USA News, July, 2019

    It has been an incredible month of witnessing the presence of God pouring His love out on our community in a variety of ways. We are thankful for those that helped with the garage sale at the Harvest Home and the Smokey Pt. Rest Area ministry on I-5. Many people donated items and many other brothers and sisters came to share with those that came to the garage sale. We were able to hear testimonies, share about our own faith journey and pray with many of those that came. We have also been able to donate all the clothing that continues to come to us for the Back to School Blessing that will be at the Skagit Valley College on August 10th.  Thanks to everyone that took the time to make cookies and a special thanks to those that let the kids help so they could come and serve them to weary travelers that stopped along the rest area. We were able to pray and give hope to many different people and to know that they received much more than a cup of coffee and a cookie. The double portion is that those travelers blessed those that were there to “serve and not be served.” We were grateful to receive $2,165 from these fundraisers that was used to help with sustainability projects for our coordinators serving in Africa.

   We were blessed to have fellowship with Olivia, the director of Harvest Vision Mexico, and her friend, Mayela, that joined us for the July 4th parade in Sedro Woolley. Thanks to everyone that helped decorate the Harvest Vision  worship trailer and Harvest Kids float and unashamedly witnessed for Jesus Christ by walking together through the parade. Along with 16,000 pieces of candy, the presence of the Lord moved along with the group and we witnessed the Holy Spirit as He comforted, counseled and convicted all along the almost mile long route. We were also able to join with other brothers and sisters at the Lyman car show and worship with other believers at the worship service at the Highland Games in Mt. Vernon.            

    Thanks to Dan, our Pierce County liaison, who set up a presentation for some of the members of the mission team at the New Life Christian Church in Kent, Wa. It was wonderful to share about the ministry locally, in Mexico and in the different countries in central Africa and to be reminded about the work our co-laborers are doing to share the love of Jesus in these different areas. We were also able to make any and all of that available to those that might be called to participate or contribute in any way. Please contact us if you or your group would like a presentation.

     Many thanks to everyone that donates cans to help the Harvest Kids make a difference. This month, they crushed and recycled cans, donated their change and they saw photos of the Fountains of Hope children in northwest Uganda where they are helping to build a primary school. Their

      donations have now been enough to put the tin over the four classroom school and they have raised $145 toward the $1,818 needed to finish the school. In a couple of weeks they will be harvesting the sweet corn that has been donated to them and making it available at Walker Motor Works in Marysville and at the Harvest Home in Sedro Woolley. All of these donations will be used to finish the school.

   The Harvest Kids met twice during the month and hosted a Child’s Evangelism Fellowship 5- day club for a week at the Harvest Home. We are so thankful to Lynn, Christine, Jonathan and Jeremy that sacrifice the majority of their summer to reaching children in communities in Skagit and Island County. The mornings were filled with games, scripture, songs, stories of missionaries, the gospel message and which inter-actively allowed everyone to participate at their own level. The afternoons were filled with swimming at Clear Lake, kickball at Riverfront Park, watching Christian movies, playing board games, roller skating, visiting the Harvest Kids greenhouse and enjoying hotdogs, hamburgers and smores. The kids opened up to each other and through their own testimonies realized that many of their struggles and hurts are not only shared by their loving Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but with other children their own age. After the club, we gathered in the Harvest Home and played the M&M game. Each color of candy represents a different emotion, such as red is angry and blue is sad. Without looking each person picks a M&M and shares a time they experienced that emotion. Some are funny and some brings tears to the eyes of those that are invited into these personal experiences. This is how we learn to build trust, how to pray for one another and that although the experiences are different we are reminded that we are created by one God and we are all more similar than we know.

    We are excited that Wayne finished a “mini” aquaponics farm, complete with tilapia, and have crops growing in the water and a luscious garden where the plants from the greenhouse were transplanted. Wayne and Rebecca were able to be one of the “farms” that was recently visited by one of the farm tour groups. We are preparing to install the solar powered lights and will be working on the completing of the full-size aquaponics section and installing a compost section that will have a water system that picks up heat generated by the compost and circulates and provides heat for the greenhouse during the winter.

   We are looking forward to an August filled with many opportunities to share the love of Jesus with those in our community and especially to encourage and strengthen the faith of the children and youth that will be starting school the first of September. Sadly, because of the new state laws that have been passed, our schools will be more liberal and the teaching standards have been lowered to allow Satan easier access to tempt our young people to be involved in life decisions that will be eternally detrimental to them and their families. Please check out the calendar for dates of the Skagit County Fair, Back to School Blessings at Lyman and Skagit Valley College in Mt. Vernon, garage sale & car wash upriver, the 7th annual Harvest Fest at Riverfront Park in Sedro Woolley and the 5-day club at the Harvest Kids greenhouse on the Samish River.