USA News, April 2018

   Many thanks to the Crossroads Covenant church family in Burlington that allowed us to use their facility to host our Harvest Vision Celebration and to Joanna who put everything together for the presentations on Saturday, April 14th.  The evening began with a potluck and then after Linda welcomed everyone, Ted and Chelsey shared testimonies about local ministry, Angie and the team shared about the mission to Mexico during the school spring break and Wayne shared about the ministry with Harvest Kids and the coordinator’s conference in central Africa. George shared the testimony about Kimberly from Westminster, CA, who contacted him on Thursday prior to the team’s departure for Africa with a request to bring water filters to a friend in Africa that was trying to help children with dysentery. Through an incredible set of circumstances and the weaving of the work of many saints, the water filters were delivered. After returning to the USA, the team left for Mexico, but ended up having a problem with the van south of LA in California the evening before Easter. A quick call to Kimberly brought her and her family to our aid. We found accommodations for the team while Olivia drove the van up from Mexico to pick up the team. George stayed and one of Kimberly’s friends helped get the van running and George was able to join the team in Mexico. On the return trip back to Washington, we received a photo of the Wildflowers, a group of young girl’s that Kimberly ministers to in California, with a text saying the group would like to help the vulnerable children in Africa. We are excited to see what God has in store. We had a team of six from Washington attend our 2nd coordinator’s conference in Africa and we were blessed to hear testimonies about the many salvations and the expanding of the kingdom. The team brought equipment to support the ministry in Africa and worked with Pr. Martin and the coordinator’s to identify areas in which we can better support them. The coordinator’s were able to share about the joys and trials of working in their different areas and discuss ways in which they might be more effective in evangelism, teaching, church planting and helping meet the basic needs of the people in their sphere of influence. Since returning, the ministry has been able to begin to meet some of these needs.            

    The Harvest Kids met twice during the month of April. Many thanks to Joanna, Veronica, Chelsey, Linda and the other adults and youth that help these young people become true disciples of Jesus Christ. This includes Lynn and Inna from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship that come the second Saturday of each month to share the gospel with the kids. Many thanks to everyone that donates cans for the kids to crush for recycle and to Cheryl Walsh who takes them to the recycle. This month, we took over 650 pounds of cans and received $300 that will be used for the monthly donations the kids make to support Comfort Africa, that helps vulnerable children in Uganda and helps pay the teachers at the primary school for the Wambuti pygmy tribe in the DRCongo. The kids also add their coins to the money donated by others that support their “Change the World” ministry. They sent the money to purchase the mosquito nets for the orphans that live at the Canaan Foundation primary school in Mukono, Uganda and have enough for 14 of the 29 orphan girls that live at the Nalidi Grace primary school in eastern Uganda. The kids are taught to play and treat each other with respect as they are given lessons that allow them to learn how to use their bibles and relate God’s word to their every day situations. It is a blessing to witness these children praying and deepening their faith as their relationship with God grows in them. We have also been blessed to start work to build a greenhouse at Wayne & Rebecca’s home out by the Samish River. This will give all the kids and their families and friends an opportunity to garden and tentatively includes a possible hydrophonics projects that uses fish. It may include canning vegetables, making jam and pickles and growing flowers and making flower pots for donating to shut-ins or to use for fundraisers        

    We are looking forward to Olivia’s visit to Washington the end of May. Miguel and Olivia over-see the ministry in Mexico. We are also excited that Nate Lenhart, from the Bonney Lake area, is organizing a youth mission team to San Luis in mid-June. 

    John Seaman has finished his treatments for Hep C and we have been blessed to hear that it has been successful. We are so thankful for all the work he does at the Kellie’s Crisis Center in Curlew, WA by reaching out and ministering to people that are struggling with addiction or the loss of a loved one. Please pray for the ministry there because they need to install a septic system on the property by the end of the summer to continue using the property.

   Please join us in prayer as we work toward providing phones for 3 of our coordinators in Africa ($450), replacing the car Pr. Martin uses in Africa ($2,500), a farming project in central Uganda ($1,275), providing reusable sanitary napkins for women in Africa starting with two communities ($620 each), re-enforcing of the fellowship center roof in Mexico and work on the local greenhouse project.