Mexico News April 2018

    The team that visited over springbreak were a blessing to everyone and really exemplified Angie’s vision that the team’s motto would be “Prayer Warriors”. Every day was a blessing starting with a devotion prepared by different people each day and ending up every night with a time of sharing the experiences of the day. We were blessed to have Lynette and her grandkids, Malaika and Jordan, from Yuma join us for the first couple of days. The team did lot’s of projects to help including: replacing the grass and getting the swamp cooler going, cleaning up Pr. Fidel’s backyard, installing rails on the bunkbeds and changing light bulbs. The team outreach included bagging beans and marbles (with handmade bags from Washington) that were distributed in cardboard city, making 150 burritos that were taken and handed out to people that work and live at the city garbage dump, visiting prison and purchasing a microphone for the church’s outreach in the prison. The team visited the Dream Center church family and enjoyed a wonderful time of worship, praying for deliverance from addiction for those in rehab, presenting a human drama about Satan’s temptations and how Jesus helps us be free and sharing a message about the cross. Everyone was invited to write their name on a red paper heart the team had made and “nail” them to the cross. Amazing move of the Holy Spirit as believers, young and old, prayed with and for each other. Everyone danced with the “joy of the Lord” and our sharing during round tables was flooded with tears of love.

     The team spent a lot of time setting up the fellowship center for a children’s outreach on our last day. A net was hung on the wall to “capture” everyone’s name that came and participated through the week. Each person had a “paper fish” with their name and it was put in the net to emphasize that we are to be “fishermen of men”. The kids set up the games, including jump rope, hot wheels, bean bag toss, four square, made sure the candy was packed into the piñata and hung up, helped get the tables and chairs set up, filled the baptismal and got the hot dogs and juice ready. As people arrived, the kids put their names on a cut-out fish and pinned it to the net the kids set up and everyone was given the opportunity to put their name on a red heart the kids had cut out and nail it on the cross. Lot’s of games and the team enjoyed the help of some of the youth and adults that helped with the kids. The team did their human drama skit and then we were blessed to baptize Kylie with Olivia’s help, Madilyn with Shaneez’s help and Hailey with Ella’s help. They each received certificates that Olivia made for them. Afterwards, Miguel invited all the kids to enjoy the “pool”, then we served hotdogs before letting the children take turns batting the piñata. An incredible and joyful evening of fellowship, with three of our young team members making their public confession of faith in Jesus Christ. Lot’s of joy as we ended our evening sharing testimonies, laughter and tears at our round table and before praying and thanking God for a day of love and service to, with and for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

   Everything else is going well. The feeding ministry every other Sunday and tambourine lessons at the fellowship center will have a movie night added every other Saturday. The women that Olivia is helping with the prison sewing ministry have made a quilt that will be used as a raffle to get donations to the meet the needs of the women in prison.