USA  – Harvest Kids with Bishop Anthony from Africa,  December 8, 2018

What a wonderful day to welcome Delilah, 5 years old, to her first time with Harvest Kids. After crushing the aluminum cans that are recycled to support vulnerable children in Africa, Delilah was able to put her handprint on the wall while the kids played a few songs on the piano. We were able to see videos showing the believers in Africa in brightly colored dresses as they worshipped the Lord and another video showing the different ways in which Harvest Kids help the children in Africa. The kids set on the floor to count all their change and had enough, $44, to purchase 2 more of the 26 mattresses needed for the orphans at the Canaan Foundation primary school in central Uganda. They had 22 to go until an anonymous donor who had heard about the kid’s project donated enough for 10 more. That means they only have 12 to go. Mama Linda prepared a traditional African meal and the kids set on the floor just like their brothers and sisters in Africa do and as God always does, it was at that moment that Rebecca arrived with Bishop Anthony from Uganda who is visiting the USA for the first time. The kids practiced the wordless book song that they will be doing at the talent show in the evening at the Mexico trip fundraiser and enjoyed a message about what we appreciate most about “Christmas” – Our presents or His Presence. We were blessed to have Anthony share a message for the kids and then as they did some coloring, Anthony was led to share another message to the adults that were attending to support the ministry. After Harvest Kids, Madilyn, Hailey and Laly helped Rebecca Klaus make up directories for Anthony’s church families in Uganda and were able to get both their handprints on the wall that represents the 200+ kids and adults that have supported the ministry the last 5 years.