USA News, April, 2019

    We are thankful to everyone that joined in the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil that ended on April 14th. We made many new pro-life friends that are praying that people will have their hearts opened to the truth about God’s unconditional love for all of His Children, born and unborn, and the forgiveness that He has for all of us that have thought or acted in contrary to the sanctity of life God has established. We are looking forward to prayerfully seek discernment on how we may join together to come against the enemies attacks on our families, children, elderly and mentally or emotionally challenged.

   Thanks to the many who have donated time, money and sweat equity for the construction of the Harvest Kids greenhouse and aquaponics project. We completed the electrical and installation of vents and fans, prepared the garden, got a sink and a porta-potty and got the signs up for the dedication that was held at Wayne & Rebecca Watne’s on the Samish River on Sunday, April 28th. The seeds are planted for a variety of vegetables and fruit and will be available to be planted into the garden or to those that might be wanting starts.

  We had a wonderful time of fellowship at our Africa fundraiser with the Lyman Baptist church family on Saturday, April 27th. When we first shared this with our friends, Reggie Hunter, felt led to offer a salmon dinner to those that would come. That involved building a firepit, getting wood and racks, then getting, preparing and cooking lot’s of salmon, which he did with the help of many friends. The purpose of the fundraiser was to get the prayer and financial support for the upcoming 3rd Coordinator’s Conference in Uganda and to purchase the $6,000 worth of ministry items that are needed to support the outreach activities in the different countries. The fundraiser included the dinner, a fashion show featuring dresses from Africa, a raffle of soapstone by the Harvest Kids, signing frisbees for vulnerable children in Africa and a silent auction, with a variety of items donated by friends from around the area. The evening included showing a video of the Harvest Kid’s greenhouse ministry and a slideshow about the ministry in Africa, the coordinators, the outreaches and a list of the actual needs. Thanks to everyone that prayed and helped bring in $1,290 toward our goal.      

  We were encouraged by a visit from John Seaman and his friend, Lena, from the Kellie’s Spiritual Recovery Center in Curlew, WA. They were able to help us with the full weekend: movie night, Harvest Kids, Africa fundraiser and the Harvest Kids greenhouse dedication. We are thankful for their servant’s hearts and the ministry that John has started and the passion that he has to reach out to those who have experienced the loss of love ones and those that are struggling with addiction. He has been working to build a required septic system on his property and was recently told that he needed a mound system which increases the money he needs for the project. He will be working to self-design and use a borrowed excavator to minimize the costs. If you would like to help, you can designate giving to this ministry electronically    

   Many thanks to Cheryl and her granddaughter, Tia, who have been working with the Harvest Kids and sharing her passion and love for messianic dancing with tambourines and flags. If you have an interest or know someone that does, the next gatherings are Sunday afternoon, 2-4pm, at 9467 Pierce Lane, Sedro Woolley on June 9th & 23rd.

   We hosted our first girl’s sleepover with young people from Granite Falls this month. We are hoping to start Harvest Kids in Granite Falls now that Blake and Kylee have moved into a home which gives them the space to hosts the ministry there. Thanks to Cheryl Walsh that took 540# of crushed cans up to the recycle center in Bellingham earlier in the week. The kids got $196 that supports orphans in the Comfort Africa ministry in Uganda and helps pay the teachers for the primary school for the Wambuti pygmy tribe in the DRCongo.

   We were blessed to have our friends, Nate and Hannah, come from Kent to share with the Harvest Kids on April 27th.  Nate has been involved with his family in Harvest Vision for some time, visiting and helping locally, and been on missions to Africa and Mexico, including a mission trip to Mexico with Hannah. They recently got engaged and we are so happy they came to visit and share with the Harvest Kids. After crushing cans, Nate and Hannah, led the kids in some parachute games before they came in to watch a video of the new “Fountain of Hope” primary school project that the Harvest Kids helped start in northwest Uganda. Today they counted out $77 of change they donated that is the start of the $470 needed to purchase the tin for the roof of the new school. We were blessed to have Jake and Sarah bring they kids to join us today and along with Nate and Hannah, they all put their birthday “cakes” on the birthday board and their handprints on the wall. After lunch , we shared a photo of a bird on a branch with a quote that Linda had printed earlier to give to everyone: “A bird on a branch is not afraid the branch will break because their trust is in their wings.” Nate and Hannah, shared about the importance of encouragement and love in our lives using Paul’s examples from Thessalonians and Philippians. Nate and Hannah had everyone share examples of being encouraged and showing love in difficult situations, even when they have been hurt or wronged by others. Each one of them shared the things they are thankful for before closing in prayer and finishing up with some “hula hoop” exercise. We are so thankful for everyone that prays and supports the journey of faith these young people have chosen so they can become true disciples of Jesus Christ.