USA News, August 2017

   August has been filled with a flurry of activity to bring people together in the name of Jesus to strengthen the body as we prepare for the beginning of school. We know that we will begin the fall more focused on being His Church and representing Jesus in everything that we are asked to be a part of. We witnessed many people coming together for both the Lyman Back to School Blessing and the Back to School Blessing that the Mt. Vernon church families organized at the Skagit Valley College. Many people were blessed to receive needed school supplies and even more important, to receive the right hand of fellowship. The Skagit County Fair was 4 power-packed 12-hour days that saw many Christian brothers and sisters gathering at the Harvest Vision and Child’s Evangelism Fellowship booths to encourage one another and share the love of Jesus and information about the ministries. The same can be said about the 4 days serving coffee and cookies at the Smokey Pt. Rest Area on southbound I-5. Lot’s of travelers were blessed to have someone there to show them that God cares about their needs and wants them to have a relationship with Him.

   George & Shane visited with Pr. John Seaman and Kellilynne’s Spiritual Recovery Center in Curlew, WA on August 27th. We will be coming back later help them with some of the projects that they are working on. The ministry gives people that are experiencing a loss or major change in their lives, an opportunity to break away and spend some time to be restored and recharged for their next season. For more information contact John at 425-359-0028. George will be traveling to Montana the first part of September to take a family to see their dad and son in prison and then will travel to Mexico to visit and install lights in the new fellowship center.            

We are planning our next Smokey Point Rest Area outreach fundraiser September 8-11 both at the I-5 Southbound Rest Area. This provides a wonderful opportunity not only to share the love of Jesus with people who stop and grab a cup of coffee but also an opportunity to share about the work God is doing through Harvest Vision ministries. Many are touched and encouraged by our presence there. We are in need of lots of cookies and treats so if you like to bake we would greatly appreciate some donations. We also need volunteers to work all of the shifts. The days are Friday through Monday and the shifts are: 6am-noon, noon-6pm, 6pm-midnight, midnight-6am. We must have 2-3 volunteers working at one time. If you are interested in donating cookies or helping with a shift or two please contact Linda (360.421.8812).

   Don’t forget that we have our Harvest Home fellowship Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm. Make sure to come by and have a cup of coffee and hang out! If you are interested in volunteering for a day at the Harvest Home we would love to have some helpers available! We have a library of movies to watch or you can listen to worship music or fellowship with each other. Please contact Linda at 360.421.8812 if you feel lead to commit to one day or one day a week. And don’t forget that our Africa mission team: Ted, Jeremy, Dan and Nate will be sharing at the HVM celebration at Crossroads Covenant/Common Ground in Burlington on Saturday, Sept 16th, starting with a 6pm potluck and our 2nd Shopping Fair fundraiser with consultants representing many different products will be at Crossroads Covenant/Common Ground in Burlington on Saturday, September 30 from10am-4pm.


Harvest Kids:

   We would like to take the time to thank the many people who pray and support all His children. At Harvest Kids on August 12th, the kids added the change that the men that meet on Wednesday mornings for breakfast with their own and were excited to learn they are only 4 ½ inches shy of their goal.  Ted  shared with the kids why & how they make a difference crushing cans and collecting coins for the vulnerable children in Africa. He shared some photos of children of Fountain of Hope School in Nebbi, Uganda, sitting on a woven mat in their “school” under a tree. After this, the kids put together pencil pouches that held basic school supplies for these children that will be taken to them personally when Ted and the team travel to Africa. They created personal inspirational messages on a card in each pouch signed by them. Statements like” God loves you”, “You are unique just the way you are” and “Do good in school”. They made a beautiful poster with similar sayings with hand prints in paint for the kids there to enjoy.

   August 14th-18th,  Child’s Evangelism Fellowship hosted a 5-day club at the Harvest Home. We had a successful turn out and the kids were very interested and enjoyed what was being taught. It was a blessing to have such a wonderful time having Kristine here to share in the excitement of sharing the gospel with Lynn. Many received prizes for practicing and memorizing bible verses. It was a great pleasure to see so many involved. On Tuesday, after the 5-day club, the kids had a field trip to the DeVries home to enjoy a ride on horseback, see goats & baby calves and enjoy a bit of farm life. Leanne and Robbie were excited to share their love for animals with all of the kids. Some of the kids had never even rode a horse and their smiles were worth every moment of the experience.

   The car wash on August 19th was short but we made a $45 dollar profit in a couple of hours. After closing early, we were blessed to take a couple ofthe girls to the rest area to serve coffee and treats. It was quite the experience for them and such a blessing to see our young ones step out of themselves to serve others without hesitation and to share words of encouragement and a smile with travelers passing through. On August 22nd,  

we had our outreach at the Lyman City Park. A small but mighty group showed to share in games that the Harvest Kids had built themselves. After a hot dog roast, everyone gathered to watch a movie, “ Evan, the All Mighty”. We shared in many laughs and learned many lessons along the way. What a blessing to have the opportunity to reach out to so many.

   We were blessed at the August 26th Harvest Kids because Rob Baran brought his 5 year old son, Max, for his first time. It is exciting to see the young people get to put their handprint on the wall and their birthday card on the board. The kids crushed cans and were excited to put their coins in the “bullet” which is just 3” away from being filled for the 6th time. We had the opportunity to call Africa and sing happy birthday to Ted. They are just returning to Kampala after having visited and delivered the school supplies to the children in NW Uganda. Hula hoops, tug-of-war, jump rope and picking the last of the strawberries were part of the venue for the morning. The message included a letter comprised of different scriptures that was put together representing a letter than God might write to us as His children. The kids took turns reading the different verses. They are preparing for their next mission fields as they all will be returning to school before our next gathering.

   Also, if you have a heart for children we need some Harvest Kids helpers every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 10am-12:30pm and for our extra Harvest Kids events. If you feel called to be more involved we would love some help! For more information on what this looks like please contact George at 360.421.8811.