USA  – Sharing Harvest Kids, January 6, 2019

Many thanks to Leo & Luisa, who invited us to come and visit Pr. Honorio and the Iglesia Internacional Emmanuel church family in Bellingham. We met Leo at Zee’s Recycling where we take the crushed aluminum cans that the Harvest Kids collect in Skagit and Snohomish County to raise money to help vulnerable children in central Africa. What a wonderful time of fellowship and sharing. We were blessed to have Madilyn, Hailey and Laly from Harvest Kids and also Pr. Joe Miller’s wife, Nellie, join us for the afternoon. The church family had raised money for the Harvest Kids and we were blessed to receive that gift. We also met Jaime, a member of the church family that is leaving to Mexico to be reunited with his mother. As always, the brother leaves to travel to Michoacan on Wednesday which happens to be the same day the coordinators of our ministry in San Luis, Sonora leave for two weeks to visit the pastor and family that are coordinating Harvest Vision in Michoacan. We are thankful that we are participating in the work that God has already prepared in advance for us to be a part of. We shared information about the Harvest Kids and they were blessed to know that it was a ministry that was started by Madilyn and Hailey when they were only 5 & 3 years old. We are looking forward to deepening our relationship with the church community in Whatcom County and know that God is weaving us together as one. We were late getting Madilyn and Hailey home to Granite Falls, but as usual God showed up. We were able to get the training wheels on Madilyn and Hailey’s 3 year old sister Clara’s new bike, and watch her make her first ride and as we were walking out the door the heavens opened for the snow that Clara has been wanting all winter. Crazy love!

“May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me.” (John 17:23)