Mexico  – Michoacan ministry in south Mexico, January 23, 2019

Miguel and Olivia, the coordinators for the over-all ministry in Mexico were able to visit Pr. Obed and his family in Michoacan, in south Mexico the middle of January. They were blessed to have been received by the church family there and were able to share with the members, but more importantly to spend time building their relationship with Pr. Obed and his wife, Suri, who are coordinating the work in this area. The apostolic work that Harvest Vision has been called to do is different than most ministries that our Christian community is familiar with. Our work is to prepare and equipment those in true Christian leadership, whether evangelists, teachers or shepherds (pastors) to fulfill the great commission: Evangelism (reaching those that are in darkness with the good news of the gospel) and Discipleship (teaching them to obey the teachings of Jesus in local church fellowships) and ensuring that shepherds (pastors) have good, solid biblical understanding of God’s Word. Our concern is for the over-all church that Jesus Christ is the Head of and through the power of the Holy Spirit to finish the work that God has entrusted the Body to complete. We are looking forward to the expanding of God’s kingdom through Pr. Obed as he uses the sound and video equipment to help coordinate outreach, discipleship and teaching ministries that help forcefully advance the kingdom.