We have had a lot of movement during this last month. We were blessed that Ted, Jeremy, Dan and Nate returned safely from their mission trip to Africa and have been blessed with their testimonies. Ted has shared with the Lyman Baptist church family, Harvest Kids and at the Harvest Vision celebration that was held at the Crossroads Covenant Church in Burlington on Sept 16th. We were given a double blessing after receiving the testimonies from our co-laborers in Africa that during August over 5,000 people accepted Jesus through the outreaches in Central Africa. Also, the first of the month, George traveled to Montana to take a mother and two grandchildren to go visit their son and father who is in the state prison there. He is working hard to trust God and build his faith, even as he pays the consequences for some of his past mistakes. The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy from prison and reminded him that, “God’s word is not chained.” (2 Ti 2:9). George traveled on to Mexico and with help from Miguel, they were able to install lights and fans in the new fellowship center. Miguel’s wife, Olivia, our Mexico co-director, traveled back to Washington with George and spent over a week visiting and ministering to us in many different ways. Her precious mother had just recently went to be with the Lord which made her visit even more meaningful for everyone. Since the ministry began in San Luis, Mx, over 170 teams from Washington have visited and been changed through their experience of being together as the Body of Christ on mission together. During her stay, she was also able to share the vision for expanding the ministry in Mexico at the celebration on Sept. 16th.

Many thanks to everyone who helped minister to travelers at the Smokey Point rest area in September. We received over $540 to help support the ministry. This provides a wonderful opportunity not only to share the love of Jesus with people who stop and grab a cup of coffee but also an opportunity to share about the work God is doing through Harvest Vision ministries. Many are touched and encouraged by our presence there. We are in need of lots of cookies and treats so if you like to bake we would greatly appreciate some donations. We also need volunteers to work all of the shifts. Our next rest area outreach will be Nov 3-6. If you are interested in donating cookies or helping with a shift, please contact Linda (360.421.8812).  

We are also looking forward to our last garage sale of the year that will be at the Harvest Home Sept 29-30 and to the 2nd shopping fair fundraiser with consultants representing many different cosmetics and health products. It will be at Crossroads Covenant/Common Ground, 905 Pease Rd. in Burlington on Saturday, September 30 from 10am-4pm.

Don’t forget that we have our Harvest Home fellowship Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm. Make sure to come by and have a cup of coffee and hang out! If you are interested in volunteering for a day at the Harvest Home we would love to have some helpers available! We have a library of movies to watch or you can listen to worship music or fellowship with each other. Please contact Linda at 360.421.8812 if you feel lead to commit to one day or one day a week.

We are grateful to Shane Manke who will be taking a camper, building supplies and equipment for a ceramic ministry to Pr. John Seaman in Curlew to support the ministry at Kellilynn’s Spiritual Retreat Center on Oct 6th. For information contact John at 425-359-0028.

We have been blessed to be able to send the finances to purchase the generator and remaining equipment needed to complete the sound and video system that the team took to Africa and we are patiently awaiting Pr. Martin to tell us which area it will be sent to and the testimonies of the salvations that it will help bring into the kingdom.   


First we would like to take the time to continue to encourage the many people whom pray and support all of His children in the Harvest Kids ministry. We would also like to thank the many people who continually drop off cans here at the Harvest House as well as the other locations. The second Saturday of August, we had a great time of fellowship with the kids concerning their first few days of the new school year. Ted and Wayne joined us and we spent time discussing the differences that the kids have made to help the vulnerable children in Africa with the collection of coins and cans. After lunch, the interaction with Lynn from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship was amazing. We overviewed the scriptures that were learned in the August 5 day club. These all related to getting to know God better, trusting His promises, confessing your sin, living God’s way, reading your Bible & praying, obeying the Bible & ended with “How to be a Witness in God’s Word”. We completed the day by adding the hand prints & names of the two kids that were attending the first time to the tree on the wall in the Harvest Home. What an overall blessing the day was with His children. Luke 18:16 “ Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these”.

We were blessed on our meeting on the fourth Saturday with the presence of Olivia, our coordinator from Mexico.  What a beautiful day to crush enormous amounts of cans. Afterwards, we joined together breaking off into groups playing Jenga and practicing bible verses inscribed on the blocks. With much excitement it was time to gather together to see if the last 3” of the bullet could be filled. Much to our surprise, the kids and adults topped it off for the 11th time raising $402.50. After sharing a delicious lunch prepared by Linda, Ted joined in with a slide show presentation sharing about his trip to Africa answering many questions from the children. We then spent some time playing a game guessing the scripture as the kids picked different letters of the alphabet and began to fill in the blanks. It was certainly a glorious day enjoyed by all.

We are excited to announce our 2nd annual field trip to the Thousand Trails campground at 16362 SneeOosh Road in LaConner on Sunday, October 8th from 2pm until dark. Come and join us for a family fun day. There will be tons of activities for all ages. Harvest vision will be providing hotdogs, smores and juice. Please bring a side dish or chips to share with everyone. Depending on the weather, we also have use of a covered area.