Mexico News January 2018

Along with keeping their commitments to the over-all  ministry, Miguel and Olivia spent a lot of the first part of the month preparing to receive the team from Washington that would be visiting over the Christmas holidays.  Although Angie, Joanna and Laly have all been on a trip in the past, we were blessed to have Cal and Karen Roedell from the Fairview Bible Church on their first visit with us. The team visited Mission Jireh and had a worship service and were blessed with the opportunity to listen to a Christian Mariachi band. They visited several local churches in the area as well as friends and neighbors and were able to go visit Brenda and her family, which is never short of a blessing for the team. They visited Christina in cardboard city and enjoyed her sharing her testimony. She feeds 100+ kids daily, fully supported by herself and her husband and also teaches the children to read and write during the week. At Christinas the team was able to prepare and distribute lunches to the local families residing in the local dump. Laly was the first team member to be baptized in the baptismal in the fellowship center by Miguel and Olivia. Throughout the week the team had many visitors come to meet them and fellowship with them. The team also helped Olivia and Miguel with a local feeding ministry held every other Sunday at the fellowship center for the neighborhood kids and they walked the streets passing out beans & rice to the local families in cardboard city. The trip ended with a bittersweet see ya later dinner with friends before they crossed over the border to head home. Miguel and Olivia are working with Pr. Jaime to send the sound and video equipment to Obed and Suri, the new coordinators in Michoacan in south Mexico and are also tentatively planning a trip to visit them the first part of March. They are also working with Pr. Jaime to get permission to minister in the men’s and women’s federal prison in San Luis. The prison is revising their program of working with religious institutions that are coming into the prison to minister with the inmates and are hoping that more can be done for the inmates families on the outside.