USA News, December 2017


   We had a wonderful time getting together and celebrating what God is doing through the ministry at the Harvest Vision celebration on Dec 9th in Burlington. There were many displays to be enjoyed with a new display prepared by Cheryl Walsh on how to help the homeless. After the potluck we enjoyed music led by Dina and Fred. George recapped the vision set from the fall banquet a year ago, then Ted and Joanna presented local ministry and Harvest Kids, followed by Angie on Mexico and Wayne on Africa. A Power Point presentation was used to show different pictures of what had been accomplished from that vision, barely scratching the surface of the many works in all the countries that Harvest Vision ministers in.  There was a collection of loose change taken on behalf of Harvest Kids them raise money to replace mosquito nets for the schools helped by Harvest Vision in Africa. There was a total of $78.65 collected.  The Harvest Kids and Gary Hunter put together gallon bags containing things like deodorant, razor, soap, snack crackers, combs, wipes, bandages, etc, and a note letting them know that God loves them, calling them ‘Necessity Bags’ to be handed out to homeless people as the Spirit directed. After passing them out to people who agreed to take a couple, the remainder of the bags were given to Karen and Cal from Fairview Bible Church to challenge their members to pass out to the homeless in their area. The challenge consists of having people take them and place 1 or 2 ‘Necessity Bags’ in their car and reach out to the homeless. We were blessed to be joined by many new friends, sharing in fellowship after the celebration.  Thank you to all who participated and who took the time to make it all possible! Special thank you to Crossroads for letting us use the building and some awesome volunteers who help with sound!

    Many thanks to everyone that supported the Mexico trip fundraisers. The bake sale at the Sedro Woolley Christmas parade, the shopping fundraiser at the Common Ground in Burlington with 12 vendors donating their time and supporting the cause and the spaghetti feed and silent auction at Lyman Baptist that brought over 30 donations for the silent auction. Many thanks to everyone that attended, donated food and time for set up and clean up that raised about $1,100 for the trip. We also had volunteers that helped serve coffee, hot chocolate and cookies to travelers over the Christmas weekend at the Smokey Pt. Rest Area on Interstate 5. We are blessed that the Hope on the Street homeless ministry is drawing believers from all age groups to share the love of Jesus with those less fortunate in our community. We are witness to many older Christians and our children visiting and praying for people that are home bound, in the hospital, in the convalescent center or ahlzeimer’s facilities and we are being flooded with testimonies of God’s faithfulness through the miracles of love and faith. Now, more often than not, it is the children that are leading us to keep reaching out to their new friends that they are meeting in these places. We also want to thank Rabecca for putting the new Harvest Vision t-shirt machine together, for Blake & Kylee for letting us use their garage as our “print shop” and for Angie, Joanna and Veronica that helped make the t-shirts for the “Believers” mission team that spent the Christmas holidays on mission in Mexico.  



   Many thanks to Fred, Rusty & Robbie DeVries who shared their passion for rock-climbing by sponsoring the Harvest Kids boys to join them at the Riverstone Climbing Gym in Burlington on Sunday afternoon, Dec 3rd. This is a hidden “Gem” right here in our own community that none of our Harvest Vision team knew existed. Blake and Jesse, who work at the facility were very fun to work with and helped everyone, adults and kids, along with Fred and his sons, to have a safe and fun adventure. Thanks to Shane for picking up and dropping off the kids and to all the parents and guardians that allowed them to be with us. Once the kids received their training and built up their trust in the equipment and those that were holding the ropes, the kids enjoyed competing with themselves and each other the rest of the evening. Before we left, we gathered together so Ted could share some scriptures relating to Jesus as our “rock”, and how when we climb the walls we learn to put our weight on the “rocks” to support us as we make the way to the top. The rock climbing term for the one holding the ropes is “valet”. That person supports us if we slip or just need to rest our arms, the same way that Jesus does as we each climb our journey of faith. The kids (of all ages, including George at 70) are thankful to everyone that prays and supports Harvest Kids. 

   First we would like to take the time to continue to encourage the many people who pray and support all of God’s children. We would also like to thank the many people who continually drop off cans here at the Harvest Home as well as the other locations. What a beautiful yet blustery day to crush cans. After, we joined together to count the donated change, gaining another 4 children on the chart for mosquito nets. With much excitement about this it was time to do more for God’. Kingdom. Working with items that Gary Hunter had brought, they put together ‘Necessity Bags’ for the homeless. These bags contained a note written by Harvest Kids letting them know how much God loves them. They also contained items such as wipes, bandages, comb, razor, soap, snack crackers, etc. These bags were used at the Harvest Vision Celebration as part of a challenge to ask people to place 1 or 2 in the car and hand out to the homeless as the Spirit leads. Following our lunch, we were blessed with Lynn and Inna from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship. They gave the kids an inspiring message about faith and trusting God through the darkness. It captured everyone’s attention, children and adults alike. Matthew 18:3 “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”. It was certainly a glorious day enjoyed by all serving others and doing works for those in His Kingdom.

  The evening before our Harvest Kids on Dec. 23rd, Madilyn and Hailey brought two bags of toys to the Harvest Home that Veronica and the kids took to give to kids in the neighborhood. So grateful to see our kids learning that it is better to give than to receive . It was too cold the next morning for the kids to crush cans, so Veronica, Erika and Wayne had the kids count the change that was donated to help purchase mosquito nets for the kids in Africa. They ended up having enough to purchase all 42 nets needed for the orphan boys that attend the Canaan School in Mukono, Uganda. That is $420. That money will be sent to Africa next week and they will start collecting to get the nets for the girls that live there. The kids celebrated birthdays, had lunch, learned the story of the Christmas candy cane, put together a beautiful craft and read the story of the birth of Jesus from their own bibles. Three new girls put their handprints on the wall and everyone shared the love of Jesus with Wayne’s dog, Walker. After Harvest Kids, Madilyn and Hailey joined Grandma Linda to serve coffee and cookies at the Smokey Pt. Rest Area on the interstate. Many thanks to Veronica, Erika, Wayne and Linda for helping while Joanna is with the team in Mexico.