USA  – Harvest Kids Greenhouse, January 16, 2019

    We are so excited about the green house which will have an aquaphonics garden and a traditional soil garden. The aquaphonics will include a tank for fish and the water and nutrients from them will be used to flow over and through a gravel type bed and another portion will have foam floating on the water where we are planning to plant flowers. The plants grow with no soil and after harvesting will be put in hanging pots and flower boxes the young people will build and will be given to those in need or available for donations for the ongoing ministry. Eventually, we will identify people who would be blessed to have a smaller version for their home or apartment which would allow them to have fish in a small tank and have plants that are grown the same way next to their fish.       

    The soil portion of the greenhouse will have benches where plants will be started from seeds and then transferred to pots or to a garden plot next to the greenhouse. As the crops are harvested by our young gardeners we will be asking some of our older, gifted people to spend time with these young people and teach them how to: turn a cucumber into a pickle; cabbage into sauerkraut; berries into jams, jellies and pies and to can and freeze fruits and vegetables. These will be available to help people in need and also available for donations at local open markets. Again the primary objective is to build relationships with others in such a way that our own personal relationship with the Lord is strengthened and through the love of Jesus, others would be encouraged to have a relationship with Him. Eventually, we will identify people who would be blessed to have a raised garden in the yard of their home, trailer or apartment or even a box garden on their porch. Again, it is about building multi-generational and multi-cultural relationships.

Today, Wayne and George worked on filling in around the fish tank and starting to set the end walls. After the end walls and doors are installed, we will be ready to cover the greenhouse and begin building the planting racks.