We would ask that each of our co-laborers pray for the safety of the area around the mission home in San Luis, Mexico. There has been an unexpected escalation of violence in the area that seems to be prompted by drugs and the gangs. Olivia and Miguel are having some problems with the washing machine and hoping to get it fixed soon. They will be traveling outside the city to a nearby farming community where Olivia’s mother has property and will try to get the papers necessary to switch ownership to Olivia. After the paperwork is secure, she will travel to Hermosillo to finalize the property transfer and visit with a sister in Christ that will be starting a sewing ministry with a machine and cloth that Olivia will bring. They would like to convert the unfinished home on the property into a mission to begin ministry in this small community. Olivia is working with the many plants that she inherited from her “green thumb” mother. She will be planting some around the mission home and then preparing others for sale. Olivia is doing a women’s bible study at Centro de Suenos on Mondays and Miguel is alternating the Sunday evening discipleship classes between the mission home and Alejandra’s home to minimize the traveling required to attend. Olivia is meeting with the young girls that are learning messianic and tambourine dancing at the fellowship center. This is a sister ministry to the one that has been started by the Harvest Kids in Washington. We are looking forward to seeing how these ministries will become “one” to bring God glory in the future.

The pastora of the church in the women’s federal prison is due to be released soon and Wendy will be assuming that responsibility. Olivia works closely with Wendy and the sewing ministry that they have started in the prison. We are excited that they will soon receive more fabric from Olivia and will start making dresses for vulnerable children in Africa. They are still working to finish up the project of providing tables and chairs for the children’s ministry that Pr. Obed and Suri are working with in Michoacan in south Mexico. Miguel and Olivia actively mentor and support Pr. Obed and Suri who are coordinating ministry outreach in that part of Mexico. Miguel and Olivia are also planning fundraisers to help a group from San Luis come to Washington to minister and fellowship during the July 4th week