USA News, December, 2018


     Many thanks to Isaac, David & Shells and their family for helping us share the love of Jesus by being a part of the Sedro Woolley Children’s Christmas parade. Isaac and Melody helped set up the worship trailer which the Sedro Woolley Chamber of Commerce uses as their platform for announcing the parade participants and for the judges to sit on during the parade. David and Michelle and their daughters set up tables to get donations for their family’s mission trip to Mexico over the Christmas holidays. They received $111 for their trip as people were blessed to donate for homemade cookies and zucchini bread. Thanks to Bobby at Cascade Fabrics for allowing us to set up again in front of her business. She has been a faithful partner of the ministry for years and donated a gift for the upcoming silent auction. Lot’s of fellowship with many of the people that lined the streets for blocks to watch the lighting of the Christmas tree in the center of main street and to watch the beautiful parade. Many thanks to everyone that made cookies and helped with the Rest Area outreach the end of the month. We were able to minister to many people and were blessed with $400 to help support the ministry. We have been blessed this month to help Pr. Joe and Nellie Miller who recently left the church families they were ministering to in eastern Washington and are now back in Sedro Woolley. They are in need of a home, so please join us in prayer for the Lord’s leading to meet this need in their life.

   It has been an incredible last few months for David, Shells and their four daughters who have been preparing for their first family mission to Mexico over the Christmas holidays. Many thanks to the corn and hazelnuts that were donated to help raise funds and that opened the door for lot’s of new relationships for the ministry. Also thanks to the Lyman Baptist church family that they have been a part of and that provided so much to help make their trip possible. So many people were involved in the spaghetti feed, talent show and silent auction and there were abundant blessings poured out on everyone. Along the way, the Lord provided $1,800 to help with the expenses for the trip. Thanks to everyone that helped provide the food, set up and clean up, donated the variety of items for the auction and Wayne for emceeing a wonderful display of talent from old and young alike. Please read the Mexico news for the testimonies from their adventure in Mexico. Also, pray for our Mexico coordinators, Miguel and Olivia, who will be visiting our coordinator in the south Mexico state of Michoacan.          

    Many thanks to the Harvest Kids, from the youngest to the oldest, for working in the cold weather to do some more work on the greenhouse. We finished painting the tops of the PVC arches, bracing the side walls, preparing the place for the fish tank and trenching the fish tank drain line. The fish tank will be the source of the water for the garden portion of the aquaphonics project. Half of the greenhouse will be used to accommodate the aquaphonics and the other half will be used as a typical soil garden for planting and establishing “starts” that will be transplanted to the outside garden for continued growing and eventual harvesting. The Lord will provide older “Harvest Kids” that know how to prepare these vegetables and fruits for eating: fresh, boiled, steamed or baked; canned or pickled, sliced or diced – all healthy and yummy to the tummy. Our next phase is to frame the end walls.

    We have been blessed to welcome Delilah, 5 years old, to her first time with Harvest Kids.The kids have crushed lot’s of cans and thanks to Cheryl Walsh, we were able to recycle 580 pounds that provided over $280 that the kids send to Africa to help vulnerable children. We were able to see videos showing the believers in Africa in brightly colored dresses as they worshipped the Lord and another video showing the different ways in which Harvest Kids help the children in Africa. The kids have collected another, $88, to purchase 4 more of the 26 mattresses needed for the orphans at the Canaan Foundation primary school in central Uganda. One of our partners heard about the goal that the kids have and donated enough for 10 mattresses to encourage and support the kids in their effort to help these kids. Mama Linda has been preparing traditional African meals for their lunch time and the kids set on the floor just like their brothers and sisters in Africa do. As God always does, during the first time they were sitting on the floor, our friend, Rebecca, arrived with Bishop Anthony from Uganda who was visiting the USA for the first time. The kids practiced the wordless book song that they did at the talent show at the Mexico trip fundraiser and enjoyed a message about what we appreciate most about “Christmas” – Our presents or His Presence. We were blessed to have Anthony share a message for the kids and then as they did some coloring, Anthony was led to share another message to the adults that were attending to support the ministry. Last week, Christine joined with Lynn from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship. They hosted a group activity about different ways people celebrate Christmas. They sat in a circle and passed around a toy while playing music. Whoever had the toy when the music stopped got to share what they do for Christmas. Afterward, they sang “Joy to the World”. Lynn read the candy cane story, giving the girls candy canes and handed out gifts for the children’s mothers, consisting of information on Child’s Evangelism Fellowship and afterwards, they made candy canes out of pipe cleaners.

    Many thanks to everyone that collects their aluminum cans and donates them for the Harvest Kids to recycle. Over 5 years, these young warriors have been committed to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate vulnerable children in central Africa, many of whom are orphaned and born aid’s infected. There motto has been, “We CAN make a difference” and we have witnessed the true meaning of the question, “What CAN faith do?”. We are thankful for our sister, Cheryl, who has faithfully brought her trailer over to load up the cans and drive them to visit our Christian brothers at Zee’s Recycling in Lynden. This year, the kids have recycled 2,400 pounds and donated over $1,000 to support Comfort Africa and help pay the teachers at the primary school for the Wambuti pygmy tribe on Idjwe Island in the DRCongo. During our visits to Zee’s, we have become acquainted with one of their young workers, that after hearing the testimonies of Harvest Kids, has led his family into praying and supporting the work. He prays with his family and was so blessed that his 5 year old son, Estevan, wanted to donate his $1 towards meeting this need. That is the same age that Madilyn was when her mother helped her and her 3 year old sister, Hailey, start the ministry.