USA  – Harvest Kids with Child’s Evangelism Fellowship 2019, January 12, 2019

What a beautiful day the Lord blessed the 17 kids that attended our first Harvest Kids for the year with. After crushing all the cans that had been donated, George presented photos capturing some of the incredible things that God has been doing through the Harvest Kids: the money donated for a roof for orphan kids in NW Uganda has now blossomed into the start of a 4-classroom school building with office; the hazelnut donations the kids collected in the last three months paid for the mission trip to Mexico over Christmas of a family from Hamilton where three of the Harvest Kids were baptized by their dad; that trip set in motion a new Harvest Kids tambourine and dance ministry that is starting; the cans being taken to Zee’s recycling in Bellingham brought us into contact with a young Hispanic father that invited us to attend his church family and they are now going to start collecting cans and fundraising to help vulnerable children in Africa with Harvest Kids and Kylie, one of the older girls helping with Harvest Kids, will be attending a special reunion for Christian Youth In Action leaders next weekend. The kids collected $272 which will pay for the last of the 26 mattresses for the orphans that live at the Canaan Foundation primary school in Mukono in central Uganda. After lunch, Lynn Griffin, from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship shared a message focused on Psalms 119:9, “How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to Your Word.” After memorizing the verse, Christina, shared a message about the prophet Samuel and how he was sent by God to anoint a king for Israel. She related the entire message to our personal decision to allow Jesus to be our one true King. We were blessed to know that some of our young kids responded to her invitation to open their hearts to Jesus. After the lesson, our new kids got to put their handprints on the wall, while the rest had a good time playing with the parachute. Afterwards, 13 of the kids traveled with us to the greenhouse project at Wayne and Rebecca Watne’s home. The kids got to see the chickens, pick up some cans and play while David, George and Isaac helped Wayne start working on the ends for the greenhouse. Afterwards, we extended the little “field” trip to the Children’s Museum at the Cascade Mall and then finished up at the Pizza Factory for a bite to eat before calling it a day. What a day!