USA  – Take my hand, not my life, January 10, 2019

It was cloudy and a little windy when I arrived at the front of the Planned Parenthood building on Thursday morning.  A blessing to meet Jim who was standing in front to intercede for the moms, babies and staff, many of whom would be involved in the abortions that had been planned for the day. Definitely a morning to consider that everyone driving by started their whole day making choices. Starting as far back as the color of the car they were driving, the relationship they are currently in and the place they choose to live. They made a choice today, whether they would get up or stay in bed and whether they would eat breakfast or have a cup of coffee before they left for wherever they had chosen to be going. Choice. Interesting. Knowing that some of the people that God created for His glory that would enter the building behind me would not even be going in there by their own choice and neither would they choose whether they would be leaving the building the same way they came in this morning.

Pro-life or Pro-choice. As I prayed and walked, I was definitely encouraged by the many people that drove by and acknowledged the simple sign I was carrying with a honk, a thumbs up or a wave. To the chagrin of some that might even be reading this post, those far outnumbered the few that gave the middle finger salute with that hardened look on their faces. But even as I walked, the Holy Spirit was speaking into my heart. God is definitely Pro-Life. He created everyone in His image and He paid the penalty for the sin of all mankind when He allowed His sinless body to die on that cross 2,018 years ago. But He was Pro-Life, so He could ultimately achieve His will and that is to be the God of Pro-choice. Jesus chose that while we were still in our sin He would die so that through Him we might be saved. Now, the burden is back on us. To choose – life or death. I am convinced that every baby that is escorted into this building behind me, whether holding the hand of their mother, or in their arms or in their womb will either come out and go back to their homes here on earth or will go to their home in heaven. That is the peace that He gives those of us that believe.