Would you like to offer your child or teen the opportunity to simply worship God to bring Him glory with no strings attached. To totally give themselves to Him because He is their God and worthy to be praised. We can become enamored with the things of the world where we compete with others for the best job, the highest pay, first place, the best time, the prettiest or most handsome, the most famous, the highest grade and honors, the most educated or the most liked. Most of what we find worthy of our time is measured how well we are doing based on where we were yesterday or how everyone around us is doing today or who’s is going to be the best in the future.

Success – Wealth – Fame – Winning!

We are blessed to have a woman that loves the Lord and has found a way to simply worship the Lord for no other reason than to bring Him glory. She is gifted in messianic worship using dance, tambourines and flags to show her love to God and for no other purpose. We would like you to prayerfully consider talking to your child or teen and asking them if they would like to come and join her as she begins to share her gift with the Harvest Kids on Sunday, February 3rd, at the Harvest Home, 9467 Pierce Lane, in Sedro Woolley from 1-4pm.    

No tryouts to make the team, no Superbowl to win, no Olympics to win a medal, no first place to win, no honor roll to make, no float in the parade – Just time in His Presence to bring Him Glory.