in the desert than it is in the places many of our co-laborers for the ministry live but Miguel, Olivia and the rest of the Harvest Vision family continually find avenues to reach the lost and encourage believers in different local church families and believers that have been called to reach those in addiction and prison and others that have been called to minister in practical ways, such as feeding and clothing ministries. The sewing ministry is going, even as they find ways to provide better cooling in the small room that they work in. The van continues to be used by different groups for baptisms and outreaches and the worship trailer is always available. A fundraiser is planned to raise the finances to replace the generator on the trailer which is needed in many of the outlying areas where power is not available. It is a blessing to see the local believers taking ownership and responsibility to keep the worship trailer ready to be used whenever it is needed. We are looking forward to the completion of the fellowship center which will provide a place for much more ministry to the neighborhood and also be a place where different church families can come together for teaching, praying, worship and fellowship including a baptismal that will be available whenever it is needed.