Mexico News September 2018

We are thankful that even during the hot days of summer, Miguel and Olivia are still able to ensure the worship trailer is available to local church families doing outreaches in the city and outlying areas and that the van is available to support them, whether for a church or youth group outing or to make a trip to do ministry in another location. Unfortunately, this month a person broke into the garage and shop and took some items. Fortunately, the person came back a second time and was apprehended but it is requiring a lot of time for Miguel to work with the local authorities to try and retrieve the stolen items. We ask everyone to continue to lift this couple up in prayer because there are no “normal” days and the worship trailer and van don’t automatically get returned in satisfactory condition to be loaned out in the next few days without Miguel, who also works a regular job for the cable company, takes the time to check them out each time they come back from a mission. They continue to support Christian participation in outreach to prison and rehabs and those ministries that are providing food and clothing to families and children throughout the community, especially in the outlying (cardboard city) areas. In the neighborhood, they are involved in feeding ministry and tambourine/dancing classes at the fellowship center next to the mission home. Olivia is working to do as much as possible to help Miguel before she leaves for her first mission trip to Africa with Linda in October.